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Ch11 - Sleepover In the Imperial Bedchamber

Feng Luan was feeling desolate; naturally, he wasn’t in the mood to crack jokes with him.

He merely gave Ye Yang a bitterly cold glance, then handed the bamboo basket to Kang Ning, in order to arrange everything properly. 

He didn’t offer Ye Yang any directions and neither did he ask him to stay.

Ye Yang stood there on the spot for a long time, at a loss, before finally forcing himself to inquire in a low voice, “Your Majesty, where should this servant…… should I go”

Feng Luan still kept mum, yet Kang Ning secretly pointed out the way for him and gestured to him to leave quickly.



Ye Yang was also aware that he should go away from this place as soon as possible.

He couldn’t and shouldn’t be involved with Feng Luan whilst he was emotional.

Anyhow, Chu Lian would arrive sooner or later and comfort Feng Luan.

All of this had nothing to do with him.

Wan Juan tugged at his arm.

She was scared stiff of Feng Luan and was in a blue funk, itching to go down the road Kang Ning pointed to.

However, Ye Yang glanced back and noticed Feng Luan’s lowered eyes, staring at the faint light of a white candle placed on the weedy black bricks; his heart seemed to suddenly hammer loudly. 



Ye Yang halted his steps.

He was the type of person who just could not stand watching a gal of 18-19 years old squatting by the road and sobbing.

Although the twenty-something year old fellow didn’t shed a single tear, he noticed Feng Luan’s expression, which appeared a tad awful.

He could only let out a long, deep breath; then, he took his arm out of Wan Juan’s clutch, telling her, “you can go back first.”

Wan Juan trembled, “it’s…… it’s pitch black out here……”


Yet, Ye Yang turned around and made his return.

Feng Luan didn’t force him to leave—therefore, he stood by Feng Luan’s side as mute as a fish.

Once the white candles used as offerings were all ready, Kang Ning set the brazier in front of Feng Luan.

Then, Feng Luan slowly brought out his written memorial from his sleeve, lit it up using an ancient lighter handed to him by Kang Ning and put it in the brazier.

The tongue of fire curled around the written memorial; Ye Yang glanced at it hurriedly and made out the words “Deceased Mother Liu” scribbled on it.

Feng Luan was truly paying tribute to his biological mother.

At the moment, Ye Yang was bereft of speech.

He didn’t know how to comfort him and could only watch him gradually place the paper money in the brazier; then, he raised his voice a little and told him, “if the Consort Dowager knew, she’d be proud.”


Feng Luan side-eyed him and quizzed, “proud” 

“Such a child brings prosperous times,” affirmed Ye Yang.

“How can one not be proud”

Feng Luan snickered, as if to scorn himself.

He did not agree with Ye Yang’s words, yet he refused to open his mouth to give an explanation for the reason. Proud He could not help but recall everything he had done over the years, and, evidently, this one word was anything but befitting him.

Out of the blue, Ye Yang lifted his hand and grabbed Feng Luan’s shoulder.

Afterwards, taking advantage of the situation, he enfolded him in his arms, patted him on the back and offered Feng Luan a look of awe.

He did not realize this, however, and uttered, “may the deceased rest in peace while the living must move on with their lives.”

Feng Luan replied, “you are not exactly reassuring.” 

The smoke furled around the burned paper, the ash traveling away and through the air.

Ye Yang let go of Feng Luan and noticed that he looked a tad better, yet the corners of his eyes were rather ruddy.

Ye Yang coughed a few times and commented purposely, “what’s up with this wind The smoke’s irritating the boss’s eyes.”

Feng Luan pursed his lips slightly, as if to smile at him, and added, “precisely, the eyes are somewhat irritated.”

He believed Yun shijun was undeniably unlike any other.

He could not help but remember this young servant’s age.

Was it 19 Maybe 20.

If he were to be anywhere but at the palace, he appeared to be merely coming of age at 20.

The Yun family had sheltered him incredibly well, conserving the youth’s innocent and romantic nature; yet, he had to enter the palace. 

Not one person could die of natural causes in the palace.

Ye Yang was pleased to see Feng Luan getting better, however Chu Lian would still have to arrive there any minute.

He felt somewhat strange.

He knew he couldn’t linger around anymore; therefore, he had to search for a method in order to leave this spot, which was reserved for the male and female owners of this place.


His behavior suddenly changed, prompting Feng Luan to ask, “what are you looking at”

Ye Yang began talking nonsense stubbornly, “Your Majesty, before I was set to enter the palace, I heard strange things from some noble monks; there’s an astronomical phenomenon about to take place and something of great importance will happen.” 

Feng Luan only believed he was yapping about nothing, however he had no knowledge of the reason he was talking about it.

