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If only Wang Wen knew what they were thinking.

He would tell them it was not just any ordinary 600th floor.

It was rare for the Tiansheng Groups big boss to burn his wealth to get to the 600th floor.

He did now know how many Level 7 or even Level 8 skills the other party had.

Even if a regular climber made it to the 600th floor, they would not be able to withstand a single move from him.

At that level, he was no longer an average climber.

Such a powerful explosion could not kill him, so defeating him when he reached the 700th floor would be even more difficult.

Combined with the feedback from the Boai Groups team…

There were at least six types of transcendent skills about which one could speculate at the time.

The first was that he had reflected all the damage he had received while surrounded, allowing him to escape the tight encirclement.

The second, third, and fourth abilities were all physique-enhancing abilities that improved his speed and defense.

He acted like a crazed lion, slaughtering everyone in his path.

He even took the time to assemble the Tiansheng Groups armed forces in preparation for a counterattack.

Wang Wen was familiar with the fifth transformation, a werewolf transformation.

The sixth was the transcendent skill that increased the size of his body, displaying the werewolf transformation and the physiques high strength.

It was clear that Qin Dongbei valued his life.

His ability appeared to be the capacity to protect himself from being attacked.

Qin Dongbei had never thought of escaping.

He had gathered armed forces to kill everyone who had besieged him!

However, he later received a phone call and abruptly changed his mind about breaking free from the encirclement.

The Boai Group team members were powerless to stop him.

So, in the beginning, Wang Wen and the three Tiansheng Group old monsters had not heard anything from the battlefield.

Chen Hansheng only received a call for help from his subordinate after they were done.

After that, he received another call for help, showing how quickly the situation had changed.

Qin Dongbeis speed in breaking free from the encirclement could even be described as unstoppable.

Wang Wen and his team would most likely have missed him if they had arrived two minutes late.

At that point, Qin Dongbei had yet to use his last transcendent skill, which involved gigantification.

He probably would not have been able to force out that skill if it had not been for Zhu Xingguos Mosquitoes Must Die and Ren Ruoruos Great Sage.

Qin Dongbei had most likely never imagined that someone in that world could force him to play all of his cards.

After all, the majority of his skills had a 24-hour cooldown.

The more valuable an ability, the more hesitant he was to use it.

Ren Ruoruos 700th-floor supreme treasure, the Battle Angel, was invincible, but it was useless once it was on cooldown.

She still had to rely on her 300th-floor supreme treasure to support the battle.

As a result, a dignified 700th-floor tower climber was kicked like a shrimp.

One could only say that it was a pity that Qin Dongbei did not break out of the encirclement as soon as possible.

He could have used that big move to escape earlier.

He would have had the chance to enter the World Tower to repair it.

But then again…

Who would want to flee with such a powerful skill

When a sleeping tiger was startled awake by a rat, why would it flee instead of gobbling up and swallowing the rat

Just like then…

Despite being severely injured by the high-intensity explosion, no one could stop him.

That was the monster the Tiansheng Groups boss created after spending all his fortune.

It was a super werewolf with an unknown number of points.

It was as he had said.

They would have to wait for him to recover in the tower.

The werewolf, when returned to its peak, could crush the Boai Group into dust.

That kind of defensive counterattack left the First Consortium speechless.

They did not need to send their elite team to interfere, right

Qin Dongbeis eyes were bloodshot as he fantasized about the beautiful future.

If it were not for the fact that Lu Cis team, the worlds number one team on the 659th floor, was too famous and Qin Dongbei, who had just reached the 600th floor, was worried that he would not be able to beat them, Qin Dongbei might have already started a war.

He kicked the Great Sage and smashed the stone giant that had just regrouped and pounced on him.

Shaking his empty head, he tried to overcome the aftereffects of his mental power being drained.

He stabilized his body and opened his eyes to look for the portal.

He heard a sound.

He clutched his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He knew his heart had been crushed, but he had used a life-saving transcendent skill.

Unless his body were shattered, he would not suffer any fatal injuries.

The werewolf stepped into the portal without care.

It realized that Wang Wen had unknowingly landed on its knees.

All the little monkeys on his body were moving closer to him.

The werewolf did not attack.

Instead, a red light flashed across its body.

The next second…

The portals white light encircled Qin Dongbeis body.

An explosion no weaker than the first occurred on his leg.

The power was more concentrated, and the position was more precise.

The werewolfs colossal body fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust and disappearing in a white light.

All that was left was a broken leg, which gradually turned into specks of light and dissipated.

