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Don’t die.

Who stopped her from dying He’s going to kill her now She didn’t understand his dual attitude.

Furthermore, it was Arthur who talked nonsense to her and folded the contract and put it in his arms.

She was speechless and laughed out in vain.

“……Ha! What do you want”

“Do you think I can’t kill you Don’t be mistaken.”

Arthur slowly approached her.

It was the eyes of a beast that shined dimly in the darkness she saw that day.

It slowly hovered around her like a beast seeking only a chance to grab her neck and bite her.

He suddenly approached her and bowed his head and whispered in her ears.

“You’re not the real Princess Mary Anastasia, are you”

There was another silence between Arthur and her.

It was quite a different atmosphere than before.

Arthur seemed frustrated because of her, who closed her mouth tightly.

“Did I say something wrong”

“……You’re having fun joking around, too.”

She tried to keep a smile and relax.

Arthur seemed to be a little away from her, but soon he became closer.

She faltered back, falling slightly away from him.

“Then prove that you are Princess Mary Anastasia.”

Arthur’s solid arms wrapped around her waist.

She blinked her eyes as she looked at his hands around her waist.

She didn’t have to think about what he wanted her to prove.

‘If it were Mary, she would have hugged him in this situation without saying a word.’

Mary longed for love from any man, and Mary’s night was always filled with someone.

She always opened her eyes in a man’s arms and made him call her name all night.

“Arthur, do you want to sleep with me”

“It’s just a confirmation.”

Arthur gently loosened his strength in the hand that was holding her waist at her straightforward words.

There was a little gap between them.

What he said didn’t make sense.

Would he believe her even if he doubted and didn’t believe in herself and proved it No, he already knows that she’s not Mary.

Nevertheless, she was deeply disappointed in the distance between them.

So, from now on, what she is doing is simply because she is sorry for the distance between them, and she is curious to see what will happen when she behaves unexpectedly.


It’s just a confirmation.”

She put her hand around Arthur’s neck and kissed him.

Staring at his eyes with nothing in them, she coveted them even deeper and deeper.

She felt her body shaking.

She saw his eyes very briefly shaking.

He just entrusted himself to her without doing anything.


She’s seen enough of his reaction.

Thinking about it, she took her lips off and exhaled.

While looking into his eyes and kissing, her body heated without realizing it.

She wanted more and more.

‘… You’re really crazy.’

Looking at Arthur’s eyes, she felt like she was going to be sucked in without realizing it.

There was a strong desire to fill his empty eyes with herself.

Arthur’s arms hugged her stronger even before she finished the thought of wanting to see his eyes move alive because of her.

“Don’t regret it.”

“…I don’t regret it.

Mary Anastasia doesn’t regret anything she does.”

As soon as the words were over, Arthur’s two eyes stood up, unlike before.

She had a more intense desire than before.

Looking at me reflected in his eyes, she kept thinking that she wanted to be contained a little more.

While coveting her lips softly, he soon slowly took them to the back of his neck.

Whenever his breath touched her neck, she kept shrinking.

Without realizing it, the sound of her burning breath came out of her mouth.


Arthur saw her reaction like that, and it made her even more anxious.

With one hand, he slowly swept down her body and gently laid her on the bed.

Even while the clothes were being peeled off one by one in his hand, she was distracted by his touch.

“Do you want me to not to be Mary, Arthur”

“That doesn’t matter.”

Arthur grabbed her upper body straight with one hand, perhaps because he didn’t want to hear what she was saying.

He led as if he wanted to focus entirely on this situation.


The wind made her moan again from her mouth.

He didn’t stop coveting her while answering me calmly.

Arthur took off the clothes he had worn on top and raised the corners of his mouth to capture her in his eyes.

“Why do you say everything I do doesn’t matter”

“For me, Princess Mary Anastasia is the same as anyone.”

“What…… uhm.”

Arthur kissed her and began to covet her a little more persistently than before, perhaps because he didn’t want to answer anymore.

Despite the relationship without calm eyes and affection, her body wanted him as if familiar.

What are all the stories he is telling her She wanted to ask a lot, but she couldn’t say anything because of Arthur, who blocked her mouth.

Even though she could refuse, she didn’t refuse.


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