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Chapter 35.2 – Li Xian

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After pondering for a moment, Teacher Tang spoke a little about Su Qin’s situation, “This child had a peculiar encounter and she dropped out of school for a period of time.

Do you all still remember Li Chuan”

Teacher Yu pushed the frame of his glasses on his nose bridge, “Remember.

That little Genius.

An unprecedented 21-year-old post graduate.”

Teacher Tang continued, “She originally was Chengnan First Middle School’s year-one student, but she dropped out of school for half a year because of family reasons.

Later, Li Chuan tutored her for two months before she attended our school’s admittance exam.

She had no chance to take our school exam at first but the principal granted her for Li Chuan’s sake.

Originally, I didn’t expect much from this child, but her grades exceeded my expectations and her essay even surprised the entire language department.”

“About the matter of her coming to Class 1, several Academic Affairs Office teachers and I have analyzed too.

She used to study in Chengnan First Middle School and granted that she ranked first in the school, there was still a certain gap from our school.

Even if she repeats another year in the previous school, it is unlikely for her to get into our school.

But she actually got in after two months of Li Chuan’s tutoring.

What does this mean This shows that this child is promising and the previous school teachers were lacking, resulting in a waste of such a good seedling.”

Teacher Yu understood and sighed, “Then let her go to Class 7, it’s the same too.”

With a woebegone look and appearing to plead with Teacher Yu, “Teacher Yu, just give her a chance.

I want to see if this girl has potential to improve.

If her midterm and final grades are not good, it’s still not too late to let her go to Class 7.”

The teacher-in-charge of Class 7 listened to their conversation for a while, raised his head and teased, “If you guys don’t want this student, then I’ll take over.”

Seeing that Teacher Tang insisted on keeping Su Qin, the Math and Physics teachers didn’t say anything else but just let out a soft sigh.

Perhaps it’s already a leap and bound capability for a student from Chengnan First Middle School to be able to go to Class 7 and she probably can’t muddle away in Class 1.

This matter of studying doesn’t mean one can obtain good results with just hard work.

Some people, who put in tenfold more effort than others, may not be able to get good grades too.

While some can easily get first place, for instance the once Yunyang High School’s legendary – Li Chuan.

When the test results came out, Su Qin’s total score ranked bottom and was second last in the class.

Looking at the results ranking, Su Qin held her forehead and her old face flushed as she felt sorry for Li Chuan.

Su Qin has already drawn up a plan for herself.

She will study without delay when it’s time to study.

She will go back to deal with the job every Saturday and go tutoring on weekends.

Although it’s strenuous, there is no other way.

In her previous lifetime, Su Qin had already learned the curriculum once and attending classes was different from tutoring, so it was relatively much easier.

She would listen carefully to the subjects’ main points, treating it as revision of what she had learned in her previous lifetime.

Yunzhong teachers’ teaching methods are completely different from that of First Middle School.

She understood more in-depth listening to the certain main points taught by the Yunzhong teachers.

Yunzhong has its own teaching materials, workbooks, academic compilations, etc, all of which are crucial points compiled by the school teachers themselves.

During the evening self-study, Su Qin would also review lessons that the teacher has yet to teach, besides doing that day’s assigned homework

She would leave out questions that she couldn’t answer and after listening to what the teacher taught, she would read the questions carefully again without any problem then.

Su Qin studied this month’s curriculum effortlessly.

Worried that her mid-term exam would drag the class behind, Teacher Yu deliberately talked to her several times and asked if she understood and so forth.

In order to leave a good impression in front of the Math teacher, she would also take the initiative to ask the Math teacher questions, despite knowing those answers.

At the same time, Yun Fei did follow Su Qin’s instruction and helped his roommates get their meals every morning.

Su Qin would send fruit and snacks to Yun Fei every morning, not for his consumption rather to let him share with his roommates.

Yun Fei showed much disapproval over this and was a little jealous.

Half a month later, the roommates became much closer to Yun Fei.

They would call him along for meals and also ask him out whenever they went to buy stuff outside the school.

