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Sweat kept dripping down from Li Xue\'er\'s forehead as she couldn\'t stop the internal fighting within her head.

Huang Yueli didn\'t urge her as though she was waiting for Li Xue\'er\'s final answer.

Li Xue\'er\'s thoughts quickly flew past.

Suddenly she seemed to have thought of something as her eyes lit up and following that, a sinister smile sprouted from the corners of her lips.

Who says I\'m afraid and who said I\'m starting to regret Since I\'ve already agreed on the bet, then I will stand by my decision if I were to lose! I\'ll run around naked if I lose, what\'s so great about that! Moreover, are you sure you will definitely win This round of assessment hasn\'t started yet and you already declared that you will win, aren\'t you being too self-approbated

Li Xue\'er raised her chin arrogantly, displaying a look as though her character had been insulted, raising the volume of her voice!

Originally they two of them had been talking softly in one corner and now that Li Xue\'er argued noisily and loudly, quite a number of people nearby heard what they talked about.

What\'s going on Li Xue\'er and Bai Ruoli are quarrelling

What\'s so strange about that, aren\'t they always at loggerheads with each other Bai Ruoli even stole the limelight from Li Xue\'er so it would be a wonder if both of them could co-exist peacefully!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

But what can Li Xue\'er do about it Bai Ruoli\'s armament refining talent is simply terrifying! She will definitely become an Armament Grandmaster in future! No matter what, Li Xue\'er cannot be compared to her right

That\'s right, how on heavens could such an abnormal person like Bai Ruoli even exist Not only does she have outstanding talent in cultivation, she even knows how to refine armaments and even hold skills which even the Armament Guild do not know about! That\'s right, she also has Senior Brother Li, a heaven defying and handsome fiancé! Heavens, if I were Li Xue\'er, I might as well throw myself against the wall and die! Where would I even find the face to argue with her

Everyone were discussing one after another and the topic totally could not leave Huang Yueli at all.

Moreover, everyone were only envious rather than jealous.

Because jealousy would only occur when both parties\' potential was around the same range.

Now that Huang Yueli had totally crushed every student in all aspects, such a person who was set up on high ground already made everyone lost their courage to even feel jealous…..

But didn\'t they just mentioned something about a bet

Right, I heard that too! Did the two of them just made a bet Who knows what they bet on

The crowd started to ask around and very quickly, the contents of the bet during the registration had spread around the entire Profound Weapon Chamber.

Li Xue\'er must be mad! She actually said she will keep her side of the bet Junior Sister Bai will definitely be able to pass the Armament Master certification so isn\'t she going to run around naked

This time round, I really see Li Xue\'er in new light! Under such a situation, she is still able to keep her promise so she is really a young lady with integrity and responsibility!

What! I feel that Li Xue\'er must know about some inside story and probably has come confidence so she insisted on keeping her side of her bet

Not only were the crowd feeling weird, even Huang Yueli also felt exceptionally surprised as she raised her eyebrows in shock.

Li Xue\'er, are you sure

Of course I\'m sure! Now…..

don\'t tell me you\'re afraid Li Xue\'er sneered.

Huang Yueli\'s forehead creased.

Wasn\'t Li Xue\'er still showing a terrified expression, obviously afraid of having to run around naked But in just a short time, she actually changed her mind

Looking at her expression, it didn\'t seem like she was resigned to fate but rather she was up to something no good…..

Li Xue\'er….

what on earth was she thinking about-

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