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Until that day, I already knew I was going to die but yet you rushed there to save me, not caring one bit about your own life or sacrifice your cultivation! It was then when I realised that I was wrong…..

a dying person was obviously not worth anything to you, why were you still so silly

You\'re so silly....

As Huang Yueli spoke, her voice became softer and softer, softer and softer…..

Gradually, it no longer could be heard clearly.

But her voice that had gone into Li Moying\'s ears were like lightning on a clear day, striking directly into his heart!

What was his little fox talking about Who was she talking about

Li Moying knew most clearly that he and Huang Yueli merely got acquainted just three months ago and not many years ago! He had never obtained any couple cultivation method and he didn\'t need to find anything to couple cultivate! Of course, for that little thing, he absolutely wouldn\'t mind sacrificing his cultivation but he hadn\'t had the chance…..

So the person whom Huang Yueli was talking about wasn\'t him...



Having realised that suddenly, Li Moying felt that his entire body was immersed into an icehouse, freezing his body all the way into his inner heart...

He wasn\'t the one whom this little thing liked, not him!

She was responding passionately, daringly seducing that man but it was not him!

No wonder she usually kept rejecting his advances.

No wonder she acted abnormal today, proactively nearing him, to the extent of not rejecting any kind of advances that he made! The reason for her abnormality was simply too easy to understand.

Because her conscious was not clear, because she already had a man whom she liked in her heart and she treated him as that man!

This could only blame Li Moying for usually being overconfident.

Ever since he joined Celestial Light Sect, he had always been talented and could do whatever he wanted.

He was the perfect idol whom many young ladies chased after and he naturally thought that if Huang Yueli didn\'t even consider him, who else could she consider

So her rejection wasn\'t possibly because her heart already belonged to someone else.

It could possibly be because he hadn\'t tried hard enough or she had not seen his sincerity.

Li Moying had never really thought that the truth to this matter was actually like this…..

Various confused thoughts flashed past his mind as the strength which he used to lock on Huang Yueli\'s shoulder increased, What on earth are you talking about Say it one more time!

Huang Yueli didn\'t wake up but she frowned from the touch of his violent streak.

Li Moying subconsciously loosened his grip but at the next moment, he realised that even in such a situation, he could not bear her getting hurt one single bit and started to despise himself.

When had he…..dropped to such a coniology state

The most tragic thing was the other party didn\'t even bother one bit!

Li Moying forced himself to push the young lady in his embrace away.

After Huang Yueli was pushed away, she immediately came rolling back, hugging on to his lean and robust waist, her beautiful face was still in a daze, not understanding why she was pushed away by someone who liked her so much

The look from this unconscious struggle attracted Li Moying\'s gaze.

Very quickly, he felt that he was really senseless.

The reason this little thing came running up was not because he was Li Moying, but….

because she thought he was the man whom she liked!

If she knew that the person she was hugging was him, she would probably….

have hidden herself far far away!

As Celestial Light Sect\'s Young Sect Master, Soaring Heaven\'s number one talent in the younger generation, in her eyes… he was merely a replacement!-

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