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Besides that, Murong De had realised when Li Moying was seven or eight years old, he was unable to teach Li Moying at all.

Such a peerless genius with outstanding innate talent made anyone gasp in amazement and was not someone who could be easily taught by an ordinary ninth stage realm practitioner like him.

For Li Moying to join his Sect was really delaying his progress.

The past few years had really been so.

Every single time Li Moying advanced, it had nothing to do with Murong De at all and Murong De didn\'t know why he could continuously advance that quickly, even breaking the record which Mu Chengying had left years ago, the fastest record for advancing to seventh stage realm.

The teenager in front of him was destined to cause deterrence to the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!

And it\'s exactly because of this reason that Murong De imperiously wished that he and his Sect could have closer ties with Li Moying to guarantee that when Li Moying made a rapid success in his future, he would still be bound to the Sect.

That was why, since Li Moying was young, he would intentionally let Murong Fei have different sorts of interaction between the both of them, in the wish that from childhood friends, they would start to have feelings for each other.

But not knowing what happened, no matter how outstanding Murong Fei had been since she was young, or even getting prettier by the year attracting South Sky Regions\' or even other Sky Regions\' geniuses to compete for her love.

Only Li Moying, held a lukewarm attitude to her from beginning till now.

As for this time, Li Moying had made a trip to the Dark Moon Forest and on the way visited his family in South Yue Kingdom and in that small country, he found himself a fiancée

Murong De naturally could not accept this but he knew Li Moying\'s temper very well.

He knew he couldn\'t force him so he used all kinds of reasons to coop him up in the Sect.

Murong De had not thought of murdering Huang Yueli because he knew very clearly that if Li Moying were to find out about it, he would definitely fall out with the Sect.

He only thought that a practitioner\'s cultivation route was very long and perhaps after Li Moying had gone into closed door cultivation a few more times and after several years, perhaps that lass in the South Yue Kingdom would not continue waiting for him.

Perhaps she might change her mind and marry others so by that time, Murong Fei would be able to take advantage of the situation and penetrate in, so that marriage would probably succeed.

His plans was indeed not bad.

The only thing was, Murong De had never expected that Li Moying would be so devoted to that lass from South Yue Kingdom, even after he used his pride as a Master and the Sect\'s relationship to coerce him, he was not hesitant for even a single bit at all.

In Li Moying\'s heart, that lass was more important than the entire Sect!

Li Moying nodded slightly and his resolute gaze fell onto Murong De as he calmly and unhurriedly spoke, I don\'t wish for things to become like this as well.

But if Master must force me, I can only choose…..


Once he finished his words, he strode forward again and this round, he didn\'t stop at all.

Murong De was angered till his face turned green.

He was extremely furious but he could not release his rage and had to keep it in!

A blue robed disciple said softly, Master, are we going to let Eldest Senior Brother leave like that Once he leave, he would probably not be able to make it for the tournament! Shall we activate the Mountain Isolation Array

Or perhaps you can go after him personally After all Eldest Senior Brother is only in the seventh stage realm and he\'s not your match…..

This disciple was one of Li Lingchuan\'s lackeys and for him to interpose at this moment, his tone helmed a sense of gloating over his misfortune.

Tsk tsk, Li Moying was usually arrogant and overbearing and was the apple of the eye of the Sect Master and several Elders so everyone thought his position was unshakable!

To think that today, he had actually rebuke the Sect Master for a woman from the countryside!-

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