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Huang Yueli smiled innocently, I\'m so sorry! I didn\'t hear clearly earlier and by the time I reacted, I had already struck and was unable to pull back!

This explanation left everyone speechless.

Did she need to be so fake It was obvious that when Ye Mingshuang was considering to admit defeat, she snatched the opportunity to strike!

Moreover at the same time of striking her second move which was still explainable by unable to react in time, she hurriedly followed by her third strike!

Recalling back the consequence of the third strike, everyone started to shudder as they turned around to look at the half dead Ye Mingshuang and Li Xue\'er who was affected by the wave, and they all secretly became terrified!

Ye Mingshuang could be described as pitiful!

Initially she thought that she could bully the top student and instantly gained fame while earning star currency at the same time.

She had never expected herself to befall onto such a situation.

From her injuries, it wasn\'t any ordinary external injury at all.

To be able to pierce through the isolation array, just how big was the intensity of the crash! Perhaps her entire meridians had already been broken into seventeen or eighteen pieces! Losing star currency was a small thing, but just by being rash and suffered irrecoverable injury would affect their future cultivation!

Huang Yueli\'s lips curled up slightly when she saw the crowd\'s looks of dismay.

This was exactly the effect that she wanted!

The reason why she struck Ye Mingshuang so harshly wasn\'t without any reason but was entire to appease her anger!

In actual act, she had accepted a total of fourteen battle invitations and amongst those were core students who were ranked top thirty and had long surpassed Ye Mingshuang\'s power.

If she had fallen just from one battle, no matter how confident she was of her own ability, but as time passed by, her energy would definitely go on the downhill as well.

If she lost her concentration for just a second, an accident may happen and capsize her boat, then it wouldn\'t be worth it at all!

So Huang Yueli had already decided from the start that she would use fast like lightning method to clear up the first few contestants and even severely injuring them.

In this case, those who had yet to go on stage would felt terrified and realised that if they lost the battle against her, they might not only lose star currency, but….

incur some irreversible damage!

With such intimidation, the number of contestants who dared to engage in a long battle with her would lessen significantly!

Huang Yueli cast a glance towards Ye Mingshuang and said, Then…..

now, Senior Sister Ye is prepared to admit her defeat

When Ye Mingshuang heard the same question again, her entire body started to sweat profusely showing signs of being terrified!


She wanted to reply and admit defeat immediately but her mouth was filled with blood and not knowing how many teeth had dropped, she was totally unable to say out a single word and she almost cried out due to anxiety!

Luckily the referee teacher saw her situation and was really afraid that she might lost her life so he hurriedly stepped in and said, Alright, let\'s consider it as her loss.

According to tournament regulations, either the party admits defeat or leaves the tournament stage would be considered as a loss.

She\'s no longer on the tournament stage now!

Huang Yueli just replied with a Oh, So it\'s actually like this… so this is considered as Senior Sister Ye\'s loss then!

Right, right right, Miss Ye had lost! This hundred star currency belongs to you now! Furthermore, you\'ve replaced Miss Ye\'s ranking and your ranking in the Martial Arts Stage is not sixty nine! The referee teacher quickly explained.

When Huang Yueli heard that the star currency was already banked into her account, she gave a smile.


looked like it was a day for her to strike it rich!

She slowly walked to the centre of the stage and as her sights surveyed the entire place, her voice was heard clearly, Then….

next contender!-

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