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Huang Yueli was stunned momentarily and following that, her eyes sparkled.

Hearing Mo Yi\'s tone, he seemed to know the origins of this jade token.

Huang Yueli hurriedly questioned, Brother Mo Yi, do you know something about it

Mo Yi took the jade token in her hand and against the light, he inspected carefully before speaking out, This jade token…..

is Celestial Light\'s core student identity token!

Huh Huang Yueli was dumbstruck.

She had assumed that the item Bai Liu Feng had left was an exceptional treasure or some high level treasure box key but in the end….

it was just some school\'s identity token

This type of identity token was available in every school, so not only was it used to identity the identity of the student, it also recorded the student\'s grading in that school.

It was really…..

some lousy thing that you could find on the streets.

Even if Celestial Light Academy was the most famous school in the South Sky Region, but… this thing was still worthless.

Mo Yi left the jade token on the table, pointed to the back of it and continued, Do you see the word \'Celestial Light\' here Third Miss, had you never considered this before Moreover, do you see the figures indicated here The number one on the identity token means this is the number one core student in the Celestial Light Academy, who is quite an authority! This identity token of yours….

Where did you get it from

Huang Yueli\'s eyes widened with surprise and seemed a little blurry.

This means….

Alright, I had thought differently.

To tell you the truth, this identity token was left to me by my father, saying that he had left a number of treasures for me and the only clue is this jade token.

Mo Yi was dumbstruck, This is Marquis\'s Bai\'s remnant

That\'s right Huang Yueli nodded, That year, my father was a seven degree realm expert and the things he had left behind for me, which I had thought, would be something valuable….

I had make a guess previously that this might be the Celestial Light disciples identity token but I saw Junior Brother Luo\'s identity token and it didn\'t look like this.

I had never considered the possibility that this would be the Celestial Light Academy\'s identity token…..

When Mo Yi heard that this item was left behind by the future father-in-law of his Master, he instantly felt somewhat scorching and hurriedly and carefully placed the jade token back.

Third Miss, this identity token is an exceptional item.

Celestial Light Academy is after all a place where Celestial Light Sect sought South Sky Region\'s talents and to be able to be placed first in the ranking among the core disciples, one must definitely be an exceptional talent! The only thing is, such a talent would surely be taken into the Celestial Light Sect as an official disciple but why didn\'t Marquis Bai join the Celestial Light Sect Could it be that this identity token is not his

This I\'m not sure.

My father had already gone missing when I was still very young. Huang Yueli shook her head as she explained.

Just as the both of them were conversing, Cai Wei was delivering snacks and overheard their conversation and couldn\'t help but to join in.

Third Miss, I\'ve heard other people talk about this matter previously.

Oh Both of them looked towards her.

Cai Wei continued, Marquis Bai was a student of the Celestial Light Academy that year and during the entrance exams, he came in first.

In the entire of South Yue Kingdom\'s history, this was the first time so it was rumoured to have caused a huge commotion! The late Emperor had personally conferred the horizontal inscribed board to commentate him and it is exactly that piece that is hung in the manor\'s main hall now.

Huang Yueli was surprised slightly, So it was like this.

Since that\'s the case, that it all matches up!

She flipped the jade token around and after inspecting it for a while, she inquired, Brother Mo Yi, the words \'Celestial Light\' on the back refers to Celestial Light Sect.

Then what do these numbers on the front represent Surely it cannot be the results that my father had obtained that year in the academy right!-

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