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To be stared upon by that limitless gentle peach blossom eyes, she felt her heart jump, was unable to say any words of rebuttal and could only mumbled softly, Alright...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Li Moying finally smiled, Luckily I went! Otherwise that Yuan fellow\'s salted pig trotters almost touched your hand! You really… still dare to say me, I think you\'re apt at attracting bees and butterflies!

Huang Yueli blinked her big watery eyes displaying an innocent look, Attract what bees Attract what butterflies I\'m such a righteous person…..

moreover, if I don\'t even get attracted to you, how could I possibly take interest in Yuan Zeyu that kind of quality, am I right

Li Moying nodded as he felt more appeased, That\'s true!

Huang Yueli took the opportunity while he let down his guard as she pushed at his chest, pushing him aside before flying down the mattress.

Alright, I want to start cultivation so don\'t disturb me.

Go one side and play by yourself!

Seeing his little fox run away as though she was fleeing for her life, Li Moying\'s lips revealed a smile.

Why was his little thing so adorable

Moreover her sights was good as well, knowing how to admire his….

wait a minute!

Li Moying seemed to have thought of something as the smile on his face petrified.

Earlier what that little thing was saying was although she wasn\'t attracted to Yuan Zeyu, and he was much better than Yuan Zeyu, but in the end, she still had no interest in him!

And he actually foolishly nodded along

He was tricked by this little thing once again!


New top student Bai Ruoli and the mysterious Senior Brother Li was actually a pair of fiancé and fiancée!

This heavyweight shocking news spread quickly in the entire Celestial Light Academy! It made everyone faint with shock!

Besides that, the events which had occurred in the Honorary Association banquet was spread around as well and adding oil to fire, the twists made it sound even more magical.

Huang Yueli had defeated Li Zijue with just one move and leapt to Martial Arts Stage rank three!

Not to mention that fact that Li Moying\'s appearance totally stunned Yuan Zeyu, even Yuan family\'s Lord had automatically appeared and tried ways and means to get into his good books!

At the beginning, some of them thought that it was just a rumour.

But later on, as Yuan Zeyu announced that he was going into closed door cultivation and really had not appeared for several months did everyone seriously acknowledge this and revered Li Moying.

At one point in time, guesses towards Li Moying and Huang Yueli\'s identities became the number one hot topic in Celestial Light Academy.

There were several hundred different versions but yet no one had guessed that Li Moying was Celestial Light Academy\'s Young Sect Master.

This was because the disparity between ordinary students and a highly respected sect like Celestial Light Sect was simply too far apart!

From then onwards, Li Moying had transformed into a piece of chewing gum, sticking closely next to Huang Yueli.

In reply to her resistance, Li Moying spoke convincingly, Stop the resistance.

Now everyone already knows that you\'re my fiancée! Even if I don\'t follow you around, the result is the same!

This loving little couple had attracted everyone\'s envy in the entire Celestial Light Academy.

Every single time they appeared in the academy, they could feel all the envious and jealous gazes from all around them.

This couple, no matter male or female, both were so powerful and their innate talent had already crushed the same levelled generation of Celestial Light Academy.

Their CP level was so high and their relation was so close as well! They were both so young but had already met and gotten engaged with each other who could grow up together.

This not only made others feel the lack of being envious, but could only lament that comparing one to another, why was there such a huge difference!-

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