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A Man Called the Devil (7)

Seeing Arthur doing his job silently with a calm look, she suddenly became curious.

“If I fell in love with you, would you believe me”

He may think that she is deceiving him.

It is not strange to think that she is pretending to love and trying as she is now.

The busy pen stopped.

He was still staring at the papers.

She waited still for his answer.

Arthur’s mouth did not open for a few minutes.

‘It means you can’t believe it.’

Even if she were Arthur, she wouldn’t have believed it.

She will continue to doubt and be suspicious whether she really loves him sincerely.

Even if he didn’t answer, she knew what he was thinking.

She didn’t ask to hear the answer, but honestly, she was a little curious.

Whether he will trust her…

She doesn’t trust herself either, but will he trust her

She’s full of fatigue.

She closed her eyes quietly.

The sound of the stopped pen was heard again in her ear.

The paper passed a little slower than before, and the crackling sound continued.

She gradually fell asleep with a certain sound.

She thought she could hear someone rising from the chair, but she felt something warm over her body.

However, it was difficult for her to open her eyes while she had already fallen asleep.

Arthur’s quick sigh was felt.

Soon after, his pleasant voice was heard.

“……If you fall in love with me, there’s no way I won’t know, so you just have to love me.

I’ll figure it out.”

She woke up in surprise.

She looked out the window to see how much she slept, and the sun was setting.

She didn’t even know she was moved to her room because she was deeply asleep.

“…… I guess it’s worth buying.”

She felt like she had a good sleep after a long time, perhaps because she was relaxed.

She got out of bed and called Carl.

Fortunately, she heard a knock on the door, perhaps because she was in front of the door.

“Come on in.”

She could see Carl’s face carefully opening the door and entering.

As if he had something to say, Carl’s expression looked quite nervous.

“You must have found something.”’

Even though she didn’t ask, Carl came up with what she wanted.

Like taking out a map of the interior of the castle as it is now.

“I drew it avoiding the eyes of the people of the castle.

I couldn’t mark it all because the time was short.”

However, the path of the castle on the paper showed how hard he tried.

She didn’t know he would do this in such a short time.

‘He really doesn’t let me down.’

She asked, pointing to the red dot marked while looking at the map.

“What’s this”

“I don’t know, but I marked this place as the soldiers passed by and looked at it.”

“What’s the difference”

“There is nothing but that the maids often come and go.”

The place where the red dot was located was at the end of the castle.

Above all, the map looks complicated at a glance.

“There was a door, but it was locked tight.”

“It’s suspicious no matter who looks at it.”

Isn’t it inevitable that it feels strange that it is a locked door and its location As the sun went down and the night came, she had to look again.

“When night falls, Karl, can you try drawing a map in a different color”

Of course, if he doesn’t fall asleep.

From what she heard from Carl, he fell asleep without realizing it before sunset till dawn.

“If you can’t sleep.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Carl put the map in his arms and shook his head.

“Have you seen a man with silver hair”

“I looked around the castle, but I didn’t see anyone like that.”

She asked Carl if he came here, but he didn’t come back to the castle.

Then who the hell was he and where did he go

“Great job.

Keep looking.”

“Princess, are you feeling well”

Carl asked her carefully.

Worries permeated in the calm tone.

She nodded and smiled as if she didn’t notice.

“I’m as good as I look.”

It’s probably because she took medicine.

If she takes the medicine she received from Arthur today, she will get out of the pain for a few more days.

“And a letter came from His Majesty.”

Carl gave her a letter as if he remembered it.

She didn’t know that the answer to the letter she sent in the morning would come so quickly.

When she opened it with anticipation, her father wrote down the answer that he would do as she wanted.

She couldn’t help but laugh.

But again, the reason the laughter disappeared from her face was because of the contents written below.

‘Let’s officially announce your engagement and hold a banquet’

She had no regrets.

However, she is not sure if Arthur will agree.

Rumors may have circulated, but there must be a lot of doubts because there was nothing actually shown.

“I think he’s doing this for me.”

If they have a party, they have to go to the empire.

Of course, with Arthur.

If he agrees.

“How’s the rumor about me”

She put the letter down on the table and put her chin on it.

Carl rolled his eyes as if he were agonizing over her eyes.

“Just say what you heard.”

“I think Sir Gray’s reputation was so good that there’s a lot of backlash.”

“Ha They are defending him for deceiving the royal family and teasing me”

Her expression froze coldly.

According to Carl, there is a rumor that she made up the work because she was less interested, and that she brutally trampled on him to prevent anyone else from having him.


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