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Heavens, Bai Ruoli really accepted the battle and placed such a huge amount of bet.

She… how does she dare to The opponent she is facing now is Mister Lei! Martial Arts Stage ranking eighth\'s Mister Lei!

Isn\'t she just a little too brave Had the continuous victories earlier got to her head and became irrational Does she even know what she\'s doing Now she\'s won consecutively for more than ten rounds and had earned ten thousand over star currency, considered as a big winner.

But she\'s bet all she got on this battle and moreover it\'s almost impossible for her to win.

Then she will go from winning to incur debts! Having owed the academy a thousand over star currency, how will she be able to pay

But she has no choice but to do this right Mister Lei had already said until this manner, if she didn\'t dare to accept, then wouldn\'t she be a coward It will also affect her belief in victory and will disadvantage her future pursue towards martial arts!

I\'d never expect Mister Lei to be willing to go to such extent for Li Xue\'er! Isn\'t Li Xue\'er too lucky

Li Xue\'er was so touched until she was tearing up as she spoke softly, Mister Lei, I\'d never expected….

That you\'d treat me so well… in future, I\'ll listen to you…..

Various astonishing discussions were heard and Lei Zichu\'s smile could not be concealed.

He was most afraid that Huang Yueli would admit defeat on her own and kneel down to beg for mercy.

In this case, even though she had gained back her face, but Li Xue\'er would definitely feel that it was not enough to appease her anger!

Now things were going smoothly and this wretched lass had thought too highly of herself and accepted his challenge head on!

Very well, today he would give this wretched lass an unforgettable lesson!

After he had won this battle, not only would he earn ten thousand star currency, Li Xue\'er whom he had wooed for several months would also willing head into his embrace and become a member of his harem…..


Even Jiang Tuxin and the rest who were hiding in the corner were feeling jittery for Huang Yueli.

This lass\' ability is indeed not bad but this character….

Isn\'t it a little too rash! She actually bet all her fortune on this

As the saying goes, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against her! Since she already knew that she will take a major disadvantage in this battle, why must she insist on crashing head on Ai, she\'s still too young….. Ling Wenbin also sighed silently.

Only Mo Yi smiled as he said, Principals, you don\'t need to be too worried.

I think this Miss Bai talks with confidence and has her own planning, so she probably has some certainty before she accepted this challenge.

Has come certainty Then you guys don\'t know Lei Xichu\'s ability! Lei Zichu will definitely be able to join our Sect this year and even become an inner disciple within one year! Bai Ruoli\'s innate talent has indeed surpassed Lei Zichu but she\'s still young.

If she were to train in Celestial Light Academy for one year, it wouldn\'t be a surprise for her to defeat Lei Zichu… But now, it\'s still too early….. Jiang Tuxin shook his head as he explained.

Mo Yi turned around to look at Li Moying as he smiled but didn\'t say a word.

Li Moying noticed his mocking glance and turned his head to shoot him an icy glance.

Mo Yi lowered his head but was laughing up his sleeve.

Jiang Tuxin commented, It looks like this battle is going to take some time.

I\'d better accompany Young Sect Master to settle your matters and not delay your official work…..

Whoever knew that Li Moying who was just saying he wanted to leave one minute ago had suddenly turned around expressionlessly and sat down once again.

Young Sect Master Didn\'t he just said he had some matters to settle-

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