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A Man Called the Devil (3)

‘Why on earth’

All kinds of questions captivated her.

However, as always, the answer was unknown.

Half resigned, and left the door.

Carl also appeared in disguise.

Just in case, she went to the carriage and looked at Arthur.

He also looked like he was disguised.

What’s the reason he’s doing this when he’s looking at his paper

“You’ll find out when you get there, so you don’t have to stare.”

Arthur said, looking at her staring at him without getting on the wagon.

He sat face to face in the carriage without withdrawing his gaze.

She asked Carl for a favor about the castle, so she’ll call him right after she gets back.

There was a strange tension.

Arthur’s eyes showed an unexpected intent to kill.

One thing that was clear was not directed at her.

‘That makes me more curious.’

She wondered what made him so anxious or expressed such feelings.

Arthur, who had not spoken for a long time in the running carriage, opened his mouth.

“Why is Princess so curious”

“Hmm, it is also a territory, but I am more curious about the reputation of the Grand Duchy”

She held her chin and folded her eyes to smile.

Arthur only smiled slightly, stiffening his mouth.

Her honest answer didn’t seem to be bad.

She was curious about Arthur, who is expressed as a villain in the novel.

In fact, she has never seen a villain in a novel.

So she expected it to be so, too.

After arriving downtown, she got off the wagon carefully and looked around.

It did not differ from any other land.

However, one thing that bothered her was the atmosphere of the village itself.

Something seemed to have subsided, but she felt hidden in joy.

“It’s nothing special.

I was curious about the secret.”

“So, are you disappointed”

Arthur’s question was filled with laughter.

She walked forward, pretending not to hear him.

It was just ordinary people living their own lives busily.

While walking on the street, she glinted at an interesting store.

It was an unusual sign at a glance.

She turned around and pointed at the entrance with her finger toward Arthur, opening the door at the same time.

‘He’ll follow me on his own.’

It was a store with a mask-shaped standing signboard.

Upon entering, the guide handed her a mask to cover her face.

She quickly put on a mask and dug into the people before Arthur came.

When she looked at the door, she saw Arthur looking around for her.

She held her breath and listened to other people’s stories calmly.

It was like a ballroom with dark lights and a little sticky music.

He smiled, sneaking in between the women, chatting with alcohol in one hand.


Apparently, it’s your first time here.”

“If I had known there was a place like this, I would have come right away, but it’s too bad.”

She spoke naturally and exchanged words with women.

Before Arthur found her, she had to find some information here.

Maybe you don’t know again, or you might hear something surprisingly good in an unexpected place.

“It’s so nice to be in the city, maybe because I was in the countryside.”

“There’s nothing particularly good about it.”

A lady snorted and poured alcohol into her mouth.

She ordered a few more glasses to the passing employee and distributed it out to them.

“Why are you saying that I’m curious because I know nothing.”

“Can I drink this”

“Of course.

I’m from the provinces, but I have a lot of money.

Feel free to drink it.”

In response to her pleasant answer, the ladies started talking while drinking to see if they were in a good mood.

She watched where Arthur was, and when he came towards her, she clung to the ladies and hid from being seen.

‘Work a little harder.

Or enjoy it.’

When she saw his lips tightly closed, he looked a little feverish.

She focused on the Lady’s story soon after seeing him like that.

The drunk ladies continued to talk regardless of whether or not they were drunk.

The story began with a legend handed down to the land.

“Everyone seems to have fun, but there’s a story that hehe.”

“I see.

You looked thrilled to me.”

She responded and continued to induce the story.

According to Lady, a devil has lived in this territory since ancient times.

No one has ever seen him, but she can feel that he exists.

As she said that , she shrank, stuck close to the table, and looked around.

He looked anxious as if she were wary.

She also spoke in a small voice, imitating Lady’s actions.

“The devil.”

“Shh! You can’t say that.

You might get eaten up.”

She put her index finger on her mouth and said as if she was giving a warning.

She tried to smirk and laugh, but she looked calm and choked.

“The devil is greedy and illuminates women.

So when he hears a woman calling him, he slowly comes to her at night when there is no one.”

It was quite interesting to hear.

Lady’s expressions and gestures were vivid, so she fell in love without realizing it.

It was also the type of content that matched the atmosphere of this place.

‘Devil… Maybe there really is.’

If anyone brought her here, it would be nothing but evil.

Hope gave her a false string, looked at the broken string, and became her who couldn’t let go of it with her eyes closed.


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