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However at this moment of time, Imperial Tutor didn\'t have the time to considered if it was an embarrassing matter or not.

He only knew that Huang Yueli this lass was extremely abnormal.

No matter if her cultivation realm was much lower than him, but once he was not careful, the possibility of failing in her hands was very large!

Imperial Tutor had used all his power in this one strike but the ending was out of his expectation!

Huang Yueli didn\'t hide nor move but only waved her hand gently.

Imperial Tutor saw a silver light flashed past and by the time he was able to see clearly, a total of eighteen flying daggers had already formed into a battle array, sealing of his left, right, up and down with no possible way out!

Imperial Tutor was not able to evade and judging by the dull sea moss green shimmering on the flying daggers, it was likely tempered with deadly poison.

One\'s life might be in danger if one had grazed just a little bit.

Imperial Tutor had no choice but to forcefully retract his attack, turning into a defensive position.

But in this way, although he had successfully avoided the flyer daggers attack, the retraction of his Profound Energy irrigated back into his meridians causing a backlash which resulted in him spitting out a mouthful of blood on the spot!

Under another wave of Huang Yueli\'s deft porcelain hands, that thin like cicada\'s set of flying daggers retracted back into her arms.

Imperial Tutor had suppressed the second mouthful of blood but upon seeing this, he couldn\'t help but spat out that suppressed blood.

T…Th… just how powerful was that! A Profound Armament so powerful that could restrain a fourth degree realm expert and to be able to retract and reuse

Wasn\'t she undefeatable with that set of Profound Armament Ordinary fourth degree realm practitioners had no possibility of going anywhere near her!

Where on earth did this lass gotten such a high level Profound Armament Was it Li Moying who had gifted it to her

Never in his wildest dreams would the Imperial Tutor ever thought that Huang Yueli was a fifth rank Armament Master so she had refined plenty of items like this, in various patterns as well.

If Imperial Tutor refused to give in and continued to fight it out with her, she didn\'t mind to offer him the chance of trying it out individually.

Luckily, Imperial Tutor weighed the pros and cons and felt that it was not advantageous to go into a conflict with her in this little town, so he managed to oppress his anger.

Humph, such an ill bred lass.

No matter what, I\'m still your senior, how dare you use your flying daggers against me Do you even know a single bit of morals

Huang Yueli twirled the set of keys with her little finger and dangled it in front of her.

Old man you\'re too modest.

If we\'re going to talk about upbringing and morals, how can I be compared to you But I must still thank you for generously giving up this room to me! To refuse would be impolite so I\'ll accept it.

I shall not waste any more time and will be going ahead to rest.

Grab your time wisely and find yourself another lodging, I cannot be of help!

Li Xue\'er and the others stared at the set of keys hanging on Huang Yueli\'s slender fingers.

That glare was about to give out smoke!

Even Imperial Tutor could not gain any advantage over so, what more the others.

So they naturally couldn\'t afford to be rash!

They could only watch Huang Yueli walk up the stairs as she used the keys to open up the doors to the most luxurious guestroom in the entire inn.

Dammit! Li Xue\'er\'s expression turned ugly as she slammed her fist onto the counter.

Bai Ruo Qi had a cold expression on her face as she watched the door of the superior room shut tightly.

Master, what\'s going on Don\'t tell me that even you can\'t do anything to that wretched lass Bai Ruoli-

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