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Even Huang Yueli herself could not believe the current situation totally!

Even though this cultivation method was a heaven level mid level skill, but if it was left in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, this was considered as one of the best cultivation methods.

It was extremely difficult to successfully practice this high level cultivation method, and if one were to be able to get the gist of it slightly within one to two years, that person would be considered as a genius!

Huang Yueli had initially not held any hopes and purely didn\'t want to sit and wait for death so she made a final deathbed struggle.

In actual fact, she had already made preparations to be discovered under her failure to acquire this skill.

However, she had never dreamt that she just simply practiced according to the instructions given, to let her Profound Energy tour all her meridians an entire round and she realised that she had already attained the basic realm of the cultivation method!

Th… Wasn\'t this a little bit too fast

If this had not happened on her own self and was told by someone else, she would definitely not believe it!

Could it be that the Flame Spirit Physique was really that abnormal Not only the process of practicing fire attributed cultivation methods produced shocking results but it was also super smooth while practicing any cultivation methods

Huang Yueli could not interpret this situation but at this moment, she could not afford to be distracted!

She devoted herself entirely to the operation of the cultivation method and her presence gradually became weaker and weaker by the second…..

Not long later, she stopped moving completed as though she had become one with the tree.

Zuo Fangping was still walking to and fro in the quiet forest.

He had utilised all his concentration and used his soul trace to check the surroundings again and again!

But he was unable to detect any living person\'s presence in the forest!

Zuo Fangping didn\'t believe it and purposely walked round in circles to widen the boundary.

The boundary of his soul trace had reached a total of three kilometres!

Three kilometres was already an unreachable boundary which Huang Yueli should not be able to reach based on her speed.

But even so, he….

was still unable to find her.

Zuo Fangping\'s eyes turned red from anxiety as he clenched his teeth, his expression had turned incomparably sinister!

You little slut, where on earth have you died to Have you really dug a hole and buried yourself How is that possible She obviously was not able to run that far away so I\'m sure she had hidden herself! Where on earth had she hidden herself

Zuo Fangping paced back and forth, as he felt frustrated and gloomy.

He raised his head and shouted into the serene forest once again, Bai Ruoli, get the hell out! If you don\'t come out, I\'m going to set fire to the entire forest! Surely you won\'t want to die under the flames in the forest right Do you know how terrifying it is to be burnt to death The flames will slowly burn every inch of your skin and you will also breath in the smoke and ashes, then your vocal cords be muted such that you won\'t even be able to call out for help and finally you can only roll around in pain from being burnt alive…..

Zuo Fangping had depicted the scenario to be extremely disgusting, in bid to scare Huang Yueli out.

From his view, this kind of death was the most disgusting way to die Even those tenacious top exponents were not able to bear with this torment.

In that case, a lass like Huang Yueli would definitely be scared out of her wits.

Unfortunately, even after he had depicted such a disgusting scenario, there were still no movements in the forest.

Zuo Fangping gritted his teeth and yelled, Not coming out is it I\'ll give you one more chance, I\'ll count backwards from ten.

When I\'m done, if you still don\'t appear in front of me, then you….

can just wait to become a piece of roasted meat!-

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