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Chapter 926: Yu Huang: ScramTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“At that time, demon beasts were the most powerful existence on the Holy Spirit Continent.

As the master of all demons, I became Goldfeather Nanas greatest threat.

In order to stabilize her identity as the number one powerhouse, Goldfeather Nana approached me and tricked me into trusting her.

Then, she secretly poisoned me.

When my power dissipated, she led all the disciples to exterminate my demon beast race…”

Xiao Shu shook his head and chuckled as he said mockingly, “Poor me.

At that time, I thought about how she was from the Holy Spirit Palace like me, and was forced to stay in a foreign land all alone.

Seeing that she was alone, I felt pity for her.

Who knew…”

Falling in love with Goldfeather Nana was the greatest humiliation in Xiao Shus life.

“Actually, at that time, Prime Master Goldfeather and I didnt know what had happened in the Holy Spirit Palace, and I had been killed by Prime Master Goldfeather ten thousand years ago.

However, from what had happened in the Holy Spirit Continent in the past few hundred years, Holy Spirit Goldfeather probably died, and like the Kunlun Divine Master, he sneaked into his mystic realm after his death.”

“From his various actions over the years, I think he wants to be revived.”

“Thats right.” Sheng Xiao agreed with Xiao Shu and said, “He does want to revive.

I met him for the first time when I participated in the Central Pagoda challenge.

At that time, I realized that he had been secretly killing talented Divine Master seed candidates.”

Sheng Xiao looked at Xiao Shu in confusion.

“I can understand that Holy Spirit Goldfeather wants to revive, but I dont understand why he wants to kill all the Divine Master seeds.”

“Havent you guessed the reason” Xiao Shu told them, “Because the Holy Spirit Continent was created by Holy Spirit Goldfeather himself, as the creator, he is the heavens that rules this world.

However, according to the rules of the three thousand worlds, once any small world produces a Divine Master from among themselves, this small world will escape the control of the original Creator and advance to a level-two intermediate world or a Great World!”

“Once the Holy Spirit Continent has its own Divine Master, it will lose contact with the Holy Spirit Continent and Holy Spirit Goldfeather wont be able to revive!”

“Therefore, any Beast Tamer who has comprehended the power of a Divine Master is an eyesore to Holy Spirit Goldfeather.”

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“He definitely wont allow Beast Tamers with the potential to become Divine Masters to successfully pass through the Central Pagoda to the Great World.” At this point, Xiao Shu looked at Yu Huang silently and said, “I heard that before Prime Master Yin Mingjue entered the Great World, although he had terrifying cultivation talent, he had never comprehended the power of a Divine Master.

I think he must have encountered a golden opportunity after entering the Great World and comprehended the power of a Divine Master.”

“Therefore, after Prime Master Yin Mingjue returned to the Holy Spirit Continent, Holy Spirit Goldfeather sensed his strength and wanted to get rid of him.”

It was unknown what Yu Huang thought of when she heard this, but her beautiful face suddenly turned pale.

“So…” Yu Huang clenched her fists and said with heartache,” So, the change in the Central Pagoda 24 years ago was a trap set by Holy Spirit Goldfeather for my father! And those 200 genius Beast Tamers were just bait used by Holy Spirit Goldfeather to lure my father into the trap! They all died because of my father ”

If this was the truth behind the change in the Central Pagoda back then, then if her father knew in the netherworld, he probably wouldnt be able to rest in peace.

The harsh truth was that those 200 genius Beast Tamers were Yin Mingjues burial items.

Seeing that Yu Huang was very sad, Xiao Shu smiled again and said, “Although they died because of your father, your father died to save them! Moreover, your father sacrificed himself, his beast heart, and soul to seal the Time Gate in order to save the world.”

“Yu Huang, you dont have to feel guilty about this.”

“The one in the wrong is Holy Spirit Goldfeather.”

Although this was the reason, Yu Huang still felt guilty about all the challengers who had died because of her father.

Sheng Xiao stared at Xiao Shu for a long time before asking curiously, “Why did you suddenly decide to tell us this”

Beatrice and the others also looked at Xiao Shu in confusion.

Thats right.

Xiao Shu had hidden these things for so many years.

Why did he suddenly decide to tell them

“The disappearance of the Jade Illusion Continent and that persons restlessness made me understand that the Holy Spirit Continent is running out of time.” Xiao Shu looked at them with a serious expression as he said, “I have a feeling that I will be implicated by him.

Im afraid that if I dont tell the truth, I wont have another chance.”

“Xiao Shu!” Yin Rong suddenly grabbed Xiao Shus arm and looked up at him.

“He wont let you off”

Xiao Shu looked at Yin Rong in silence.

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Yin Rong understood what Xiao Shu meant.

Yin Rong suddenly said, “Ill accompany you.”

These words were enough to move Xiao Shu.

Since he was able to meet Yin Rong, Xiao Shu had no regrets in his life.

Xiao Shu reached out and caressed Yin Rongs face as he said, “Ronger, thank you.” Xiao Shu had already landed behind Yin Rongs neck.

Yin Rong smiled gently and firmly as she said, “Youre my fiancé, my future husband.

Ill be wherever you are.”

Perhaps it was because he was touched or perhaps it was because he couldnt bear to part with her, but Xiao Shus eyes were filled with tears.

He lowered his head and kissed Yin Rongs forehead as he said softly, “Ronger, I love you.” With that said, he suddenly clenched his right hand.

Yin Rongs mind suddenly went blank, and she instantly fell into Xiao Shus arms weakly.

Xiao Shu hugged the unconscious Yin Rong and stared at her reluctantly for a while before handing Yin Rong to Yu Huang.

“Yu Huang, help me take good care of her.”

Yu Huang hugged Yin Rong and asked Xiao Shu, “What are you going to do”

Xiao Shu said, “Return to the abyss and prepare to fight to the death.”

With that said, Xiao Shu stared at Yin Rong, who was in Yu Huangs arms.

When he saw that Yin Rong was still frowning even though she was unconscious, Xiao Shus heart ached.

Xiao Shu said to Yu Huang, “If I can survive, I will bring the betrothal gift to the Yin Clan.

At that time, you have to wed her to me in a grand manner.

If I die…”

Xiao Shu closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he said in a choked voice, “In the future, if she wants to start a family, please help me find a reliable partner for her.

If she doesnt want to start a family, please take care of her.”

Yu Huang hated hearing these sorts of words the most.

She snorted and scolded, “Get lost! Since youre so magnanimous, why dont you help her find a good man in advance”

Xiao Shu gritted his teeth in anger when he thought of Yin Rong being with another man and getting intimate with him.

“Then tell her that Ill come back and marry her.”

With that, Xiao Shu turned around and left.

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