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“If thats the case, solve it.

Doesnt the company have emergency public relations” Shen Sisi said indifferently.

Lei Bing was so angry that she was panting.

“Public relations Tell me how to do it.

The evidence of your exposé is already there.

It is pointless.” Shen Sisi was never a low-key person.

She had never thought of hiding her act.

“Just say that it was the assistant who leaked the information,” A malicious look flashed across Shen Sisis eyes.

She glanced at the little assistant beside her, and the little assistants face instantly turned pale.

“Dont worry.

I wont let you take the blame.

Youre not qualified enough,” Seeing the little assistants pale face, Shen Sisi sneered and recalled the account that she leaked the information.

She said calmly, “I havent used this account for long.

Didnt the assistant, Sun Na, follow me around all the time Just say she wanted to become me, so she used this account to pretend to be me to satisfy her fantasies.” This way, Shen Hanxing could get rid of herself completely.

Although there were flaws in this way of handling things, this explanation was not for those smart people to see.

This public relations method would be good enough if someone believed it.

Shen Sis was smart, but she was evil too.

She did not care what situation Sun Na would encounter after this matter was exposed.

The little assistant shivered.

Her face was pale as she shrunk her presence.

She could not help but think of the tragic situation of Shen Sisis first assistant, Yang Xue.

It was said that there were Shen Sisis fans.

To avenge Shen Sisi, they found information about Yang Xue and went to her house to pour paint on her house.

Yang Xue dared not go out and could only hide in the hotel like a frightened bird.

Could it be that Sun Na was also going to follow Yang Xues path

The little assistant knew she could avoid this disaster not because Shen Sisi was very kind but because she was fortunate.

It was just because she had just entered the job.

When Shen Sisi was in the production team, she had not become Shen Sisis assistant.

Naturally, it was impossible to fake Shen Sisis alt account.

However, she had avoided it this time.

What about next time The little assistant felt a chill run down her spine.

Shen Sisi did not care about this at all.

She sneered.

“When the time comes, give Sun Na money.

Its just a few curses on the Internet.

Its not like she is going to lose anything.”

Lei Bings eyes flickered for a moment.

She muttered, “That will work.” She had to protect Shen Sisi for the movies sake, for Bingxin Entertainment, and even more to please Zhuang Li.

“Since its possible, hurry up and get it done.

You still need me to help you with such a small matter.

Youre useless!” Shen Sisi smirked, and her eyes were full of arrogance.

“I dont know whats the point of having you guys”

Lei Bing was displeased.

She had never been scolded like this.

But… thinking of Zhuang Li, Lei Bing suppressed her anger.

“The matter of exposing the truth has been resolved.

What about the matter of using a stunt double for filming Theres video evidence for that.”

Shen Sisi sneered.

“Didnt you push all the blame on Yang Xue Shes just an assistant trying to control me.

What can I do Im just a pitiful actress controlled by her assistant.”

How ruthless.

Shen Sisis heart was evil.

She was forcing Yang Xue into a dead end! Yang Xue had worked hard by her side even though she had not contributed much.

She worked hard and wholeheartedly to take care of Shen Sisi every day.

However, Shen Sisi did not care about that and directly pushed Yang Xue out to take the blame.

She even wanted to squeeze out the last drop of Yang Xues value.

The little assistant who was hiding in the corner trembled even more violently.

When she had successfully applied for the job, she thought that she had found a place that could realize her value.

Every day, she was pleased.

Now, she knew that she had stepped into a hell that she could not break out of.

“It sounds reasonable.

Anyway, there are no dates on those videos and photos,” Lei Bing thought for a moment.

She said, “Yang Xue still has the companys contract with her.

We dont have to worry about her coming out and spouting nonsense.

Alright, lets do it this way.” It was still the same sentence.

Not everyone needed to believe their words, as long as it was acceptable.

Those willing to think it would be enough for them to turn the table.

Bingxin Entertainment was, after all, the leader of the entertainment industry.

It moved very quickly.

Two announcements were thrown out, announcing that Shen Sisis two previous assistants were unqualified.

When the fans saw this, they felt sorry for Shen Sisi and even said that they knew that Shen Sisi was not the kind of person who would expose others behind their backs, as the Internet said.

The fans, who were not clear-headed, directly believed the companys announcement.

They even formed a group to scold the company for not being competent and not selecting a qualified assistant for Shen Sisi.

They even scolded Lei Bing, the manager, for not paying attention to Shen Sisi.

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