He inquired, “what is it”

Ye Yang pointed to the several roads leading to this particular spot and declared, “tonight, walking on these paths will be someone who is destined for Your Majesty by the will of heaven.”

Feng Luan felt it was somewhat ridiculous, yet, because of his temper, he asked Ye Yang, “someone destined for zhen by the will of heaven Since Yun shijun has the ability of ascertaining such a thing, do say this again: is this individual tall or short Thin or fat How old is this person What do they look like”

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Ye Yang, “……” 

Ye Yang summoned up all of his remaining courage and described Chu Lian’s appearance.

He did not dare overelaborate, lest Feng Luan thought he was collaborating with Chu Lian.

After brooding over it for a moment, he could only utter reluctantly, “Your Majesty’s destined one…… is about twenty, with a thin figure, is attractive, adorable with an upright posture, and is a peerless beauty!”

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Ye Yang grabbed Feng Luan’s arm and announced excitedly, “Your Majesty! Look! Here comes your destined one!”

Feng Luan was stupefied.

This was a very remote place on the palace grounds; he had specifically told his guards not to come here on this particular night.

Not counting Ye Yang who had gotten lost, he couldn’t think of anyone else who would be there that late at night. 

He recalled Ye Yang’s nonsense about a so-called ‘destined one’; thus, he also got intrigued.

The lantern’s light was getting increasingly closer to them.

He could make out that the woman was wearing a dress and hairpin jewelry, however her steps were somewhat unsteady and her body slightly fatter than expected.

Once the ‘destined one’ came into view…… Feng Luan’s face darkened as he pointed to Mama Li who came dashing towards them, asking Ye Yang, “is that zhen’s ‘destined one’”

Ye Yang, “……haha.” 

Despite the fact that Chu Lian wasn’t the one to arrive there, why did Mama Li come

Mama Li gazed at the lights, rushed to them and shouted in a hurry, “Young Master! Is that you! This servant has found you!”


Before she could utter another word, she fixed her gaze on Feng Luan who was next to him.

She was scared silly and fell on her knees, trembling, “Your Majesty, this slave didn’t know you were here as well……”

As she spoke, she winked at Ye Yang, clearly incredibly satisfied with the current situation. 

From her perspective, lonely or widowed men in the middle of the night staying in such a remote place, nine times out of ten, would be doing something which ‘could not be divulged’.

This young master’s learning ability was, as expected, astonishing.

It had only been a few days, yet his relationship with His Majesty had reached such a level!

Mama Li was overly contented.

“So this was the destined one,” Feng Luan raised his eyebrows and affirmed.

“However, she came looking for you.”

Ye Yang, “……” 

Feng Luan was still unconvinced, “even if it’s really the destined one, you’re just as much the destined one, too.”

Ye Yang, “……”

Feng Luan paused again.

Catching sight of Kang Ning putting away his things, he looked Ye Yang square in the eyes and inquired, “Yun shijun, can you drink”

Ye Yang could drink really well, however he didn’t know whether Yun Yang could handle alcohol.

Though, Yun Lin and Prime Minister Yun both could quaff well, while Yun Yang’s mother was not from the northeastern region of China, but could also tipple as if the alcoholic beverages were water.

But…… Why did this brute ask him this question out of the blue 

It was delightful to write about drunken profligacy in the novel; how could he reject the plot in which this kind of male protagonist was taking the initiative to find someone to guzzle alcohol with

Ye Yang shook his head in horror, insisting, “I…… can only drink a little.”

“It is still early,” Feng Luan said.

“How about accompanying zhen and having a cup of wine”

Ye Yang, “……” 

Ye Yang wished to turn him down.

Yet, as he stared at Feng Luan’s favorability score, he was in a cold sweat that if he refused him again, that 17 would become a -7.

He could only explain in a suave manner, “Your Majesty, I’m injured, so I can’t drink……”

「Feng Luan’s current favorability score has been decreased by 1, current favorability score is 16」

Feng Luan, “……then, you can drink water.” 

Ye Yang, “……”

Ye Yang knew well he could not get out of this one.


Later on, Wan Juan and Mama Li quietly watched him leave with Feng Luan, yet he was deliberating inwardly how he could get this dog emperor inebriated.

As it was widely known, the most dangerous state one could be in was when one was getting slightly drunk, but if that individual was as drunk as a skunk, then everything would be different. 

Those hammered could not rise to their feet! This dog emperor, who was not that good at drinking, would have an even harder time while he was plastered!

Alright, on this day this master would risk his life and attempt to get the dog emperor absolutely smashed from the wine and killed!


In the main palace hall, Ye Yang studied the wine pot before him and the tea inside. 

