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Huang Yueli shot up like an arrow to give him a beating.

Little pretty boy immediately reacted and shot off!

Huang Yueli chased him from behind, furiously berating, You\'re not allowed to run! At such a tender age, you know what is called clandestine affair, what is called sleeping together without any clothes.

It seems that your thoughts are not healthy at all!

While little pretty boy was running, he grumbled, You dare to sleep together but don\'t dare to let others talk about it! Do all grown-ups tell lies with their eyes wide open

The volume of his \'grumbles\' were pretty loud, as he intentionally let Huang Yueli hear what he was saying.

Huang Yueli was even more infuriated as she crooned, You still dare to say! When I am in the middle of advancing, I totally could not feel the changes in the outside world! I had clearly instructed you to keep watch by my side and if any accident happened, you would be able to help me deal with it! In the end You actually didn\'t help at all A grown man like Li Moying entered the room and you had no reaction at all! Tell me, were you asleep last night Or did you slip out to play somewhere

Little phoenix\'s footsteps halted.

When he recalled the moment Li Moying entered the room, the heavy sensation that congealed the air made the entire bird immovable.


this cannot blame me….

You don\'t know how terrifying your man was! His lineage is exceptional and its existence is even stronger than our Phoenix clan.

So when I see him, my legs gave way…..

wu wu, it was so scary, I\'m just a small baby…..

Huang Yueli went into a blank and suddenly recalled that the first time when she met Li Moying in South Yue Kingdom, Little Phoenix seemed to have said the same thing, saying Li Moying\'s lineage is extremely strong, natural born blood vessels were able to suppress Ancient Spiritual Beasts.

At that time, it didn\'t hit her but recalling back now, for Li Moying to have a peak innate talent physique, it should be related to his lineage…..

Only thing was that she didn\'t know what lineage he was from

Just as she was in deep thoughts, Little Phoenix had grabbed the opportunity and step by step, it quietly and slowly nudged towards the door.

By the time his heel touched the doorstep, he immediately turned around and simultaneously turned into a little bird-ling and flew outwards.

OMG, Female Devil was going to beat his backside!

If he didn\'t run away at this moment, then what was he waiting for!

Huang Yueli saw a red light flash and realised that that little fart kid actually slipped away!

She hurriedly chased out, Get back here now! You\'ve done something wrong and you still dare to run! Be careful that I confine you in the Sky Phoenix Ring for an entire month!

She chased towards the front courtyard when she suddenly heard a voice calling her from behind.

Junior Sister Bai! Junior Sister Bai! What are you doing What are you chasing after

The person was Su Qingyue.

After she exchanged greetings with Huang Yueli, she looked around curiously, trying to see what Huang Yueli was chasing after earlier.

However, Huang Yueli naturally didn\'t want to reveal that so she turned towards her, Oh, nothing, I wasn\'t chasing after anything.

I just recalled that I had some urgent matters so I ran out here! Sister Su, what are you doing here

Little Phoenix took the opportunity to quickly dive into the bushes, masking its whereabouts.

Little Phoenix was originally a little bundle and unable to be seen clearly.

Su Qingyue looked around but didn\'t see anything and thought she had seen wrongly so she didn\'t bother asking further.

When she heard what Huang Yueli asked she instantly felt embarrassed as she whispered, Ugh….

Things are like this.

I had specially came to look for you over yesterday… the things that had happened yesterday, I\'m terribly sorry for it! I had never imagined that they would scheme against you in this way….

I\'m very, very sorry...-

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