At the same time…

Wang Wen, who had just used the Apocalypse to blow up Qin Dongbeis leg with the help of Ren Ruoruos little monkeys, also had his right leg burst into a cloud of blood mist and fall to the ground in front of the portal.

His face instantly turned pale.

His body tilted to the right, and he sat on the spiritual power chair in the air.

At the World Tower square…

A huge black shadow wrapped in white light appeared at the portal, scaring the nearby tower climbers who had not left.

They had seen many bloody scenes.

But they had never seen a similar one in the square before.

That was because the area between the teleportation gate and the World Towers entrance was a well-known no-combat zone.

If anyone attacked a tower climber there, they would face a lifetime ban from the tower, depending on the severity of the crime.

Therefore, as long as they entered the portal, they would be in the no-fight zone.

That location was even more secure than the tower.

If there were enemies, one could stay in the no-fight zone and not leave; unless the other party was willing to risk a lifetime ban to kill them.

Otherwise, there was no way to do it.

The black shadow in the no-fight zone lowered his head and looked at his leg that had been blown off.

With a sinister smile, he reached out his finger and touched the World Tower entrance.

The scanning light from the drone wrapped around his body, and then the black shadow vanished.

Qin Dongbei had entered the tower safely.

Outside a teleportation gate…

Everyone approached with caution.

Chen Hansheng picked up the phone, and the staff stationed at the square informed him, “The target has entered the tower.”

Everyones expressions finally revealed a helpless look.

They had gone all out for a memorable night.

Finally, they did not even harm their target.

When Qin Dongbei left the tower, one could only imagine the hell-level challenge that awaited the Boai Group.

Chen Hansheng turned around and instructed his men.

“Inform all the employees to hide for as long as they can.

Everyones salary will be paid as usual, but dont come to the company.”

“Boss, what are you going to do” A woman in cotton pajamas was worried.

Chen Hansheng looked at the dilapidated portal entrance and laughed.

“In a war, one side will always lose.

Since Ive started it, I have to accept the result.”

The woman in the cotton pajamas looked at the people who were busy fixing and bandaging their legs and advised Chen Hansheng.

“Boss, you might as well hide in the tower!”

“I can hide, but how can I hide Boai Group” Chen Hansheng shook his head.

“Go and inform the others.

Dont let the other employees die in vain.”

Next to him, Mi Lailai was wiping the corners of her eyes.

She hugged Chen Hansheng like an old friend.

Chen Hansheng was so frightened that he checked if she was still thinking straight.

Mi Lailai laughed in anger.

She turned around and walked to Wang Wens side.

Wang Wens expression looked very familiar.

He sat quietly in the air, allowing the people around him to bandage his wounds.

The wound seemed severe.

Everything below his right knee was gone.

The hands of the people around him were trembling, and Cheng Qiaoyis eyes were red.

Only Wang Wen seemed unconscious, frowning and thinking as he looked at his broken leg.

Ren Ruoruo returned to her normal size after the Great Sages effect ended.

With Zhu Xingguos help, she barely managed to sit beside Wang Wen.

She kept drinking the Elixir of Life but still coughing up blood.

There were too many people helping Zhu Xingguos master.

As an apprentice, he could not even squeeze in to do anything.

Zhu Xingguo felt helpless.

“It was a Level 7 transcendent skill,” Wang Wen looked at his broken leg and spoke softly.

Mo Ran raised his head and asked, “What”

His question obviously would not get an answer.

Xiao Liu quietly pulled Cheng Qiaoyi away from Wang Wen and said, “Xiao Yi, youve seen that theres no way to defeat the Tiansheng Group.

Dont get involved, or youll drag your fathers company down.”

Cheng Qiaoyi realized that he did not leave, even though it had been dangerous.

Instead, he was still worried about her fathers company.

She knew that loyalty was hard to come by, so she could not reject him too harshly.

“I know what Im doing.

You should go back.

Its dangerous here.”

Xiao Liu shook his head, but he stopped trying to persuade her.

However, he did not leave and stayed by her side quietly.

Mi Lailai checked on Wang Wen and Ren Ruoruos injuries.

Then she noticed the despair on the faces of those around her.

She sighed deeply and said, “Its over.

Everyone can go now.

Those who can enter the tower should enter the tower.

Those who can hide, hide.

Dont let your emotions affect your decisions.”

“Over” Wang Wen snapped back to his senses and looked around.

“What is over”

He helped Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo to their feet and said, “Climbers should either enter the tower or the no-fight zone.

The rest of you should try to keep an eye on Qin Dongbeis movements when he leaves the tower, but dont provoke him.

The three of us will return soon after we enter the tower!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the three entered the portal and vanished in a flash of white light.

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