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The array collapsing was only a matter of time.

Looking at the severity of the tremors, it would probably not last much longer.

However, it was a crucial timing for Huang Yueli\'s advancement!

All the effort that she had put in for the past few days was all for this short amount of time now.

She must put all her efforts at this moment to breakthrough!

Otherwise, the excessive fire attributed Profound Energy within her body may reverse and backflow into her Dantian.

When that happened, the only result would bound to be either severely injured or even worse - death!

That was why Little Phoenix didn\'t dare to make a single sound to remind her.

Even if it was only a tiny speck of disturbance that would cause her attention to be diverted, it would not only cause her advancement to fail, it would also result in backlash and causing her to suffer from internal injury!

As the array pattern grew weaker, Little Phoenix was burning with anxiety as he kept talking to and fro the window, praying inside his heart.

Female Devil, you must put all your efforts into it.

Let\'s hope your array would be able to hold on a little longer, at least until you have successfully completed all your advancement!

Huang Yueli kept her eyes shut as the Profound Energy within her kept swirling around.

Defensive Profound Realm fifth level!

In between the rumbles and tremors, she had advanced to another level!

In actual fact, she wasn\'t totally unaware of what was happening on the outside.

On the contrary, she was brimming full of Profound Energy, her soul trace powered up along with the brimming energy within her hence it became much sharper and powerful than usual!

Hence, from the first time the array was being attacked, she had already felt it.

However, the attack power was initially minutely small, which wouldn\'t pose any damage to the array so she didn\'t bother to pay any attention to it.

But a few hours later, the attack power suddenly grew stronger, and it caused a substantial loss of energy to the array.

But Huang Yueli had already entered the critical timing for her advancement hence she could not stop the process at all.

No matter what happened, she must complete the advancement first!

Huang Yueli was an experienced practitioner and knew perfectly well that the current situation she was facing.

Instead of being anxious, she was even calmer than usual.

Since she was unable to change anything now, then her only choice would be to gather all the energy and try her best to speed up the advancement process!

Unnecessary feelings such as anxiety or uneasiness would only cause her heart to be disturbed and affect her advancement speed, which….

would be the fatal blow!

Her heart was as tranquil as water.

No matter how powerful the brute force was on the outside, she sat quietly without looking sideways and silently collected her thoughts to enter a self-transcending state.

Very quickly, she broke through again!

Defensive Profound Realm six level!

Defensive Profound Realm seven level!

The cultivation level of Huang Yueli at the current moment had impressively surpassed the Crown Prince\'s peak!

When Little Phoenix saw this, he was dazzled.

If that arrogant and despotic Bai Ruo Qi found out that the number one genius, Crown Prince of the South Yue Kingdom, whom she longed to be married to, that his cultivation level was even lower that the trash that she had always looked down on, what would she think

As for the narcissistic Crown Prince, who had wanted to take in his Mistress as a concubine, he should just see his own reflection in his own puddle of piss to see which stalk of scallion or garlic he was! At his age, his cultivation could not even be compared to his fourteen year old Mistress!

What\'s more, although Huang Yueli\'s advancement speed had somewhat lessened, but without a doubt, she was still continuing on the advancement.

Defensive Profound Realm eight level!

At the same moment when she broke through, a huge boom echoed from the outside of the array!

All the array patterns lit up at the same time and almost immediately, it vanished!

The array….

had collapsed!-

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