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“How come you never thought of me…… No, let’s stop here.”

Arthur closed his eyes and bit his lips gently.

He walked past her with his tightly closed mouth.

‘It’s highly likely that Arthur, who was with that man, came here, too.’

She also followed Arthur without saying a word.

Since she came anyway, she couldn’t find what she wanted.

Above all, it will be difficult to find the way here alone.

“Why do you want my heart You won’t be sad if I die.”

What is he trying to do by winning her heart, saying he can kill her or save her Just a sense of accomplishment

Maybe it’s a longing for something he’s never had.

“……why do you think so”

“I’m just one of the many Mary’s.

How do you know if Mary will reach out to you next time She might have similar thoughts to me.”

She spit out what she was thinking inside without addition or subtraction.

It didn’t have to be her.

If he wanted someone who could reach out to him, there was a possibility other than her.

But why does he want her

Arthur, who was taking the lead in walking, stopped walking.

She also stopped following him and saw his back.

“You’re right.

So you’d better not do this again.”

Arthur’s low voice contained an unexpected murder.

She felt numb and hugged herself with her arms.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to die”

“Yeah, I don’t want to die again.”

“Mary, you are mistaken.

I can kill you at any time, and the words that I will die with you are not just words.”

He was talking to her calmly about death again.

But he couldn’t die.

At least so was the story that he told her.

He said that he was living a life that started in the same place and again, and that it started because of Mary.

That means if she dies soon, he has to go back to square one and wait for another Mary.

“If you kill me, you’ll repeat the same life again.”

“There’s only one thing that’s different from then and now.”

She could feel Arthur’s feelings right now.

She didn’t know why she could understand his mind with what he said silently, but she thought she strangely knew.

“You just want to have Mary’s heart, don’t you”

Desire and possessive desire.

A strong heart that longs for something.

She could see Arthur’s crack as if his suppressed feelings were slowly sticking out.

She wanted to break that solid-looking heart.

It doesn’t matter to her how important Mary is to him.

But just because she didn’t hold him in her heart, she didn’t want him to see anyone other than her.

She’s grumpy.

She hated that both Carl and Arthur have the original Mary in mind, not her.

She kept shouting somewhere in her heart.

If he loved her, not Mary, to look at her now.

“That’s not wrong.

But there’s one thing you’ve got wrong.”

Arthur, who slowly turned around, smiled sadly and approached her.

She slowly stepped back when she faced the dangerous feeling she could see beyond Arthur’s eyes.

She was afraid to face Arthur’s heart.

She’s afraid the answer she wanted won’t come out, so it was just her pride to provoke him.

“I don’t want to have Mary’s heart, I want to have your heart.”

Arthur gave her the answer she wanted, exactly as if he had read her mind.

The sound of her heartbeat grew louder with the strange airflow flowing with his eyes.

She was so overwhelmed that she was worried that it might run too fast and stop breathing.

She never stopped moving away from him.

For some reason, she was worried that if she got caught by him, he would notice a slight change in her heart beating loudly.

“You, who are the first to reach out to me, who is in Mary’s body.”

Boom boom.

Her heart kept beating in her ear.

Her whole body was nervous and her mouth burned dry.

‘No, that’s an illusion.

I’m just glad I got the answer I was looking for.’

Arthur continued to approach her.

But she kept her distance without taking her eyes off him.

“Will you love me even if I don’t love you”

She didn’t love him.

Even if she fell in love, she will use it for herself.

When she saw hope to live, she had more greed, and she didn’t want to let go of it.

“That doesn’t matter.”


Arthur’s eyes turned fierce at a distance from her that could not be narrowed.

He soon approached quickly and wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her.

“Because I love you.

So you can’t get away from me anymore.”

She swallowed her breath at his actions.

It was like a strong obsession with her.

She felt stuffy as if she couldn’t breathe because he hugged her tightly as if she was about to crumble.

“The red string of mischief.

You and I are connected by an invisible string that does not break even if it is cut, no, it wears out if it gets farther away, and it is no wonder that it can break at any time.”

Somehow, she was convinced by what he said.

His hands, firmly attached to her, felt like a string that really tied her away from him.

She was in his arms for a long time.

She felt a lump in one side of her heart.

Along with the chilly dawn air, the dark castle’s appearance seemed to present him.


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