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Chapter 2345: Unyielding

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It didnt matter if there was an apology or not or not.

The little fox that he was worried about was coming back soon.


The soldiers loud voice came from outside the door.

Xia Jinyuan turned off the television and opened the door with his long legs.

His little fox had arrived at the border defense companys heliport!

There was no need for the soldier to lead the way.

Xia Jinyuan strode toward the airport of the border defense company.

He would represent the military to welcome the brave special forces soldiers back safely.


After the helicopter stopped, Qin Xiu was the first to get down.

Ye Jian was the next to get down, followed by the male soldiers.

The people who welcomed them back were soldiers who had always supported them.

The deputy commander of Yun Province Military District stood in front of rows of pine-like figures.

When all the heroes came down, he shouted in a deep voice, “Salute!”


In the heavy rain, hundreds of soldiers in combat uniforms raised their hands and saluted at the same time.

Fast, fierce, and standard salutes.

The mighty aura brought with it the fierce and unyielding power of a soldier.

Ye Jian, J5, G3, and more than ten special forces soldiers faced the grand welcome.

At ease, at attention, salute… They used their return to tell the country that they had completed their mission!

The entire scene was grand and passionate.

It made peoples eyes turn red.

Xia Jinyuan stood not far away and looked at the woman he loved.

He looked at his lover who fought beside him.

He looked at her towering figure under the sunlight.

He finally smiled.

That was his pride, the pride that he would protect with his entire life!

His woman had grown up.

She was no longer a delicate young lady.

She was no longer the young lady who trembled with fear while holding a gun when she cleared her targets for the first time.

His woman had become an indomitable and fearless soldier.

She used her gun to protect the dignity of the country and used bullets to tell those people why China dared to be so domineering!

He had accompanied her through all kinds of storms and witnessed her transformation again and again.

Finally, she broke out of her cocoon and became the most dazzling star!

Ye Jian, who was shaking hands with the deputy commander-in-chief, seemed to have sensed something.

Her gaze passed through the rows of soldiers and landed in the distance.

She saw the figure most familiar to her.

It was slender and tall, as proud as a mountain!

The two of them looked at each other.

They looked past the soldiers and locked gazes in the end.

In the crowd, among the mountains and rivers, no matter where they were, their gazes would always find each other.

It was because they would never give up on each other!

Ye Jian, who had fine scars on her face, smiled.

Her lips curved up as her eyes overflowed with the sweetest, most beautiful, and gentlest smile.

Every time she came back, she would see him waiting for her.

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