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Chapter 606: Simply like a hooligan

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Not only that, in the Emperor’s heart, he was extremely dissatisfied with the Crown Prince.

To renegade on a debt after taking part in an auction, how could a Crown Prince of a nation act in this way, he was simply like a hooligan! If word was to spread, it would definitely become a joke to anyone.

If it was just embarrassment in normal times, he can forego this but this round, Huang Yueli had mentioned that it was in front of the neighbouring royalties face!

Wouldn’t this make the Royal family of the South Yue Kingdom become a laughing stock in front of other countries’ royalties!

Imperial Tutor could tell that Emperor was extremely dissatisfied and hastily added, “Bai Ruoli, stop trying to twist the facts.

The matter that had happened at Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction have nothing to do with today’s matter! Even if the Crown Prince and you already had a feud, it doesn’t mean anything Who doesn’t know that you had embarrassed the Crown Prince at the Peach Blossom banquet! But this had no connection to the Royal Treasury being buried at all!”

“Why is there no connection”

Huang Yueli sniggered and couldn’t be bothered with the Imperial Tutor as she turned to report to the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, this is what had happened.

The Crown Prince had been upset at making a loss at Thousand Treasure Pavilion and bore this hatred in his heart ever since.

That day when he came to smash and rob Thousand Treasure Pavilion, by the time my bodyguard Mo Yi had arrived, he had already transported the items away and Mo Yi started to give chase all the way to the Treasury.”

Huang Yueli took a glance at Crown Prince and continued, “Mo Yi had just arrived at South Yue Kingdom along with me just a few days ago.

He doesn’t understand the situation in our country and obviously he wouldn’t know that was the Royal Treasury so he foolishly followed them in! After he entered the place, he realised that Crown Prince had actually treated the Royal Treasure as his own residence’s treasury so whenever he needed money, he would just pilferage from there and used those money to feed his own army.

Crown Prince thought that he had discovered his secret so he wanted to silence him!”

“Mo Yi had not returned after a long time so I came along to check things out, following the secret markings that he left along the way and found my way to the inside of the treasury.

Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor knew they were not able to cover things up any longer and was afraid that I would leak out the plot that they were conspiring so they decided to come out with a murderous scheme and activated the treasury’s self-destruction mechanisms in an attempt to bury us alive inside.

Luckily Mo Yi’s power was just enough to help us escape from there!”

“This is the entire process of development of the treasury, so Your Majesty, please investigate clearly!”

The Emperor’s eyes widened, not believing what he had heard.

Huang Yueli’s story was convincing and moreover the cause and effect was listed down clearly.

Huang Yueli and Imperial Tutor had their own views but Imperial Tutor said Huang Yueli had attempted to enter the Royal Treasury to steal but he had insufficient evidence to back up his story.

On the other hand, Huang Yueli had shown hard evidence of the accusation on Crown Prince of robbing Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

In this way, Emperor was already leaning towards Huang Yueli’s story.

Crown Prince knew something was amiss and he was extremely nervous.

If Emperor really had this thinking formed, then his status of Crown Prince would be gone with the wind!

To him, he was most afraid of losing his status of Crown Prince!

After so many years of studying in Celestial Light Academy, he clearly knew that there is no limit in the universe.

There were many talents who were much more outstanding than him in the South Sky Region!

If he had no way of improving himself further, to be accepted as an outer disciple of the Celestial Light Sect, then his cultivation route would probably come to a standstill at fourth degree realm.

By then, his only choice would be to return to South Yue Kingdom.

In this way, at least he would be able to ascend as South Yue Kingdom’s Emperor and his future would be filled with endless riches.

But if he were to lose the royal throne’s right of inheritance and driven out of South Yue Kingdom, then he would be no different from the normal vagrant practitioners!


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