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Chapter 1 – A Strange Place (Prologue)

At a glance, a thin silver-haired woman collapsed vomiting blood.

With a face covered with tears, she struggled to reach out and grabbed the man’s feet.

“Gray, don’t abandon me.”

“Do you really think I loved you””

“You told me you loved me! That you understand everything about me…….”

“I just wanted your position.”

Gray shook off Mary’s hand and fixed his clothes.

Mary didn’t want to believe it.

She couldn’t believe it.

But when she found his smile of victory toward her, she realized.

He didn’t even give her a single grain of his heart.

“You crazy! What’s with all these dogs”

Throwing the book she was reading, she couldn’t beat her anger and bragged.

She was going crazy because she still have lingering feelings in such a world, but the heroine in this novel was so frustrated.

She tried to trust the man who betrayed her right before she died.

What kind of bull** is this Is that a villain Then they should have acted more like a villain!

The character breakdown is obvious.

Otherwise, the woman who has been turned into a villain cannot fall mercilessly in front of her only man.

She couldn’t understand.

The book thrown in the far corner of the hospital room was a romance fantasy novel called

Can’t one tell the answer just by looking at the title She was told not to trust him! It told her not to believe him, but why does she believe him

The novel protagonists name was Mary Anastasia.

She had a pretty name and, as expressed, she had a beautiful appearance.

Above all else, she was an impeccable princess.

‘Why can’t she recognize such a trashy person when he’s been doing evil to others As she was a princess.’

She didn’t even have an eye for men like a fool.

Mary, who was in a high position, just wanted to get engaged to a man who gave love to her not her position, this was frustrating.

Moreover, the author was set to a deadline, whether he was very sympathetic to the princess and was determined to act.

“Why do I have to choose this”

Her mind went a bit further.

Like herself, she was also at the end of the time when she accepted her death.

She  was twenty-six years old.

There were many things she had never done before and many things she wanted to do.

“If I were Mary, I would have done whatever I wanted.”

She was stuck in bed.

All she could do was read a book.

She didn’t know when she would die vainly.

She just wanted to live a normal life and be happy like others, but was that a big desire

She had to relax, but she felt the pain in her heart because she was angry with the book.

She grabbed her chest and chose to breathe.

Sometimes she was scared when pain came.

‘I don’t want to die…’

She was afraid that there would be no one who recognized her end or remembered her because she would die when there was no one next to her like this.

Mary in the novel was better even if she was frustrating or stupid.

Still, she had a man who loved her.

There was even a family…….

She herself has nothing.

Even if she die, there is no one who remembers her.

She will just disappeared as if she didn’t exist in this world from the beginning.

If it was a life to be taken away so quickly, she shouldn’t have had it from the beginning.

For her, every day was too short and had no proper memories.

She want to live.

Even if she live like this, she doesn’t want to die even if there is no one around her.

The chest pain felt stronger.

It felt unusually strong today.

She couldn’t stand the pain she felt every day.

The pain that she seemed to have gotten used to always became even greater.

She took out the pain reliever and poured it in her mouth.

The pressure on the chest became stronger and harder to breathe.

She tried to calm down and lay in bed and closed her eyes.

“It’s okay… I took medicine, so when I wake up.….”

She closed her eyes.

The wind passed by with the sun as it brushed its cheeks.

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears.

The sound became lighter and lighter, and her consciousness also became dreamy.


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