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The gaze in Li Mojun\'s eyes seemed extremely gloomy and chilling.

Since you want to know, then I shall tell you! Doesn\'t Li Moying like you and want to make you his Royal Consort If he had knew that when he left South Yue Kingdom and you had been sold to the largest brothel in South Yue Kingdom to receive guests and made him wear ten thousand green hats, I wonder if he would die from an excess of anger

Huang Yueli\'s smile gradually disappeared as she replied frostily, Crown Prince, that\'s a really malicious method!

Too bad, he was just dreaming and had no sight at all! He had already been gunny sacked and brought to her and without thinking of the consequence, thinking of begging her to spare him, instead he was daydreaming of such a dream

Li Mojun saw her stiff face and thought she was frightened and became even more complacent.

But then again, you have such delicate skin and you seem to become prettier by the day.

I\'m one who knows how to cherish beautiful woman, so if you were to serve thousands of man by the pillow, it\'s really a waste of good stuff! If you wish to follow me instead, I can still let you off…..

Huang Yueli sneered coldly, You really deserve to be called the Crown Prince, your dream is really beautiful but….

you\'re simply looking for death! I had thought that since you could finally get down from the bed, you\'d cherish your life even more, but I\'ve never thought that you are still looking for death! How can I not grant you that wish

Li Mojun\'s eyes turned wide and thought that he had heard wrongly.

What did you say You say I….

am looking for death

Shouldn\'t this lass be weeping bitter tears and begging for mercy Without Li Moying as her backing, how would this lass still dare to go against him

Even if Li Moying had left his powerful guard behind, but he was the nation\'s Crown Prince.

Just a normal guard, would he dare to strike against the Crown Prince

He had wanted to capture Huang Yueli to warm up his bed, and she thought that she could reject it

As Li Mojun thought of these and wanted to continue scaring her, it would be best if she was scared out of her wits and automatically offer herself to him.

In this way, it would be the best way to insult Li Moying!

But just as his face surfaced a glint of complacent smile, he felt a wave of Profound Energy coming towards him!

This Profound Energy was pure and ferocious and its attack power was abnormally strong.

Li Mojun sensed danger and quickly moved to avoid it!

However, he was still too late.

The Profound Energy had surrounded him in all directions and no matter where he ran to, he was unable to hide from it.

Bam Li Mojun felt an intense pain from his chest and when he lowered his head, he saw a delicate fair fist smashing on his chest! And right in front of him was that young lady whose little face was stiff like a rock.

It was Huang Yueli How could that be

Just as this thought flashed across his mind, at the same moment, he was already flying out and heavily falling onto the ground.


Li Mojun opened his mouth and had barely spoke a word when a mouthful of blood rushed up and sprayed out.

Following that a few pieces of teeth also dropped onto the ground!

His expression changed precipitously and when he wanted to climb up, he found himself unable to stand.

His four limbs emitted tremors of intense pain as though it had been broken.

Just as he was struggling non-stop, Huang Yueli had step-by-step, slowly walked to his side.

Li Mojun clenched his teeth and looking upwards, he raised his chin to look at the young lady.

Using such a position to look at someone was a first time for Li Mojun.

He just realised that he was prostrating on the ground, and the feeling that he felt from the other party\'s sight was actually so lowly and insignificant, as though he was even less worthy than a speck of dust.

And the Huang Yueli now indeed looked like she was high and almighty!-

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