If anyone dared to call Yun Fei a ‘fool’, the whole dormitory would grab the stools and brooms then rush over with the tendency to fight.

Every Saturday, Su Qin would not go play with her classmates, but went straight home to hold meetings with her mother and Chen Meixin for Taobao store’s weekly summation.

Thanks to her mother, Wang Lin’s efforts, the Taobao sales have increased a lot.

All those two hundred pieces of rejected clothing that were exclusively altered were completely sold out.

Those sold in the Taobao store now are all those jointly selected by Su Qin and Chen Meixin.

Taobao’s sales are stable and the recent month’s gross revenue has actually reached 38,000 yuan.

Su Qin received more than 10,000 yuan and gave her mother, Wang Lin a 200 yuan incentive.

Su Qin would ride to Li Chuan’s company every Sunday for tutoring.

Since Su Qin had studied the high school curriculums in her previous lifetime, coupled with her earnest attention during classes, she basically grasped the main points pretty well.

She could almost answer all the questions given by Li Chuan, Panda and the others.

Every Sunday afternoon, Li Chuan would drive Su Qin across the city streets on his battery-assisted bike and send her back to school.

He would buy a lot of nutritional supplements and snacks then stuffed them to the young girl every Sunday.

Su Qin would eat half of these items and give half away.

The girls in her dormitory could not eat all of them, so she gave them to Yun Fei and let him share them with his roommates.

At the end of the month, there was a seven-day National Day holiday.

As soon as Su Qin got home and turned on her computer, she received an email from Li Xian.

Li Xian sent her all the completed design images of the logo, packaging and packaging bag.

The logo design was very creative.

Seven-colored triangles formed the word ‘Yunyi’.

Due to the angles of the graphics, it looked immaculate and simple.

And because the colors were bright and striking, it was memorable and very avant-garde.

For the packaging box and bag design, Li Xian scrapped the top brand’s ‘minimalist’ style.

The packaging box and bag were full of colorful triangles while white rectangles with the colorful Yunyi logo filled the center part of the triangles, followed by two rows of black font below.

“Come to Taobao’s Yunyi Clothing House to get trendy clothes.

Our matchings grasp the à la mode more.”

The amazing part about this design was the color mixtures, which were not messy.

Though there were many color elements, it didn’t arouse complexity.

Moreover, this kind of design was simply memorable.

The bright colors really attracted women’s attention and also seized the onlookers’ eyes.

On the other side of the computer, Li Xian asked her nervously, “Take a look, if this set is okay Otherwise, I’ll think of another design.”

“This is it!” Su Qin’s heart was full of excitement that she couldn’t control her emotion and typed out a sentence, “Li Xian! I love you so much!”

Li Xian was drinking water when he saw this and stared dumbfounded at the computer.

Su Qin, “Your works are too amazing! In the future, you will definitely become the number one graphic designer in China!”


Staring at the words on the screen, Li Xian’s nose felt sour.

He couldn’t hold back and two streaks of hot tears trickled down.

Su Qin was the first, the first person who believed in him so much.

Her encouragement filled him with strength.

“By the way, I want to use non-woven fabric for the packaging bag, do you think it is feasible Can this pattern be printed on non-woven fabric”

“Non-woven fabric” Li Xian was silent for a moment and said, “The effect is definitely not as good as the paper bag.

Due to the extremely bright color pattern, I’m afraid it will have an inferior vision if printed on non-woven fabric.

Why do you insist on using non-woven fabric”

“Because of its durability.

What I want is not only a clothing tote bag, I hope it can be durable and be used frequently in daily life.

Is there a way to solve the inferior vision problem after printing”

Li Xian on the other end of the computer was silent for a long time, “Not sure.

Are you free tomorrow I can accompany you to the factory for a look.

Perhaps their experts have a way to solve this problem.”


Then what time shall we meet tomorrow morning”

Li Xian said, “The factory is in the suburban district.

It’s very far.

Get up early and we will leave at six o’clock.

Where do you live I’ll come pick you up.”


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