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It’s strange.

As always, this man seems to be hiding something, so she can’t figure it out.

“Wake up.

Are you really going to give me your heart”’

Looking at her current situation.

Who does he think he’s going to die with Arthur is not sure that he can really save her, but he has vague hope.

It was funny.

A few days ago, she couldn’t believe it and hurt herself in front of him to die.

But just because she survived due to one medicine he gave her, it was abominable that she wanted to trust him completely.

“Then save me with the string you’re talking about.”

“Aren’t you still by my side”

Significantly less bloodshot or collapsed.

Sometimes her head was aching, but the food didn’t come up or suffer.

“How many days does it last”

The medicine he gave her.

There must be a period.

It’s been three days since she took the medicine.

If she had met him, she could have known everything.

But there is no guarantee that he will tell her everything.

“It’s been three days today.

Tell me right away how many days the drug is working.”

She was nervous.

This time, only to live on her side, she didn’t want to suffer again.

If the effect is ending, she has to get the medicine again before then so that she could at least prepare her mind.

The feeling of freedom that she learned once came to her with greater greed.

If the duration is three days, she would tell him to bring it right away if she could make it a little longer or not be sick for life.

“The effect of the medicine is 3 days.”

“……I don’t want to suffer again.

Hurry up and give me the medicine.”

She grabbed his collar as if hanging on to him.

He buried her face in his chest and murmured, as if sobbing.

For Arthur, neither her power nor her status worked.

He is the one who knows that everything she has is false.

It didn’t matter what the drug was made of or where it came from.

All she had left was the fear of the pain that was about to come.

She didn’t want to vomit blood, relieve food, and sleep all night in pain again.

“You look nervous.”

Arthur will give her medicine.

He didn’t answer.

He didn’t seem willing to give it to her.

He must not intend to give it away until he gets what he wants at least.

What he wanted to get from her was her heart, but she was his life.

It would be funny to compare the mind and life on a scale, but life was more important to her, who was dying.

‘No, life is more important than my heart.’

Time to live properly.

A daily life where you can eat and talk normally like everyone else.

Everything she wants to eat and live with the people she loves.

She didn’t have all the experiences and times that were nothing special to others.

Even if it was nothing, something that was taken for granted, it was absolutely precious to her.

She can enjoy it in her previous life and now.

It was unimaginable.

She wanted to enjoy it properly this time.

Even if she says it’s her greed and selfishness, she didn’t intend to change her mind.

“Yeah, I’m nervous.

I don’t want to die in vain again.

Why… Why do I…….”

Her heart, which was shaking so hard, has been twisted.

She couldn’t grasp her breath.

Emotions from the inside of the chest rose to the throat.

She tried hard to swallow and calm the waves in her.

‘Sigh… I will survive.’

If it overflows and comes out of her mouth, she’ll collapse.

She erased the expression she didn’t want him to see and hid herself.

Slowly raising her head and pushing him away, she said dull words.

“Can I love you”

“If you want to live, try to love me.”

“Try… Pfft.”

She turned around, grabbed her belly, and smiled.

She doesn’t even know what love is, but is it love to be obtained like that way If she can love just because she tries, she may love everyone here.

“I am sorry, but you are very pathetic.”

Is he so romantic that he is hung up on love No, rather, it was the opposite.

Effort… Yes, she can act as if she loves him.

“You can look forward to it.

So, can you take me to my room now When I felt the icy wind, I felt like my body wouldn’t be strange no matter when I fell down.”

“You’d better not leave the room at night again.”

“If I were old enough to listen to you, I wouldn’t have run into you here again today.”

Arthur took the lead, ignoring her words.

He stepped slowly enough to follow.

She kept her distance from Arthur as soon as he reached out.

He didn’t outrun her on what he was thinking.

She just kept the distance she had opened.

Arthur’s feet were also relaxed to the sound of her feet.

Her whole body was icy.

Her whole body trembled with an icy touch on her fingertips.

It was natural because she was overworked outside with a sick body.


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