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A Man Called the Devil (2)

“Let’s clean up the situation first.”

She spent her time here and wrote what she needed to find out and what she wanted on paper.

“First, I’ll go see Gray.

If possible later, it would be nice to lock him up on display so that people can see it.

‘In the words of the person who moved the lower part carelessly.’ I like it.”

Imagining Gray’s appearance, she smiled, satisfied.

It was a pity that she didn’t see his desperate appearance.

She had to watch with her eyes, the face struggling with pain.

She wondered if he would have lost his mind as he watched his thing cut off.

“No can do.

I’m so curious.

I’m going to send them a letter to find out what’s going on.”

I asked the situation of Gray and Elliott in a letter to be sent to the imperial family.

In addition, she made formal remarks asking her father to say hello.

Knock, knock

“Come on in.”

She knew it was Carle without asking who it was.

As expected, the person who opened the door and came in was Carl.

Perhaps he didn’t sleep well, because his face looked particularly tired.

“Carl, are you having trouble sleeping”

“No, after I came here, I fell asleep without realizing it.….”

“You don’t even remember”


Somehow she couldn’t see Carl, but it’s clear that there’s something happening here.

It was a Carl that couldn’t have left her side for a moment.

It makes little sense that he wasn’t there last night.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Say it.”

“If you can’t fall asleep at night, look at this castle.

Oh, be careful not to get lost.

You’d better mark it.”

Carl nodded at her words.

With the letter in the envelope, she got up from her seat and prepared to leave.

It was to go to Arthur to ask for a letter.

“One more thing.

If you see a man with silver hair, please let me know.”

“Is there someone who you are looking for”

“Someone who may become a very important being.”

She smiled at Carl.

Carl, who still maintained his gaze at her rising mouth, soon smiles.

“Someone important to the princess…… If so, I will definitely find him.”

Seeing Carl’s face with a calm smile, she slowly turned her head.

His smile no longer looked pleased.

She knows the sadness behind that smile.

“You’re the only one I can trust”.

Instead of answering, Carl only smiled heavily.

It was a clearer answer than any other answer to him.

She called a maid to go where Arthur was.

“Where is Grand Duke Arthur”

“He’s probably in the office right now.”

“Guide me.”

As expected, the maid immediately guided her to where Arthur was.

She thought Arthur made a statement in advance.

Don’t mess with her Wouldn’t it be something like that It’s to protect his people.

As she went in front of the office, the servant who was guarding the door announced she had arrived.

Soon after, she saw Arthur sitting in front of his desk and working.

“I thought you wouldn’t work and play because you’re a villain, but it’s unexpected.”

She sat on the sofa silently because he was working harder than she thought.

His gaze was still on the paper.

Carl looked at her still.

“Hmm, I think you’re busy, so I’ll talk to you next time.

Just send this letter to the imperial palace.”

She got up from her seat and put a letter on the table, and started leaving.

Arthur’s busy hand, which seemed unlikely to stop, stopped and soon looked at her.

“Is correspondence all you’ve got here You probably didn’t just come to see me, and if that’s true, you’re welcome.”

“Is it possible I want to go out for a bit.”


Arthur’s words narrowed her forehead.

Is he really trying to keep her from taking a step out of this castle But that didn’t mean she was going to back down.

“If that doesn’t work, you can go out with me.”

She stared at Arthur, still.

She was going to go out of the castle and get information about this place.

She was curious about the secret of why people didn’t get out of here.

It was important because she might have to rule it if she went back to the Arpen Empire later.

Besides unknown achievements, no one has seen the appearance of the Princess before.

“Grand Duke Arthur, I must look around the land here today.”

It was a firm word, as if it would not back down.

And she was going to go out somehow, even if he stopped her from going out.

This is the place where Arthur’s castle is located.

She has a lot of questions about Viblant.

It will be the same not only for her but also for everyone in the Arpen Empire.

‘I don’t think it came out in the novel.

Arthur didn’t have that much weight.’

She waited for Arthur’s answer.

She didn’t care for him, but just looked at him.

His dark eyes were seen between his long eyelashes on his calm eyelids.

“I’ll go if you want to.”

It was an unexpected answer.

She thought he would say no until the end, so she was thinking about what to say next.

His positive answer widened her eyes unknowingly.

Arthur looked back at the documents and told the maid to bring her to the wagon when she was ready.

“Ready I’m already ready.”

She told Arthur with a look that she didn’t understand.

But she no longer heard an answer from him.

When she went to the room after the maid, the maid brought plain clothes and tried to put them on her.

‘……Does he want to go undercover’

She wondered if there was a reason to do this, but the maid told her that she would regret it if she didn’t listen to the Grand Duke.

At the maid’s hand, she disguised herself as another person.

No one knew she was Mary Anastasia.

She became another her.

She felt uncomfortable looking at herself in the mirror.

When she first became Mary, she felt like she was reviving.


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