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At this moment, Mo Yi held Huang Yueli in high reverence in his heart.

To have reached the pinnacle of being black-bellied, even his Master was left in the dust! The entire family of this Valiant Martial Manor had been so bold to annoy her, so digging their own grave was the result of their own doing!

He hastily lowered his head to acknowledge his mistake, Yes, it\'s your subordinate\'s negligence.

Your subordinate will prepare the gift to Second Miss this instance!

Huang Yueli simply nodded and replied with a En.

Mo Yi immediately withdrew his sword and Bai Ruo Qi screeched and simply fainted!

Mo Yi did not know what it meant to show tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex as he proceeded to strip her and threw her out from the enclosure.

Outside the enclosure, the surrounding crowd gave out a Wa in surprise and gleefully surrounded the new nude contender.

At one look, it was something really incredible!

The one that had fallen this time was a stark naked Second Miss of the Bai family! The crowd momentarily got excited.

The two who were thrown out earlier were the older couple Bai Liu Jing and the Marquis Lady.

They were after all older in age and they had lost their shapely figures.

So even though they were stripped of their clothes, there was nothing much to see.

However, Bai Ruo Qi was different.

Although her face was disfigured, her figure was not bad.

****, long slender legs, few people had the chance to come across such a pretty woman.

What\'s more, even if her figure was not shapely, when everyone thought of how this woman almost became the Crown Princess, they feel that they should ogle a few more times, and would be even better if they could touch her!

Bai Ruo Qi had noticed the surrounding hungry gazes as darkness covered both her eyes and she almost fainted on the spot.

Fortunately there were a few servants who had escaped from the manor, chased the surrounding spectators away as they helped these trio into a safe place.

Bai Ruo Qi grabbed on to one of the servant\'s hand as she gritted her teeth, You… help me go to the palace and tell whatever had happened today to the Seventh Princess! Tell her, the slut Bai Ruoli has returned! Let her take vengeance for me!

The servant accepted it in a fluster and ran quickly towards the direction of the palace.

Bai Ruo Qi gave out an icy cold sneer.

This smile that had appeared on her disfigured face, still full of blood, looked especially sinister and terrifying.

Hehe, did this slut think that since she was hugging on to Prince Yu Wang, she could not do anything to her at all

Unfortunately, Prince Yu Wang did not return back with her this round.

For all you know, he might have already dumped this little slut!

She had only dared to show off her might in front of their family!

Seventh Princess was a valuable disciple and a fourth rank Armament Master, she should have ways to curb this little slut!


In the enclosure of the Valiant Martial Manor.

Huang Yueli did not know what Bai Ruo Qi was thinking, but even if she knew, she would only sneer coldly.

She appointed Cai Wei to be the head housekeeper of the Valiant Martial Manor and she would be fully responsible for keeping track of the Valiant Martial Manor\'s finances, drawing up the responsibilities for all the servants and she withdrew herself from the rest of the matters.

What she had to do now was a very important task and….

She cannot be delayed even for one second!

That was to….

Breakthrough her level!

To her, the largest gain in entering the Dark Moon Forest this round was to collect all the ingredients required for her to cultivate the second stage of the Nine Phoenix Transformations!

That included the extremely hard-to-obtain seventh grade magical beast core, which was now in the possession of her hands.

With this, she can now prepare to breakthrough for a second time.

In order to protect all the people who she loved, she must absolutely obtain enough power and not become an obstruction to anyone!


was right in front of her eyes!-

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