To put it bluntly, urging someone to drink was the worst thing he was good at.

He had been thinking of praises for a long time; then, he slowly raised his hand and poured a glass of wine for Feng Luan.

“Your Majesty,” said Ye Yang as he moved the cup to Feng Luan, “I have something to tell you.”

Feng Luan had a headache each and every time he heard him talking.

At any rate, he had some self-restraint, and ordered, “speak.” 

Ye Yang breathed in deeply.

“A man cannot drink if he lives in vain,” Ye Yang declared solemnly.

“If one drinks without getting drunk, then the relationship with their drinking partner is not close.”

Feng Luan, “……”

“Shallow feelings! With a taste!” Ye Yang raised his tone and exclaimed, “profound feelings, with a mouthful of drink!” 

Feng Luan, “……”

Ye Yang, “ten thousand crags and torrents are always favorable, and one less cup of alcohol does not affect one’s feelings!”

Feng Luan, “……”

Ye Yang held his tea high and announced, “I’ll down it first respectfully!” 

Feng Luan, “you should shut up.”

Ye Yang, “……oh.”


Feng Luan was in a foul mood.

He wanted to gulp down the wine whether there was someone to persuade him or not.

He mentioned that he wished for Ye Yang to accompany him, however he only requested that Ye Yang sat beside him.

He was hardly willing to converse with Ye Yang.

Most of the time, Ye Yang noticed Feng Luan was half leaning on the table—thus, he considered he should have been pretty drunk.

Since he could not persuade the dog emperor to guzzle some more, it was time for him to think of an excuse and slip away. 

Ye Yang stood up slowly, “Your Majesty……”

Feng Luan had his eyes closed, threw his cup on the table and held his head with one hand, murmuring, “……zhen has a headache.”

Ye Yang spoke in muted tones, “Your Majesty, you seem to be drunk.

You should rest earlier, I will take my leave.”

Feng Luan grabbed his wrist. 

“Who did you claim was drunk” He appeared to be as cool as a cucumber, but his manner of speaking was more sluggish than usual.

He seemed to be struggling.

“Zhen ca……cannot get intoxicated quickly.”

After stating that, he was trying to prove he could, indeed, hold his alcohol well.

Ignoring Ye Yang’s lack of enthusiasm, he picked up the jug of wine on the table, put it to his mouth and, without demur, he closed his eyes to knock back the remaining half pot of wine.

Ye Yang was flabbergasted.


He drank half of the jug, yet he was intoxicated

Don’t drink just because you get tipsy easily!

He hurriedly reached for the jug in Feng Luan’s hand, but he swallowed it all too fast.

There was only very little wine left in the jug.

Ye Yang felt bad—he glanced at Feng Luan as he leaned against the table with his head in his hands.

He stepped silently away, tiptoed cautiously to the door and opened it nervously.

Kang Ning was waiting outside and saw Ye Yang suddenly opening the door.

He was taken by surprise.

He peered inside the chamber, then parted his lips to note, “aiya, His Majesty is intoxicated.” 

Ye Yang, “……”

It definitely didn’t sound like Kang Ning was astounded at all.

That was to say, Kang Ning was also aware of how Feng Luan couldn’t handle his alcohol.

Ye Yang, “is His Majesty really that bad of a drinker……”

Kang Ning nodded in reply earnestly, “His Majesty doesn’t usually partake of alcohol.

Perhaps it is because Yun shijun was here as well that, due to emotions that can’t be restrained, His Majesty drank a lot.” 

Ye Yang, “……”

Since the dog emperor had already reached the point where he wouldn’t recall the events of this night, he had to leave.


Ye Yang coughed, then grinned at Kang Ning.

“Kang Ning, His Majesty will remain in your care,” declared Ye Yang.

“It’s very late and I’m sleepy.

I’ll go back first.” 

Kang Ning quickly stretched his arm and stopped him.

“Yun shijun, I dare not let you withdraw without His Majesty’s direct order,” Kang Ning said.

“Once His Majesty awakes tomorrow and sees Yun shijun is absent, I’m afraid I will be the one to blame.”

Ye Yang, “I don’t think he will……”

“You are the only one favored in the harem,” Kang Ning remarked.

“Yun shijun, you are the first to spend the night in His Majesty’s imperial sleeping quarters!” 

Ye Yang, “but I don’t……”

Kang Ning carefully raised his hands, politely took off Ye Yang’s fingers clenched on the door and slowly closed it right in front of him, leaving only a crack to reveal his smiling face.

“Yun shijun, you ought not be embarrassed in front of this slave,” Kang Ning insisted.

“After you work laboriously, His Majesty will give you anything at once!”

Ye Yang, “……” 


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