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A Man Called the Devil (6)

“If you’re going to be a devil for me, put everything in my hand.”

She whispered sweetly to him.

When he came by her side, she put her hand around his neck.

She gently swept his face and buried her face on his shoulder.

“Then I won’t leave even if you’re a devil.”

“If you really love me, even if I’m the devil, even if I’m worse than that.”

Arthur patted her head and hugged her even more.

His breathing tickled her ears.

Arthur, who bowed his head to her shoulder, told her in a wet voice.

“I can give the devil anything in return.”

“Ah, then I believe you.

That you love me.”

If he wants to believe it, it will look like that.

Maybe one day she will really love him.

Maybe she’s really in love without even realizing it

She wanted to believe that if her heart fluttered at the thought that he could give her anything, it’s just a feeling of regret.

She doesn’t want to ruin everything by being tied up in love like Mary.

She just wants him as much as she needs him.

‘Maybe I’m the devil.’’

Arthur raised his bowed head and kissed her.

Again today, she faced him by chanting a spell.

“Then I will fall in love with you.”


“So help me live the life I want.”

As soon as she finished talking, Arthur covered her mouth.

His tongue, slowly licking her lips, gently stirred in her mouth.

Her body heated when she kissed him.

Her heart pounded, and she was out of breath.

His hand, which hugged her tightly, seemed to loosen and soon grabbed her shoulder strongly.


A hot breath leaked through the slightly open lips.

She felt a sweet taste with the bitter scent of black tea in her mouth.

Arthur continued to embrace her strongly, as if he didn’t want to let go.

As soon as Arthur’s lips, which seemed unlikely to separate from hers, fell off her lips, he put them on the back of her neck.

When she felt his breath, her body shrank without realizing it.


Arthur tried to get away from her as if he reasoned.

She grabbed him like she was possessed by his slightly lowered eyes.

“Don’t stop and keep going.”

His eyes shook hard once again.

He wanted to close his eyes, then put her hair back and lay her down on the sofa.

Arthur, who was staring at her still, loosened her shirt with a little rough hand gesture.

Arthur looked down at her lying on the sofa.

His gaze was fixed on her exposed neckline and her flowing clothes.

As if possessed, Arthur reached out and grabbed her chest.

He squeezed the front leaf and his finger came in and lightly scratched the nipples with his finger.

He had become firmly sensitive to excitement.

“Hahaha, huh.”

At Arthur’s single touch, she groaned.

He seemed to have already penetrated where she reacted.

Arthur’s touch, who was coveting her towering chest, stopped.

She reached out to the bottom of Arthur as if pressing him.

Pen*s was strained, as if it would break through the clothes.

Slowly, she rubbed Arthur’s heavy clothes.

It was blocked with a cloth, but Arthur’s body flinched at the feeling.

Why Why

She didn’t like how Arthur’s hand stopped.

Obviously, he was already fully prepared.

Frustrated, she tried to pull out his hard pen*s, but Arthur didn’t give her a chance.

She closed her eyes tightly, like a broken robot.


Arthur breathed deeply and washed his face dry.

Arthur, who breathed out a rough breath as if he were about to rush in, breathed.

For a moment, he bowed down as if he were falling over her, bit his lips, and then raised his upper body again and moved away from her.

“For the time being.

No, at least I won’t hug you until you love me.”

He spoke to her as if he were determined.

She turned her head to see Arthur in that posture.

Looking at her, he turned around and walked toward the desk.

“I’ll take care of the rest of the work, so if you’re tired, take a nap.”

“You’ll regret it.”

He flinched at her words and shook his head slightly.

Looking at the documents on the desk, he didn’t look at her.

As if he was really going to work, he fixed his eyes on the paperwork.

She turned sideways on the sofa and looked at Arthur.

‘…I really don’t know.’

While acting as if giving everything, he sometimes drew a line.

Is it right to say he suppresses his emotions

Along with the sound of turning the bell, a pleasant sound hovered around the room.

Looking at the documents on the desk, it seemed to take a few days.

‘There’s no devil who works hard.’

She chuckled inwardly.

Looking at him processing the documents, she thought she should rest her eyes for a bit and call in Carl to ask him if he had found out anything.

Well, there can’t be anything he found out in that short time, but a competent man might have found a little.


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