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Under the crowd\'s focused attention, Huang Yueli left the formation and came to the front of the Strength Testing Stones.

Examiner said, You can start now.

Remember, you only have one chance.

Huang Yueli nodded as she raised her feel and suddenly unleashed her power, as though a lightning bolt shooting towards the Strength Testing Stones.

Pong pong pong pong pong.....

Ten over compressed knocking sounds were heard continuously, as she had within an instance, struck out towards the twelve pieces of Strength Testing Stones at one go, without any pause in between.

By the time her elegant and agile move had struck the last piece of Strength Testing Stone, the result of her assessment simultaneously appeared on the top of each stone.

First piece: Three thousand jin! Second piece: Three thousand jin! Third piece: Three thousand jin! Fourth piece...….

Examiner stared at the twelve pieces of Strength Testing Stones as his expression appeared a momentarily blank.

…..Twelveth piece: Still three thousand jin! Number one hundred and fifty seven examinee, a total of thirty six thousand jin!

Thirty six thousand jin! This figure made everyone extremely surprised.

Thirty six thousand gram would definitely gain a spot in the top ten ranking among all the examinees but as compared to Song Yaru\'s exceeding fifty thousand jin total, the difference was just too huge.

Moreover, it didn\'t fit everyone\'s expectations of Huang Yueli.

Originally, since she was able to send Situ Keqin flying in just one strike, everyone had thought that her potential should be much higher than the top ten contenders, equally matched against Song Yaru.

But who knew…..

from the looks of it, she seemed just so ordinary.

Everyone looked at one another in dismay as they couldn\'t help but started to discuss in whispers.

Huang Yueli however didn\'t seemed to notice the surrounding situation as she calmly got off the stage and returned to her own position.

She had just stood firm when Bai Ruo Qi\'s sneering could be heard from behind, Just thirty six thousand jin, you have just that much capability! Looks like your usual power were all because of the Profound Armaments that your father had left for you! Without external help, your potential is just so ordinary.

Compared to the revered Miss Song, you\'re miles apart! What\'s there for you to be delighted about

When Huang Yueli heard that, she turned slightly as her brows lifted, No matter what, I\'ve scored thirty six thousand jin.

Compared to \'some people\' who cannot even manage two thousand jin, I\'m much stronger!

Bai Ruo Qi was rendered speechless as she refrained from commenting further.

As for the others, they just discussed a little while more and didn\'t focus any more attention onto Huang Yueli.

This suited Huang Yueli\'s intentions very much.

She had felt that her battle with Situ Keqin had drawn too much attention earlier.

Her main motive was to investigate the clue that Bai Liu Feng had left, and not to act cool in Celestial Light Academy.

To her, fourth tier lower grade Profound Armaments were easily refined so to fight for first place was really worthless.

Moreover, as an accomplished ninth stage realm top expert like her, she had her own pride.

To go up against a bunch of youngsters who hadn\'t grown up in a low levelled entrance examinations and fight for first place, if this news were to leak out, won\'t the others laugh until their molars all dropped out

Therefore in this round of official assessment, she intentionally suppressed her cultivation and struck out casually.

Her aim was to guarantee herself to successfully passed the examination and enter Celestial Light Academy.

In the school term, it was equally important to keep a low profile.

Otherwise if she was targeted by anyone, if she wanted to do something against the schools rules, it would be extremely inconvenient.

However, even though the others didn\'t target her, Song Yaru seemed to have noticed something and intentionally turned her head throwing meaningful glances at her several times.-

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