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Although she had the arrogance that belonged to one of a large family clan, she showed no arrogance in victory and no despair in defeat.

Even after losing to Huang Yueli in the entrance examinations, she congratulated her in grace and was considered as an upright practitioner.

Huang Yueli\'s impression towards Song Yaru was rather good and when she saw that it was her who spoke out, she turned around and asked, I don\'t have any intention to attend that banquet so why can\'t I throw it away

Song Yaru turned around to take a look and upon seeing that female student had been long gone, she sat beside Huang Yueli and whispered.

Do you really not recognise that female student earlier

Huang Yueli shook her head puzzledly, Why Is she very powerful I can tell that her cultivation is not bad but her actual battle ability isn\'t even worth mentioning, so she probably wouldn\'t even be able to squeeze into the top fifty in the Martial Arts Stage!

Song Yaru replied, Her ability naturally isn\'t comparable to yours but her status is not simple! Ordinary students were afraid when they see her and even those top few students in the Martial Arts Stage are all very courteous towards her.

Why is this so Huang Yueli asked curiously.

Song Yaru answered, Because she is called Lu Ziyi, the Eldest Young Miss in Sky Cloud City\'s Lu family.

More importantly, she is Celestial Light Academy\'s Honorary Association\'s member!

Honorary Association What\'s that Huang Yueli asked puzzledly.

Song Yaru explained, There are very few teachers in Celestial Light Academy but many students.

So most of the time the students require themselves to self-manage hence the formation of this Honorary Association organization.

However, the members in this organization are not those with the best innate talent but those whose family backgrounds are the best! As there are many Celestial Light Elders who are from large family clans in Sky Cloud City, their children and descendants holds special privileges in Celestial Light Academy hence they became members of the Honorary Association.

Honorary Association members each have an Elder behind them and the resources that they enjoy in the academy are different from the others.

Although you are now in the top ten of the Martial Arts Stage, but after all you don\'t have a base and if you offend the Honorary Association members, it will become a disadvantage for you.

Song Yaru unreservedly told Huang Yueli everything she knew.

After Huang Yueli heard these, she smiled obliviously, What is this Honorary Association… it\'s simply a play time game for little kids! I think it\'s because Principal Jiang don\'t want the Sect\'s Elders to find an excuse to partake in the academy\'s internal affairs so he especially did this to baffle them right

Song Yaru heard her bold words and was scared till her face turned slightly pale.

Miss Bai, I know your innate talent is high but you really shouldn\'t ignore the Honorary Association.

There are just a few people like Lu Ziyi who has family background but lack actual ability.

Most of the Honorary Association members are very powerful.

For example the Martial Arts Stage ranking number one\'s Young Master Yuan, he is personally helming as the Honorary Association\'s President!

Huang Yueli smiled, What Martial Arts number one Hasn\'t he already been defeated by the new Senior Brother Li

Song Yaru hurriedly put her finger to her lips and made a hush action, Stop talking about it! You dare to even talk about this! This is the first time that Young Master Yuan had been defeated since he entered the academy and no one dares to even bring this matter up!

She paused for a moment and continued, Anyway, this Honorary Association\'s opening term celebration would normally only invite those large families direct line of descent to attend.

You\'re not from Sky Cloud City but yet still managed to receive the invite means Young Master Yuan values you and specially sent you this invitation.

If you were to reject, then you will not only offend Lu Ziyi, but also Young Master Yuan! How will you continue staying in the Academy by then!-

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