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509 How did she climb up his bed

Huang Yueli was strung up tightly like a taut bow, always under the greatest pressure.

Now, upon seeing that the few of them had already got out of the danger zone and Li Moying's condition started to stabilise, she could finally heave a sigh of relief.

In an instant, she relaxed all her sensed and the sense of tiredness crept over her as her eyelids started to get heavier and heavier.

Finally, she huddled herself against the back of the chair, her head prodding lower and lower and fell into deep sleep.

In the middle of the quiet night.

In the darkness, the man on the bed opened his eyes.

That pair of dazzling peach blossom eyes, when it first opened, it was a bit lost.

But very quickly, it became sharp and clear and his gaze instantly fell onto the young lady beside his bed.

Looking at her tired composure, the man's eyes flashed past a glint of tenderness.

He stretched out his hand and arranged the messy strands of hair on the lady's forehead before he carried her lightly and gently put her onto the bed.

The young lady seem to have felt something, and with a "en" in her throat, her head subbed against the man's body uneasily.

"Li'er , be good!" He lowered his head and gave her a quick peck on her face.

The young lady obediently stopped moving.

The man smiled lightly and let her down gently on the bed.

Following that, he climbed onto the bed and held her soft body on his crook of his arm.

He shut his eyes shortly after that.

This was his first time sharing a bed with someone else.

He had initially thought he would not be used to it.

But the truth was, his entire body relaxed as he whiffed in the faint fragrance from the young lady's body.

Shutting his eyes, within an instant, he was fast asleep.

And it was a dreamless night.

The next morning, just as the sky shot out its first ray of light, Huang Yueli awoke.

She slowly opened her eyes and momentarily, she couldn't make out where she was.

After she had clearly seen herself lying on the bed and beside her was a man, she had a shock.

She gently rubbed her eyes and shut her eyelids for a while before reopening her eyes.

However, it was the same scenario as before.

Lying beside her…..

was still a man.

A incomparable handsome, unsurpassed charming devilish man!

She shockingly sat up from the bed and frustratingly patted her own face.

In her mind, she kept trying to recall what had happened last night.

Last night… she took care of Li Moying for the entire night.

After that she got too tired so she crawled up to the back of the chair and fell asleep…..

Her memory up to this point was very clear, but how did she climb up to Li Moying's bed then What's more, she was like an octopus, clamouring all over his chest and slept for the entire night

Could it be that, she didn't know she had the habit of sleepwalking

Just as she was frustrated over this, the man on the bed had silently opened his eyes.

Looking at the little fox break out into different expressions, one moment she was frowning, the next she was biting her lips, and followed by pouting.

The confused, melancholy and helpless expressions caused him to burst out into laughter.

Huang Yueli was startled, "You….."

Before she could react, her shoulders were locked by the man and pressed down on the bed.

Li Moying's strong and masculine body frame immediately covered her, his arms were propped against the sides of her body as he slightly lowered his head and looked at her oppressively.

Huang Yueli blinked, "You… you're awake"

Li Moying's lips curled into a smile.

That perfect lips curvature looked extremely sexy under the first glimmer of dawn.

"Yes, good morning, my Li'er."

"G… Good morning." Huang Yueli subconsciously replied.


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