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That female student quickly tried to withdraw her hand but found out in shock that ….

She could not control her own hand at all!

A strange burst of energy seemed to be controlling her as her hand struck out towards the opposite direction!


A crisp slap was heard as it reverberated within the classroom.

But this slap wasn\'t casted onto Huang Yueli\'s face but landed onto the female student\'s own face!

This slap was both hard and hurried as the female student\'s face instantly turned red and swollen!

Her eyes popped out with a face of disbelief, apparently became dull from the slap.

It was after a while before she responded as she screeched loudly, YOU…..

YOU HIT ME A wretched lass from the countryside like you DARE TO HIT ME DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM

Huang Yueli smiled as she replied with a face of innocence, I say, this Senior Sister, is there something wrong with your brain I already said earlier that I don\'t know you! Why are you still asking me if I know who you are Are you trying to be comedian Moreover, how did I hit you Since when did I hit you Don\'t anyhow say things to frame me! So many classmates are here, witnessing with their own eyes! You knew that you had said things to offend me so you slapped yourself to apologize.

Tsk tsk, you\'ve really staked your all.

On account of your good attitude to admit you own mistake, I shall forgive you!



Female student was so angry that she couldn\'t say a word!

Why would she slap herself for no reason It was obviously this wretched lass in front of her, relying on your higher ability and using some heterodox skills to control her movements!

She didn\'t believe that those present could not tell but…..

the truth was she had indeed slapped herself!

Moreover, if this matter were to spread, she would be the one embarrassed! Because her potential was at third stage realm seventh level! She was much higher than this new top student!

Although Huang Yueli was in the Martial Arts Stage top ten, her ability would definitely be much stronger than her.

But if she wanted to control her movements, that did not mean that her strong ability was enough to do it.

She should also have a much higher cultivation level than hers! But now she was being controlled by a new student whose cultivation level was much lower than her, not to mention directly slapped on the face…..


The female student held on to her face as her rage flew into the skies, but she didn\'t know what she should do.

To fight, she obviously couldn\'t win against her and would only be tortured.

But if she were to leave, she would feel unjust and moreover she couldn\'t afford to throw her face away.

Huang Yueli cast her a glance with a smile which didn\'t look like a smile, Senior Sister is still not leaving Do you feel that your apology earlier lacks sincerity so you\'re willing to slap yourself a few more times to apologize properly to me

Female student was stunned as she stared at her, You\'re thinking about…..


Huang Yueli had lost her patience as she hissed out this word in between her teeth!

Her imposing presence also started to be unleashed!

Female student was so scared that she almost pissed in her pants in terror and her back was drenched in sweat.

Her legs trembled as her eyes turned red and she sprinted out of the classroom!

Huang Yueli casually picked up that invitation and threw it by the side.

Just at this moment, another female student beside her called out, Miss Bai, wait a minute! Don\'t throw, this cannot be thrown away! She stretched out her hand and caught hold of the falling invitation as she placed it back onto the table in front of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli turned around and realised that the person who had spoken was actually Song Yaru.

This daughter from Sky Cloud City\'s large family had rather outstanding innate talent and originally she should have been the new top student for this batch but because of her appearance, she could only settle for second place.-

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