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In the midst of everyone\'s discussions, Li Zicheng had already seen the destination.

Just two or three more steps and he would be able to arrive safely.

A joyous look flashed past Lu Zicheng\'s eyes and he increased his speed further but just at this moment…..

an unforeseen event happened abruptly!

The sound of broken space was heard again.

This time, the arrows actually appeared from all four directions and the attack speed was much faster than the previous time by several notches.

Lu Zicheng\'s expression changed.

Just from this horrifying sound, he had already judged that the crushing attack from all directions...

he was unable to avoid it!

Even if it was on the ground, to avoid such a precise attack would be extremely difficult.

Moreover he was threading on a thin steel cable which he already had problems trying to keep his balance.

But he had already felt the might of those arrows and if he didn\'t managed to avoid it and were continuously attacked by those few arrows, he would definitely be seriously injured.

Under no choice, he could only do his best to avoid it.

The unfortunate thing was he was still struck by two arrows and one of it was lodged into his thigh as blood flowed onto the ground.

The entire steel cable was shaking vigorously as it kept jolting, shaking in mid-air substantially.

Lu Zicheng was like an ant hanging on a thread and almost fell down.

Luckily his determination was strong enough as he endured the tremendous pain for the last few meters and once he reached the destination, he went limp and fell onto the ground.

Lu Zicheng.

Points awarded for his speed in passing this round: Eighty seven points.

Struck by three arrows: Each arrow is a twenty point deduction.

Additional points for the first contender to take part in the assessment: Thirty points.

Total: Fifty seven points!

The Examiner announced his final marks.

Upon hearing this, the crowd below the stage had turned pale with fright.

Heavens, if you\'re struck by one arrow, it actually costs a twenty point deduction! Based on Lu Zicheng\'s speed and he was struck by three arrows, his total after deduction was only twenty over points.

Then if I were to go up….

wouldn\'t I be left with a negative score

Deduction of points is still ok! Didn\'t you see Lu Zicheng was almost struck off the cliff earlier! If he fell down, then the marks would be cleared to zero! It\'s equivalent to being pre-eliminated!

Examiner asked, Next person, who will like to volunteer

The crowd looked at each other in dismay, not daring to step forward.

Even Lu Zicheng whose power was publicly acknowledged had suffered so badly, the others simply had no confidence at all.

Examiner repeated a few more times and upon seeing no response, he said, Then I will start drawing lots…..

Examiner, let me give it a try! The person who spoke out was actually Bai Ruo Qi.

The crowd\'s gaze suddenly changed.

With Lu Zicheng as a precedent, those who dared to jump out and try was absolutely courageous.

Moreover, Bai Ruo Qi\'s cultivation was only at second stage first level which wasn\'t really high among all the examinees.

Even Huang Yueli couldn\'t help but see her in new light.

Bai Ruo Qi… especially seemed to love showing off today.

Moreover she had been super confident.

Could it be that she had the guidance of some superior person

Even those few people on stage were surprised.

Oh! This lass had jumped out once again! In the previous round of strength testing, she was able to think of a way to get past it.

This round is to test one\'s bodily movements and is much more dangerous.

If her potential lacked just that little bit, she would not be able to pass this round.

So what tactic could she possibly think of

Who knows Wasn\'t this lass\'s comprehension outstanding I really want to see what idea she can think of

Bai Ruo Qi stood at the starting point and under the various gazes, she felt a slightly nervous.

However this round, she came prepared.-

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