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Her body was light.

No, it was so light that she felt like the pain she had been in for so long had disappeared.

She couldn’t believe it, as if she had had a long dream.

When she woke up, she was grateful for this minor fact that could happen without pain.

She sat up carefully.

She blankly looked back on what happened, but all that came to her mind were red eyes.

‘Who the heck was that guy Was that real’

The warm touch on the lips was not a lie.

When she looked next to her, there was a glass bottle that Arthur gave her.

The contents were empty.

“3 days…”

It was at the end of the three-day grace he said that she will collapse with great pain.

And the man she saw last night seems to have fed her what’s in this glass bottle.

‘He said he’s the one who can kill me or save me.….

Maybe it’s true.’

She didn’t believe everything Arthur said.

She heard that he had failed to save Mary, and he hadn’t told her anything else.

In addition, he told her one thing because he was afraid she would try to kill Gray first, like any other Mary.

Never kill Gray first.

That was one condition leading to her death.

It was a ridiculous story that if it went wrong before she got better, she would eventually die, too.

Nevertheless, she had no choice but to believe because of the story of the numerous Marys he showed her.

And now she had no choice but to trust him because of this medicine.

Even if he was cheating on her, she had to trust him in order to live.

‘I can live.

I might really be able to live.’

With the conviction that he might really be able to save her, the idea of going to the Grand Duke’s immediately lingered in her head.

Without delay, she hurriedly woke up and prepared to go to the Grand Duke’s.

She doesn’t even know the effect or duration of this drug he gave her.

Perhaps soon the pain would come again.

She opened the door and headed straight for her father.

Surprised by her appearance, the maid followed her and looked at her.

Seeing her restless, it was clear that she had something to say to her.

But the only thing that matters to her right now was to go to Arthur right away.

“Get out of my way.”

“It’s not possible.

It is a command that no one should go in.

Moreover, I was told that the Princess should rest in the room.”

The guard stopped her and didn’t open the door.

Only then did she turn her head and see the maid.

In her eyes, the maid bowed her head and trembled.

“Tell me, who’s in there”

“That, that….”

“Oh, yeah.

I’ve been too quiet lately, haven’t I”

She pulled the guard’s cold sword out and put it on the maid’s neck.

The maid collapsed on the floor in fear.

“If you don’t say it now, you won’t be able to say it even if you want to.”

“Hwa, Princess! Save me!”

“Calm down!”

Surprised, the guard tried to calm her down.

She really didn’t like the current situation.

There is no way she can calm down with her life at stake.

It’s all because of Gray, that jerk.

She doesn’t know what kind of maxim blocked her father, but she can’t stay still anymore.

“Say it.

I don’t see anything right now, so you’d better say it.”

“His Majesty is talking to Lord Gray inside, Princess.”


How dare he What is her father thinking about listening to him

“Princess, you really can’t.”


She tried to bring a sword to her neck because of the guard that still blocked it.

Rather than dying in pain, it was not bad to cut off the breath with her own hands.

With the surprised eyes of the guards, she raised the corners of her mouth.

Yeah, maybe this is better.

Maybe it was wrong to be greedy for something that wasn’t mine.….

“Then if I die here, the door will open then.”


The frozen guard tried to reach out.

She was about to give strength to the sword she took to her neck slowly.



She heard Carl’s angry voice holding the blade with his hand.

She doubted her eyes.

Why he was in front of her, or why he came back, her head turned blank.

Nevertheless, she was glad to see him.

No, she missed him.

She missed the warm eyes that looked at her and the sincere eyes that seemed to worry.

Because of that, she also felt alive.

It was a help to her that her existence was precious to someone.

She couldn’t spit it out.

“… Why are you here”

“How can I pretend not to know the Princess who is shouting to see me like that”

“Carl, I gave you a chance.

You’re the one who abandoned the opportunity.”

“I don’t blame you.”

The hand holding the sword lost strength.

She turned to the red blood flowing out of Carl’s palm.

“Open the door.

I’ll take responsibility.”

“But Sir Carl!”

“If Princess had really cut her body here, what would happen to you”

Carl warned low, watching the guard.

Her guard, Carl, was ranked higher than the other guard.

They looked in trouble and soon opened the door.

Carl covered her eyes for a moment, pulled out the sword, and hid his hand with a cloth.

“Go in.”

Looking at Carl’s hand, she turned her head and turned away.

Going straight inside, she saw Gray and her father talking.


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