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Rebirth of I am surprisingly the heroine 3. Awkward scenes

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Now the situation is just awkward. I don know why so many people are coming to this house for breakfast. There were candles and bouquets of flowers on the large white table, and everyone had a different food in front of them, Western, Chinese, etc.

I have a good steak in front of me, although I do not know how rare, but I am sure it must not be cooked, there is blood bubbling out, directly let me go to the prairie to grab the cow gnawing not better?

I couldn eat it, I used a fork to fork a broccoli into my mouth, vomit - no taste.

The name of the man who put his clothes on my body is, Lin Zhi Ran, a surgeon. I asked him what his name was, of course, and his expression was well controlled, not surprised, but with a sense of "shes making fun and hes laughing".

So strange.

I sat across from Kim Sung-woo and the girl, her name is Zhou Xiao Xiao, cute and sweet looking, eating the way is also very elegant and charming, a time I actually look fascinated.

I don even want to care about this guy, I can only say, your circle is really messy.

"Sister, is my face stained with something?" Zhou Xiaoxiao said to me with a soft smile.

"Stained pretty." I unabashedly said what was in my heart, including Zhou Xiaoxiao, Kim Sung-woo and Lin Zhiran looked up at me at the same time, their expressions were astonished.

"Xiaoxiao, you

e really beautiful, how do you maintain it? Can you tell me, what do you usually use?" I didn pay any attention to their expressions and continued to talk to Gu Xiaoxiao.

"... Uh, I don have so many maintenance products like my sister, I was born with this."

Hiss! What a painful blow! Since its natural!

I covered my chest with a heartbreaking face and closed my eyes fiercely, "Its good to be young."

The people around me and the servants standing next door didn dare to get out of the air, and I lowered my head to eat my own bloody steak when I saw that Zhou Xiaoxiao didn want to say anything more.

Shit, can I not eat. No appetite at all.

"XiaoQi, steak not to your liking?" Lin Zhirans eyes were so divine and bright that I was embarrassed to meet his gaze and simply avoided his sight.

"Well ... is a little."

Kim Sung-woo thought for a moment at this point and called someone over to give me a different skinny pork porridge, while Zhou Xiaoxiao blackened her face next to me.


How did he know that my favorite food is skinny egg and lean pork congee? It was probably a coincidence.

But why don they talk when they

e eating? Don they talk when they eat? Im a chatterbox who really wants to chatter about anything.

After breakfast, Kim Sung-woo pulled me into the room in front of everyone. Lin Zhiran tried to stop it, but I persuaded him to go back." Its okay, its not a big problem. "

Back in the same room as in the morning, I sat on the bed with my legs crossed and said lazily, "What do you want to say? "

"You are not Gu Xiaoqi, who are you? "

The words sent chills down my back, "I... What are you talking about, if Im not Gu Xiaoqi then who am I?" More or less vain, the more I said, the more I whispered.

Is it possible to be discovered? But I am indeed Gu Xiaoqi, my face is my face, my body is my body, only a little younger.

"Heh, woman. Now lets talk about the divorce agreement." Kim Sung-woo clasped his hands to his chest, with a look of victory." Five million dollars and leave my house. "

"What ???? What did you say, I didn hear you, say it again?!!! "

Five million?!!! The person who can casually take out five million is so awesome!

"What? You think its too little? "

"No, no, no, no, no, not too much. Thank you brother, thank you for the money, please when can I get it." I admit, I do see money, five million wow, aren you excited?! Aren you excited?! No need to worry about it in the next life, no need to worry about breaking hands and legs.

"You!" Kim Sung-woo pointed his finger at my nose, "Gu Xiaoqi! Don challenge my bottom line!" He looked angry, but I had no idea what he was angry about, I obviously didn do anything, right? Didn I?

This man is simply illogical. He was the one who said he wanted to pay me, and then he didn , and he was angry and angry at me, what the hell is this?

I rolled my eyes and waved my hand, "If you don want to give, don give, what are you angry about for no reason, did someone tell you that its easy to get old when you

e angry?"

Kim Sung-woo had a black face, but the next second he was smiling, "Woman, youve managed to get my attention. No matter who you are, I accept your challenge."


Do you want to listen and see what you

e talking about yourself? What challenge? When did I ever say anything about challenging you, what the hell are you doing? Are you delusional? What are you hallucinating? Im really speechless. Shit. Is there something wrong with this guys brain?

"No, are you insane? What are you talking about?" I sighed, a good handsome guy has a problem with his brain. It is also true that God gives you open a door at the same time of course will close a window, after all, people can not be perfect, right?

The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

I followed his footsteps and just walked out, Lin Zhiran came up and asked anxiously, "Xiao Qi, are you okay?"

"Yes." The one whos in trouble is that Kim Sung-woo, right? Hahaha.


"Really really, don you worry."

Walk together to the living room downstairs, four people two two sitting together facing each other, and do not speak, really awkward.

Suddenly, Lin Zhiran stood up and looked at me seriously, and I asked suspiciously, "Whats wrong?"

Who knows he suddenly pulled out a small box from his pocket, will open the small box inside the diamond ring as big as a pigeons egg, the light emitted blinding my eyes.


"Xiaoqi, marry me." He knelt down on one knee and said solemnly, word for word.

Across the table, Kim Sung-woo was the first to speak, "Lin Zhiran, don go too far, this is my wife."

"Brother Sung-woo!" Zhou Xiaoxiao was anxious, she hurriedly grabbed Kim Sung-woos arm and shook it, pouting like a petulance.

"I ... Hey not, you get up first, okay, what is this suddenly?" I said to help Lin Zhiran up, although that diamond ring is really big and dazzling, must be worth a lot of money, but I am still a married woman, at least the surface looks like a married woman.

Lin Zhiran stood up, his eyes darkened.

"Xiao Qi, you understand my heart right?"

Do not understand ah ...

"Ill say it again, Gu Xiaoqi, she is my wife, Mrs. Kim." Kim Sung-woo shook off Zhou Xiaoxiaos hand and came towards me in diameter shielding me behind him. "Please behave yourself."

Lin Zhiran didn expect Kim Sung-woo to step in, and the two men stood together, both with sharp eyes. If eyes could kill, both of them must have lost both of them by now.

I was so touched that in my lifetime I would let two men "fight" for me.

Zhou Xiaoxiao was left out, so angry that she stomped her feet, she glared at me fiercely. Then she left the villa.

This... What the hell is going on here?

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