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Mo Chu started such a live broadcast, causing the already popular live broadcast number to explode!

Not only did the new stars in the entertainment industry follow suit, even the government staff couldnt help but use this method when they needed to seek public opinion.

For a time, this actually became a trend.

In view of this situation, the netizens even gave Mo Chu the title oftrendsetter.

If you think about it carefully, that was not the case!

Not to mention other things, just the endless number of reality shows that were popping up like mushrooms after the rain, it was because of Little Chu and the others that they became popular in the first place, right

And now, the light makeup that filled the streets, it was also because of Little Chu that it became popular, right

The live broadcast incident this time was even better evidence…


Following the order, after reading the terms and conditions written down by the netizens, everyone suddenly realized something.


From the looks of it, Little Chus title oftrendsetter was indeed well-deserved.

After thinking this through, countless forward-thinking businessmen were ready to make a move.

They could not help but rub their hands together and grin excitedly.


If they could get Little Chu to be their spokesperson, why would they worry about the sales of their products in the future

They could just sit back and wait to collect the money!

But on second thought… Hmm… no way! Mo Chu was pregnant at the moment! How could she be a spokesperson

Besides, this owner was not lacking in money either!

At the thought of this, the merchants who had originally planned ahead began to worry.

What did he mean bytime waits for no man This was it!

Not only were these merchants worried, Mo Chus face was also filled with worry!


Holding the pants in his hands, Mo Chu simply wanted to cry but had no tears!

How long had it been! She actually could not wear the pants from before!

She… really… could… not… wear… it!

Without a doubt, this news was a shocking nightmare for every woman!

Mo Chu was like this at this moment!

Ever since he tasted theUpgraded version of Spirit Food in the live broadcast room, Little Chus nausea and vomiting had completely disappeared.

Not only that, even her good appetite had climbed up along with it.

Thus, under the indulgence of Ning Yiyuan and Elder Ning, Mo Chu was completely immersed in the great cause of gourmet food.

All she did was eat and sleep all day long!

Oh my… This life could not be any better!

But the result was that in just a short month, her weight had increased by a huge margin!

This increase was simply shocking!

Although this was normal during pregnancy, she was only four months old and her weight had already reached a peak.

What would she do in the future

When she looked down again, she saw that her entire body seemed to have swelled up.

Her originally slender limbs had become fleshy, and her belly was slightly protruding.

Her originally delicate and pretty little face had now perfectly transformed into a bun-shaped face! It was the kind of white and tender face that could produce juice with just a bite!

Wow! She was really getting fat!

Thus, when Ning Yiyuan opened the door and entered, he saw Little Chus listless face.

His heart could not help but tighten as he hurriedly asked, “Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

It was because the month-long period of pregnancy and vomiting that Mo Chu had left Ning Yiyuan with too deep a shadow!

Now, as soon as he saw Little Chus listless look, he immediately became on high alert.

“Look at me.” As soon as she heard Ning Yiyuans voice, Mo Chu immediately sat up from the bed and stared at him with anticipation.

“Have you noticed… that Im different”

“Umm…” Ning Yiyuan slightly twitched his nose and said gently, “You changed your shower gel”

… Hmm

You can even smell it!

This nose is really powerful!

Its comparable to a police dog in the 21st century..

After getting rid of his irrelevant thoughts, Mo Chu did not beat around the bush with Ning Yiyuan and directly cut to the point.

“Do you feel that… Ive gained a lot of weight!”

Not just a little bit, but a lot!

“Oh…” Ning Yiyuan slightly raised his eyebrows.

He finally understood the reason why Little Chu was frowning at this moment.

He hurriedly held her fair and tender little hands and gently advised him, “Alright, stop overthinking.

How is this fat This is how it should be!”

Mo Chu raised her head and looked into Ning Yiyuans eyes.

When she saw that his gaze was not sincere, she said, “…Really”

“Of course!” Ning Yiyuans reply was firm and decisive.

He did not hesitate at all!

These words were also his true feelings.

Little Chu was beautiful before, but he was too skinny.

He was afraid that he would accidentally break her waist on the bed!

Now that Little Chu was slightly plump, it felt really nice to touch.

It was thin and smooth! Moreover, did not you see that the area on Little Chus chest had also grown a lot

Although up until now, Ning Yiyuan had been living a vegetarian life, but he could still feast his eyes from time to time!

Following Ning Yiyuans gaze… Mo Chus face instantly darkened a few degrees! Why is this guy trying to think of something interesting

“You… Oh…” Just as Mo Chu started to reprimand him, she suddenly turned around and cried out in surprise!

“Whats wrong” Ning Yiyuan was frightened by Little Chus sudden cry!

“I…” Mo Chus expression was a little dull.

She reached out her hand to touch her stomach in disbelief.

After a long while, she spat out a few scattered words, “It… it moved! … It moved just now! I felt it!”

It was as if a little thing was gently kicking her stomach.

Although there was a slight pain, this slight pain was covered up by a huge surprise!

Mo Chus eyes could not help but become moist.

This was the first time she could clearly feel the existence of the child in her stomach…

This child was connected to her bloodline… It was connected to her bloodline…

“Moved” Ning Yiyuan only managed to catch one word, and his expression changed drastically!

Could it be that something had happened to the child in Little Chus stomach

Otherwise, why would it move

Without saying anything else, Ning Yiyuan immediately carried Mo Chu and rushed out, shouting, “Zhong Wen, Elder Liu! Quickly come over and take a look.

Little Chu said that the child in her stomach is moving!”

The temperature in the room was maintained in a suitable state, but Ning Yiyuan was forced to break out in a cold sweat!

He was still scared!

The woman and the baby in the womans belly were all he had!

If something happened to one of them…

Thinking of this possibility, Ning Yiyuans heart could not help but shrink!

“Whats wrong”

It was rare to see Ning Yiyuan so flustered.

Zhong Wen and elder Liu hurriedly walked out of the room.

When they heard Ning Yiyuan say that the child in Little Chus stomach was moving randomly, they were also quite frightened! They immediately organized themselves and prepared to give Little Chu a good check-up!

Only at this moment did Mo Chu jump out of her pleasantly surprised mood.

When she heard the words of the people beside her, she was startled!

It was both funny and lamentable… They actually did not even know about the fetal movement

Thats right!

The Federation had not experienced a pregnancy for hundreds of years, so it was very normal for them not to know the details of the pregnancy.

Mo Chu was just about to open her mouth to explain that she was fine.

However, before she could open his mouth, she heard Zhong Wen exclaim in shock!

“Ah! What did I see!”

Mo Chu was stunned… did something really happen to the child in her stomach Otherwise, why would Zhong Wen look like this

Ning Yiyuan, who was standing beside him, clenched his fists tightly.

After a long while, he managed to squeeze out a sentence from his throat.

His voice was slightly trembling, “Why… did something happen”

“Boss…” Zhong Wen turned around to look at Mo Chu, then turned around to look at the results of the examination.

The expression on his face was extremely distorted!

“What we saw just now… there were actually two embryos!”

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