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Imperial Tutor was stifled till he turned silent.

Because everything that Huang Yueli had mentioned was correct.

In Soaring Heavens Continent where martial skills was absolute, whoever held more power, whoever would be justified and whose fists were harder would represent truth!

If Huang Yueli were to kill him, it would mean that she was much stronger.

Who would, for a dead person, go against a much stronger living being.

Huang Yueli looked at his wrinkled pale face and chillingly said, At your age, you\'re still so naïve! Acting like a little boy Are you here to perform a comedy

Another wave of melancholy rushed up with Imperial Tutor and narrowly bringing up any rage.

What was this She actually said he was innocent And yet he had really been innocent for that one moment!

Imperial Tutor gritted his teeth as he hissed, Today you\'re lucky, but you want to kill me Your thinking is too wishful! I still have a life-saving trump card.

If you really wish to take a risk out of desperation, then don\'t blame me for perishing along with you!

A life-saving trump card That\'s good! By then don\'t be stingy and use it all! But that is if you still have the opportunity to live past today!

Huang Yueli clapped her hands and instructed to Mo Yi who was standing behind, Brother Mo Yi, I\'d like to trouble you to drag these dregs to the fifth floor!

Mo Yi responded Yes and immediately went forward.

He didn\'t had that much patience compared to those servants at the Valiant Martial Manor, willing to drag one by one nicely along.

As a fifth degree realm expert, doing these heavy manual work was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

If it wasn\'t his future Mistress\'s instructions, he wouldn\'t even bother!

Once he really did it, it was naturally plain brutal.

He simply threw these people entirely into a pile and stacked them up one by one.

After they have been stacked together, he found a rope and tied them all together.

Among those who had surrounded Mo Yi were third degree realm experts and above.

Not just the Imperial Tutor, the rest of them were all famed experts around the South Yue Kingdom and held some sort of status within the kingdom, and were the subject of flattery of others.

Who would knew that once they had fallen into Mo Yi\'s hands, they were thrown here and there, even worse than a sack.

Imperial Tutor was howling himself hoarse in the entire process.

You brat, you dare… you dared to treat me like this! What do you think you\'re doing I will never let you off easily!.....

Let me go, let me go I tell you!

Mo Yi had struck their meridians and they were completely unable to move, so all they could do was to bark some sounds out.

He naturally would not bother about them and very quickly, he had tied them into the shape of a rice dumpling.

After which, he dragged them along effortlessly and dragged all of them upstairs at one go.

The fifth floor was the Royal Treasury\'s Treasure Pavilion and everything inside were extremely valuable treasures.

When Huang Yueli came previously, she had intentionally ransacked the entire Treasure Pavilion one round and had already familiarised herself with all the surrounding mechanisms at the back of her palm.

She commanded Mo Yi to drag that lump of rice dumpling to one wall.

Alright, just leave them there will do.

Don\'t ever step on that brick in front of that place.

Otherwise when it activates the mechanism, even I will find it difficult to save you!

Mo Yi quickly withdrew his foot which had almost overstepped the line and carefully put the people down.

Following that, he returned to Huang Yueli\'s side as he bowed, Third Miss, what should we do next Please give me your orders!

Hmm, this...

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as that pair of splendidly brilliant big eyes suddenly sparkled, looking extremely delicate and cute.

But those who knew her had already secretly gave a chilling shudder.-

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