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Chapter 558: If you dare to come out to mess, there’s always a price to pay

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Li Xue’er was wide-eyed as her face drained cleanly of all traces of blood!

Even though she had already guessed it, but hearing the words “Estrus Pill” coming out clearly from Huang Yueli’s mouth, she was still unable to believe it!

Following that, a deep fear arose from the bottom of her heart!

Huang Yueli actually….

dared to do this!

And the scariest part was not only did she feed her this medication, she also fed the same medication to so many guards! And she’s going to place her in the same carriage to be sent back to the palace!


won’t she be able to protect her chastity

A mouthful of blood rushed up from Li Xue’er’s chest and unable to suppress it further, she spat it out.

“Bai Ruoli, you dare to do such an outrageous act! If you dare to ruin my innocence, even if I become a ghost, I will not forgive you!”

Li Xue’er was conceited over her outstanding status and innate skill and had always wanted to get acquainted to several reputable direct descendant’s disciples in Sky Cloud City.

Although the amount of suitors she had were plentiful, but if she were to lose her chastity and if anyone found out about it, then her hopes of marrying into any powerful or reputable aristocrats would be dashed!

Huang Yueli laughingly replied, “Seventh Princess, what are you saying You tried to interrupt my advancement because you wanted my life! I only want your chastity, so comparing the two, I’m much kinder than you!”

Li Xue’er’s eyes almost shot out streaks of fire!

Under her ashamed and resentful glare, Huang Yueli chortled gleefully as she slowly opened her mouth to add on.

“What’s more…..

don’t say that I didn’t give you any chances.

The speed of the medication that I had fed you with doesn’t take effect immediately.

So to say, if the speed of the carriage is fast enough, perhaps, all of you might not even advance to the last step, and reach the palace in time.

If you were to slowly drag on her, chirping non stop, then perhaps in the middle of the journey, the effect would have taken place.

By then, with so many men and only you….

if the Emperor were to see this scenario, I wonder if he will die from an excess of anger on the spot”

When Li Xue’er heard this depiction, she almost fainted!

No wonder Huang Yueli wanted to stuff her up the carriage and transport her back to the palace!

If such a scandal were to be seen by so many people at the palace doors, and if her Imperial Father and Empress were to see this….

she wouldn’t need to live in this lifetime!

Li Xue’er’s eyes were filled with poisonous grudges as she stared at Huang Yueli, “You….

you’re such an evil and malicious lunatic, you will die a horrible death!”

Huang Yueli sneered coldly, “That’s interesting.

When you tried to kill me, why didn’t you feel that you’re evil and malicious And now you’re trying to act like a pure white lotus My advice to you is if you dare to come out to mess, there’s always a price to pay! Today is your time to slowly pay back your debts!”

She waved her hand and ordered her men to drag Li Xue’er away.

Li Xue’er kept struggling and pedalled her feet, expressing her unwillingness to get on the carriage.

Huang Yueli spoke in a chilling voice, “If Seventh Princess is not willing to get on the carriage, don’t force her to, otherwise she will say we did not treat her with respect! Just wait a little while more.

Perhaps after a while more, the medication effects completely take effect on those guards in the carriage!”

Li Xue’er froze when she heard such words.

After a long time, her pale lips trembled, “Bai…Ruoli, I… I want…..” she shut her eyes and clenched her teeth and using a small voice like a mosquito, she buzzed, “I want to get up the carriage…..”

Huang Yueli smiled lightly, “What do you want You’re speaking so softly, my hearing isn’t that good, so I can’t hear you!”



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