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You… you want to drive me to my grave! Murong De\'s eyes turned rounded as he lamented in grieve.

A glint of guilt flashed past Li Moying\'s eyes but he didn\'t show any signs of backing down or changing his mind as he stood there firmly with a resolute tone.

Master, this matter is my wrong.

If the Sect were to suffer any losses because I was not able to attend the tournament, then I\'m willing to bear all the responsibility! But… I must leave now because I cannot let my woman face danger alone! I\'m extremely sorry!

Saying that, his fist was placed in the other hand as he paid his respects to Murong De.

Immediately after, he turned and walked out of the mountain\'s main door.

Stand right there!

Murong De never expected that the face of a Master was actually not useful at all.

In front of him, Li Moying only said a few sentences to explain and immediately prepared to leave.

Li Moying heard the voice behind him but his footsteps didn\'t stop at all.

Murong De shouted out in exasperation, Li Moting, you\'re the pride of our Sect and the entire Sect had spent so much effort on you and used so much resources which made you who you are today! Now that the Sect is in need of your help, you\'re going to leave because of a woman with an unknown background, casting aside your Sect\'s pride and glory

Li Moying didn\'t reply.

Murong De continued, Li Moying, hadn\'t you always wished that Bai Ruoli could join our Sect and let me preside over your marriage If you dare to take a single step out today, don\'t even think that I will acknowledge that woman! And don\'t even dream of becoming husband and wife!

Hearing that, Li Moying\'s footsteps halted.

Murong De was delighted as he thought this sentence was a vital shot which strangulated Li Moying\'s vulnerable spot.

Even though he had thrown out all the good and bad things, it wasn\'t as effective as saying one sentence about that woman.

This made Murong De gloomy but at least Li Moying felt threatened and was willing to stay behind.

However, although Li Moying halted in his footsteps but he didn\'t turn around.

He opened his mouth once again and the tone was covered in frost.

Master, I\'d always been respectful of you as an elder so I wanted to bring the woman I liked back to show you, and not to get your consent! If you\'re willing to preside over our marriage, I\'d be extremely glad but if you\'re not willing to or even object to our marriage, it makes no difference to me at all! At the most, Li\'er and I will leave the Sect together.

Soaring Heavens Continent is so big, surely there\'s a place for us out there!


I\'ve seen you wrongly all these years! So you\'re those kind who\'d be muddle-headed in times of relationship! Do you know what you\'re saying Because of a woman….

You\'re going to betray our Sect

Murong De\'s expression turned green after he was rebuked by him and even his fingers started trembling.

In actual fact, he had not intended to let Li Moying take Huang Yueli as his wife from the start.

From his view, in terms of identity or innate talent, that lass born from South Yue Kingdom was totally incompatible with Li Moying.

Only his precious eldest daughter Murong Fei was compatible with a genius like Li Moying.

What\'s more, after his daughter had married Li Moying, allied through marriage, he would be able to control Li Moying better in his hands.

Otherwise, even though they were Master and disciple in name, but Murong De had long realised in the past few years that Li Moying was actually completely different from other disciples.

He didn\'t care about the Sect or Master-disciple relationship.

To him, it was just a matter of respect on the surface only.-

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