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Chapter 2255: Clear Eyes

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There were not many people in the audience.

This was a promotion that was not open to the public.

When Xia Jinyuan walked to Ye Jians side, the rank on his epaulet was still that of a major.

To the public, he would always be a major.

Ye Jians eyes softened as she looked at the man walking toward her.

Li Jinnian, who was walking beside Xia Jinyuan, stopped in time and said to him, “I still have something to do.

Stay with my cousin first.”

Xia Jinyuan smiled.

His cousin-in-law was still somewhat tactful.

“Youre returning to the team this afternoon, right Ill bring her over to look for you later.

My father still has something to discuss with the three of us.

See you later.”

Regarding Ye Jians return to the Fu family, Commander Xia needed to talk to the three of them in detail.


“Okay.” Li Jinnian nodded.

The navy commander had invited him over.

Without another word, he turned around and left.

Todays Demon King was the normal Demon King.

His expression was solemn, and his words were concise.

No one was allowed to approach him at will.

Ye Jian saw him walking toward the navy commander.

She knew that he had something to do, so she stood there and waited for Xia Jinyuan to walk over.

The man in the military uniform walked over elegantly.

With every step, Ye Jian felt her heart beat faster.

Today, he was wearing the standard winter military uniform for major celebrations and important foreign affairs activities.

It was a suit with a white shirt inside and a navy blue tie.

On the outside, he was wearing a well-ironed military uniform that showed the militarys might.

As he walked, he looked even more elegant compared to when he wore the usual military uniform.

This was the first time Ye Jian saw him in a military uniform.

He was so handsome that she couldnt take her eyes off him.

It was no wonder Li Jinnian was stunned.

How could an elder cousin disturb his cousins happiness

Xia Jinyuan had always been generous with his charm, especially in front of Ye Jian.

Even his hair was charming.

When he saw Ye Jian, he never looked away from her.

Even his footsteps were much lighter.

“Youre so fascinated by me”

He walked closer and stood straight in front of her.

There was a soft smile on his handsome face under his military hat.

Indeed, even his hair was charming.

“You have to be more reserved, Little Fox.

Youre almost drooling.

Your cousin wanted to come over and look for you, but he was too embarrassed to come over when he saw you staring at me like this.”

The young lieutenant colonel who approached her was even more charming.

His every move revealed the military might of a soldier.

Ye Jian, who was in a daze, couldnt help but feel her face heat up.

She didnt avoid admitting it.

“Im indeed mesmerized by you.

Youre very handsome! Youre handsome enough to fascinate me.”

Xia Jinyuan laughed.

The little fox was so bold now.

“Im even trying to show you masculinity with my hairstyle now.

If this doesnt fascinate you, Ill be very sad.”

This was not a good place to chat.

He said softly, “Ill be more shameless in the future.

You cant be scared away, then.”

Ye Jian suddenly understood.

She blushed and glared at theshameless young lieutenant colonel.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

“Im not talking nonsense.

Why are you so red in the face” Lieutenant Colonel Xia, who was clearly implying something but pretending to be innocent, laughed softly.

“Youve become bad.

Come, lets talk outside.”

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