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Chapter 1060: Miss Ling

A suspending jewel illuminated the palace, adding a silver layer to everything.

In a field paved with white jade were many guards and palace maids scurrying about, preparing the essentials for the incoming banquet.

Each corner had a towering pagoda with old men in golden robes preparing formations.

Muscular guards carried large cauldrons outside and placed them in the perfect spot.

Feiyun walked through the field without any hesitation.

Whenever someone came to inquire about his identity, he confidently took out the badge from Heaven Restoration and the person would get down on their knees to greet him.

‘Grand indeed, this can accommodate tens of thousands of guests without a problem. He thought before seeing a familiar face – a rather handsome youth standing on top of a platform with old men whispering to him.

Feiyun had met him back in Elder Ges residence.

The guy was a prince who addressed the elder as “teacher”.

‘Here at the palace presiding over the banquet Looks like Ive underestimated him. Feiyun wondered which territory he was a second prince in.

Feiyun didnt wish to be seen and kept a distance.

Meanwhile, Ning Jialin nodded after listening to the old men.

A smirk appeared on his face.

He then politely bid goodbye to them and left the field, heading deeper into the palace.

The maids and servants along the way immediately kneeled after seeing him.

As for Feiyun, he put on his dragon-phoenix robe and disappeared from sight, deciding to follow this youth.

The palace was large and protected by capable masters and formations.

Nonetheless, Ning Jianlin was powerful and darted quickly through the hallways.

‘Rather powerful. Feiyun followed him into a courtyard with decorative mountains made from expensive spirit stones.

Expensive liquid gushed like springs.

Beautiful maids could be seen everywhere along the paved road.

Feiyun followed the spring and stood inside a thicket, watching a beautiful scene in a pond nearby.

“Splash.” A fair-skin woman bathed in the spring; her back was obscured by her long, black hair.

She closed her eyes in enjoyment; her ample breasts were hidden under the water.

This scene made blood run faster because it resembled a fairy bathing.

Two young girls stood nearby and carried her dress, completely fixated on the bathing woman.

The latters charm was irresistible even for the fairer sex.

“Miss Ling, the second prince is visiting Snow Consorts place.” A maid wearing a light-blue ribbon wrapping around her shoulder came near the pond and lowered her head.

She had nothing but respect, aware that this lady was not only beautiful but intelligent.

Snow Consort and the lord of Sacred Court often listened to her advice.

She was not someone to be trifled with.

Miss Ling lay quietly in the pond and absorbed energy from the pond.

The water was the manifestation of faith energy taken from the temples of the Supreme Goddess.

She turned them into her own power and became increasingly holy.

Each strand of hair issued a bright glow.

The maid thought that she didnt hear her and repeated: “Miss Ling, the prince is visiting Snow Consort again.

His Highness ordered me to come here to ask for a plan.”

Miss Ling finally absorbed all of the power; her white cheeks became slightly blushed.

She slowly opened her eyes and said: “The second prince of Azure is a wily one.

Hell be a capable successor.”

Meanwhile, Feiyun stared at the figure putting on a white dress.

He was tempted to make a move several times but decided against it.

“Long Jiangling, so this is where you were hiding. He thought.

Her cultivation soared to the seventh level of Nirvana.

Most importantly, the power of faith within her had reached an unknown level.

She cultivated both “man and god”, possessing both a mortal body and a divine source of a fiend.

He wasnt confident in subduing her with a single move.

If he were to fail, other experts from the palace would come running.

Moreover, he knew that she was a capable wisdom master with incredible awareness.

Thus, he kept a safe distance.

She put on a white veil and summoned a zither before flying towards Consort Snows palace.

Normally, only the lord of Sacred Court and Snow Consort could enter her palace.

However, Ning Jialin was sitting in front of a jade table and sipping a wine cup.

The noble consort stood nearby and attended respectfully.

He put down the cup with one hand and grabbed her slender waist with the other: “These palaces shall have a new master tomorrow.”

The consort trembled slightly, shocked.

She knew that Azure Territory Lord wanted to take over but not this soon.

“Sit.” Ning Jialin was handsome and scholarly yet possessed a commanding voice.

She didnt dare to disobey and sat down on his lap, feeling humiliated.

A drop of tear streamed from one eye.

He touched her face and sniffed her hair before smiling: “Its a waste for a beauty like you to be with that useless brat.

You will follow me later.”

“No!” Her attitude became tougher as she tried to get out of his embrace: “I am the lords consort, I will only serve him in this life…”

“Bam!” He slapped and sent her to the ground: “Bitch, youve served me already, dont say such a ridiculous line.”

“Because, because you raped me last time… you animal…” She held her swollen cheek and sobbed.

Everyone thought that it was the eighth prince who raped Snow Consort.

In reality, he shouldered the infamy and didnt dare to reveal the truth.

This was because his second brother was the most crafty and cruelest among the princes.

Those who knew him feared him.

“Seems like you want to be loyal.

Fine, Ill take you to the treasury camp right now so that you can serve all the soldiers, Im sure theyll enjoy it.

Youre nothing more than a dirty bitch, stop acting pure.” He snorted.

“Please, dont do it, I, I will never disobey again, I shall be your slave…” She grabbed her leg and begged.

“You should have realized this long ago, slave.” He rubbed her cheek with a cruel smirk.

In his eyes, this consort was nothing more than a toy.

He could do whatever he wanted to her.

“Second Prince, dont you think youre at the wrong place This is an inner chamber of the Sacred Court.” A beautiful voice came from outside.

Snow Consort was ecstatic to hear this voice.

Ning Jialin tidied his robe and looked out with a smile: “Do you still think that this is the holy ground from thirty thousand years ago There have been plenty of intruders here recently, there is even a popular saying – brothels are paradises but the inner chambers are heaven on earth.

All men want to take a look, which is why Im here.”

“Im afraid youll be disappointed.” Supreme entered the chamber, accompanied by a sweet fragrance.

Ning Jialin became serious.

He had seen plenty of pure beauties before but they had nothing on this woman.

She resembled a fairy from the firmament.

“Who are you” Men were weak against beauties but he didnt get lost in it.

He felt a dangerous aura coming from this woman.

Her eyes were sharp as well, not someone easily bullied like Snow Consort.

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