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“I have a fever.”

He put his hand right on her forehead.

Looking at his slightly distorted eyes, she must have a fever.

She stared at Arthur with a breathless breath.

“Why do you look like that I can’t tell if you really love me.”

He chuckled and smiled a little.

Arthur fell away from her, soon sat next to her, and made her head lean on his shoulder.

“You’d better go to sleep now.”

“Are you going to steal my consciousness like before If you’re trying to do that unpleasant thing again, forget it.”

“I won’t do that, so close your eyes.”

She looked up at Arthur.

She turned her head to his eyes, which contained nothing.

Why does she feel kindness in dry words

She didn’t want to hear it.

She endured the heavy eyes and did not close her eyes.

She didn’t want to experience the feeling she had again.

She hates the fear of being trapped in the dark anymore.

“If you don’t close your eyes now, I have no choice but to force you to close them again.”

“……You’re threatening me like you’re eating rice now.”

Arthur didn’t even respond to her.

Eventually, she closed her eyes, leaning her head against Arthur’s shoulder.

“Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have won my heart like this.”

“Did I want to get it from this”

Somehow, she felt like a smile was hanging around his mouth even if she didn’t see it.

She didn’t feel bad about his sarcastic way of speaking now.

Maybe it was because his shoulders were more reliable than she thought.

She didn’t actually believe him, but this time he really didn’t put anything else like magic on her.

Instead, she eventually saw nothing about the village because she fell asleep.

“Oh my, princess, are you okay”

Carl grabbed her head and shook her head.

He opened his mouth to her staring at Arthur.

“You’re the only exception.”

He spoke as if it were too natural.

A satisfying smile also caught her mouth whether she liked Carl’s pain.

At Arthur’s words, Carl’s face became more wrinkled.

“Let’s go inside and finish talking.”

After putting his hand on Carl’s shoulder and patting him once, he passed Arthur and tried to take the lead.

She still had a lot of things to talk about with Arthur.

Of course, there was also a flood of questions.

She had to find out what could even be found out about this secret territory and castle.

‘”What the hell is that medicine’

The medicine that he gave her.

Where did the medicine come from and what the hell is his identity There were over one or two things she was curious about.

“Princess, you have a lot of time.

There’s no reason to be in a hurry.

So you’d better go in and rest for today.”

But Arthur, who did not follow her, caught her steps from behind.

She turned her head and looked at him.

Arthur remained the same without moving.

He didn’t seem to want to talk to her anymore today.

She’s just keeping her eyes on Carl’s shoulder that her hand touched.

“Did you say something, Carl”

“…yes, that’s right.

Your Highness.”

Slowly approaching Carl, Arthur put his hand on Carl’s shoulder.

Carl’s forehead was subtly distorted, as if his hand had been tightened.

“If it’s a joke, I can overlook it.”

“What are you talking about”

Carl’s gaze came toward her.

She could see Carl’s eyes staring at her beyond Arthur’s back.

“If you try to be greedy, you will have to pay for it then.

I don’t know if it’s your life or the life of the Princess.”

“No one can tell what to do about a person’s heart.”

She walked quickly toward Arthur without avoiding Carl’s eyes.

The power in his hand was visible.

In addition, when she saw the sword in the other hand, she could no longer watch.

“But as the Grand Duke said, I’m just the entertainment of the Princess.”

“Toys are also boring.

Isn’t that right, Princess”

At Arthur’s words, she had no choice but to be frightened.

It was a word that she swallowed alone while looking at Gray in the past.

“Oh, you can think of it as a new dog that the Princess brought in, not a toy.”

“Grand Duke Arthur Douglas”.

Carl was her man.

The escort of this country’s Princess.

But Arthur couldn’t care less about it.

In the first place, Arthur was not even treating her as a Princess.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to insult Carl in front of her.

Arthur’s attitude twisted her screening.

It must only be her who can treat Carl carelessly.

She’s the only one who can hurt him and embrace him.

“Aren’t you the same to me anyway”

It is Arthur who wants to get her heart for some reason.

‘I can’t stand other people swearing at Carl.

He’ll already be sick just by the wounds I gave him.’

“No, I have got none of the heart that Carl, who you call a dog, has taken from me, so you are worse than a dog”

Arthur was not getting her heart.

She doesn’t dare to trample on other people’s hearts even though she didn’t give any heart that Carl, who she refers to as a toy or a dog, took.

‘Ah, it’s funny even to me, I’m thinking about this.’

It was her who trampled and crushed Carl’s heart more than anyone else.

It is also her who is turning a blind eye to the side and being selfish.

“Archduke Arthur, if you want to make an effort, don’t you think you should at least do as much as Carl As you know, it’s not going to be that easy to get.”

Carl’s eyes shook at an unexpected remark.

He approached her with a calm look, knelt down, and kissed her on the back of her hand.

However, there is nothing good about Carl against Arthur.


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