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lu yinxis eyes reddened.

since her aunt was santa claus, why did she say such nasty things when she borrowed money from her previously

what was his aunt thinking

what were her feelings for him

lu yinxi had a few questions in her head, and she urgently needed answers.

lu yinxi ran out of the room with the delivery form and the piece of paper.

lu ziai wasnt in the living room.

lu yinxi heard the sound of water in the bathroom.

she strode to the bathroom door and stood there waiting for lu ziai to finish his shower.

after a moment, the sound of water stopped.

after a few seconds, the bathroom door was pulled open from the inside.

lu ziai walked out with a towel wrapped around his wet hair.

seeing lu yinxi standing outside the door, lu ziai was stunned.

” what are you doing here ” lu ziai asked lu yinxi.

its so late and youre still not sleeping” as lu ziai spoke, he bent over to look for a hairdryer in the cabinet.

lu yinxi stood behind her and didnt question lu ziai.

when lu ziai found the hairdryer and plugged it into the socket, she was about to blow dry her hair when lu yinxi handed her the courier slip and the piece of paper.

“aunt, is this yours”

lu yinxis voice sounded calm.

“what is it” lu ziai took the delivery note and glanced at it.

she finally understood what lu yinxi meant.

lu ziai fell silent.

seeing that she didnt explain, lu yinxi was certain that lu ziai was santa claus.

lu yinxi said, ” auntie, youre thatsanta claus.

for so many years, youve been the one who secretly gives me gifts on my birthday, right ” her voice was no longer calm, and it sounded like she was sobbing.

lu ziai laughed sarcastically.

” its me.

” she put down the hairdryer and turned around.

she looked down at lu yinxi and asked, ” so what if its me ” what do you want to ask”

“why” lu yinxi bit her red lips stubbornly.

she remembered that her aunt had refused to lend her money some time ago.

lu yinxi was really confused.

she had to ask lu ziai, ” aunt, you clearly … ” she bit her lip again.

this time, her lips seemed to be bleeding.

“what is it” lu ziai was still looking at her.

lu yinxi said, ” you clearly care about me, but you still gave me a gift behind my back.

when i first moved into your house, you even helped me ask my second aunt for my savings.

aunty, youre clearly very good.

then last time …”

“why didnt i lend you some money last time” lu ziai asked lu yinxi the question that she found hard to say.

lu yinxi pursed her lips and was about to cry.

“you want to hear the truth” lu ziai sneered.

when she smiled like that, she didnt seem happy.

lu ziai said, ” i hate your grandma.

i hate you too.

she raised you.

” but i also like you.” lu ziai touched lu yinxis eyes.

” i really like your eyes, ” she said.

her hand fell on the corner of lu yinxis eye.

she was clearly staring at lu yinxi, but it was as if she was looking at someone else through her.

lu yinxi didnt say anything.

lu ziai continued, ” i like you, but i hate you.

to be honest, im already being kind by bringing you home and giving you a place to stay.

if you dont have money, why are you borrowing it from me”

“do you know how i managed to survive when i ran away from home and was penniless” lu ziai said, ” i can only live in underground boxing! ”

” sometimes, in order to match those peoples bad taste, i have to listen to my bosswords even though i can beat the opponent, and pretend to be weak and innocent to be beaten … ”

“lu yinxi,” lu ziai took a deep breath and smiled miserably.

” life isnt that smooth-sailing.

when i was living a hard life, no one helped me.

why do you have to ask for my hand when youre living a hard life”

lu ziais eyes were also red.

“if i can help you, then who will help me when i need help” is this fair

this was not fair.

therefore, when lu yinxi asked lu ziai to borrow money, lu ziai had subconsciously rejected her, but he had not forgotten to mock her.

however, when the anger in her heart disappeared, she still took out a sum of money and lent it to lu yinxi.

lu yinxi was stunned by lu ziais words.

she did not know that lu ziai had experienced such a dark period.

she finally understood why her aunt gave her such a contradictory feeling.

she liked her, but she also hated her.

therefore, when it came to lu yinxi, her aunts attitude was always gentle and harsh.

” im sorry, ” lu yinxi apologized to lu ziai in a low voice.

im sorry that our family wasnt by your side when you were at your wits end.

lu ziai waved at her.

” dont say sorry to me.

dont appear in front of me so often.

just stop being an eyesore.

” he hated her again.

lu yinxi left obediently this time because she didnt want her aunt to see her sad.

back in her room, lu yinxi was lying on the table.

her heart was full of questions.

why did my aunt run away from home back then

lu yinxi wanted to know more about her aunts past.

who should she ask

after some thought, lu yinxi decided to take leave from the store she was working at this week.

she had to meet her second aunt.

perhaps she knew about her aunts past.

after making up her mind, lu yinxi felt more confident.

the day before the holiday, fang zicheng invited lu yinxi to go to the school bar to do her homework the next night.

lu yinxi had refused.

although fang zicheng did not say anything, he looked a little uncomfortable.

afraid that he would overthink things again, lu yinxi told fang zicheng that she was going to second aunts house.

“what time are you going tomorrow”

” in the afternoon.

i still have to work in the morning, so ill take the subway to see her in the afternoon.

it just so happens that second aunt hasnt gone out of town yet.

” in order to pay off her debts, yan juan left her daughter and worked alone in another city.

after the new year, yan juans mothers birthday was on the 20th day of the first lunar month.

yan juan planned to celebrate her mothers birthday before going to another city.

lu yinxi took this opportunity to find her.

” ill accompany you, ” fang zicheng said.

” no need … ” before lu yinxi could finish her sentence, she saw the displeasure in fang zichengs eyes and changed her words.

” thats great.

ill treat you to some wonton at the entrance of our middle school.

theres a wonton restaurant there thats really fresh.

“alright,” he said.

the next day, fang zicheng stayed at home for half the morning.

fang zikai had to play basketball with his friends in the morning and practice the violin in the evening.

in the afternoon, he had an appointment with gu yiqiu to see the peach blossoms.

the peach flowers in binjiang city had bloomed recently, and it was a good season to enjoy the flowers.

fang zicheng knew about his brothers plan and wanted to take lu yinxi with him.

however, he remembered that lu yinxi had important things to do, so he could only postpone the plan.


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