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Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment as she had never expected Mo Yi to say such a thing but immediately following that, she shook her head.

Better not.

I still have some matters….

to settle in South Yue Kingdom.

Besides that, isn\'t Li Moying\'s Sect extra secretive I know of some reputable Sect\'s rules.

Although of some the disciples have parents and children but they\'re not allowed anywhere near the Sect.

For someone like me to appear there suddenly, it\'s just not right

That\'s different.

Master is not any ordinary disciple and in the Sect, no one dares to go against Master! What\'s more, the feelings Master has for you is different so naturally he will protect you. Mo Yi spoke favourably of his Master.

However, Huang Yueli continued to shake her head, Forget it, this matter is too early to be discussed upon now.

I still have plenty of things which I want to do!

Mo Yi wanted to continue persuading her but upon seeing Huang Yueli\'s \'end of discussion\' expression, he swallowed the words stuck in his throat back into his stomach.

The entire journey back was silent.

Mo Yi didn\'t dare to make his future Mistress angry while Huang Yueli had fallen into deep thoughts.

Not that she had never considered leaving South Yue Kingdom.

In actual fact, she was pretty sure that she would be leaving this place rather soon and it was impossible to waste too much time in South Yue Kingdom.

Her focus was to use the fastest speed possible to continue cultivating only when she could step on the peak then would she be able to find out the truth about her past life.

If she were to stay in this small place for too long, not only was she unable to get the resources which would in turn affect her cultivation, the surrounding geniuses were not enough so she would not gain enough competition and it would likely sap away a practitioner\'s will causing their cultivation to come to a standstill!

To an experienced practitioner like Huang Yueli, she was most unlikely to make this type of mistake.

So leaving….

was a must!

But before leaving the South Yue Kingdom, Huang Yueli wanted to look for traces of the Treasury which Bai Liu Feng had left behind.

Previously she had found the jade pendant in the Blood Feather Silk Cage but had not known the exact use for it.

Huang Yueli always believed that she was able to find another clue within the South Yue Kingdom.

Now that her body was of the Flame Spirit Physique and with such shocking cultivation condition, this was definitely not something coincidental so her background shouldn\'t be that simple.

In order to hasten her cultivation, she must first find out the secret behind her background and naturally, the simplest way was to find out from the clue that Bai Liu Feng had left behind.

Of course, even if it wasn\'t to look for her parents, Huang Yueli had never considered to look for Li Moying at his Sect.

Although Li Moying treated her very well and she….

didn\'t dislike him.

But between them, there was still other forces of obstruction.

And that was….

Mu Chengying!

Just recalling the love entanglement affairs in her previous life many years ago, the heartbreak and regret that she continuously haunt her at night, Huang Yueli was very sure that her feelings towards Mu Chengying had been deeply etched within her soul, unable to be diminished.

As for Li Moying…..

perhaps he might be the type of person that she liked but they were destined to meet but not fated to be together…..

What she could do for Li Moying was only to beat up the Crown Prince violently, as a way to vent his anger for him….

So now that the both of them were separated because of Li Moying\'s Sect matters was actually a good thing.

The distance between them were very far apart and without noticing, this unfathomable feeling that tugs her heartstrings would gradually disappear.

By then, it would naturally come to an end and would not hurt Li Moying.

After some time, she would secretly leave South Yue Kingdom and find an opportunity to get Mo Yi to return.

In this way, it would really severe the last communication pathway between the both of them.-

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