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Momentarily, Luo Jiyun didn't know where to start from and started hemming and hawing, "Yes….

We met with a bit of trouble….."

His thoughts kept swirling around.

Li Moying and this Second Senior Brother, Li Lingchuan, had never been able to get along, with plenty of tussles between the two of them.

Li Lingchuan had chosen to appear at this timing and since no one knew his motive, should he tell the truth about Li Moying's current condition

But if he didn't say and delayed Li Moying's condition, it would result in a serious consequences.

If he were to tell, how much should he reveal

Just as Luo Jiyun was hesitating, Li Lingchuan was already looking in the direction behind him.

"I never thought that Senior Brother would send out the rescue order since his subordinates are around.

It seems that things are not as simple as I thought.

Let me guess, could it be that Senior Brother's illness has acted up again"

"….." Luo Jiyun had not expected him to make an accurate guess so he was dumbstruck.

However, silence means consent.

Li Lingchuan's lips curled into a smile and he continued, "It's not the first time Senior Brother had left the Sect for such a long period of time.

His symptoms acting up doesn't seem that often but this round, obviously there's a reason for it.

Let me guess, was Senior Brother surrounded by Magical Beasts in the Dark Moon Forest and sustained some serious injury"

Luo Jiyun remained silent.

Although Li Lingchuan's innate skill was not as deep as Li Moying, he had always been shrewd and deep.

People like him were often smarter than the straightforward person like Luo Jiyun.

He only needed to observe the actions and tone and he could roughly guess the situation.

It was impossible for Luo Jiyun to play mind games with him.

Li Lingchuan looked at his expression and knew he was right, so he smiled and continued, "What's the matter Fifth Junior Brother, why won't you say a word Did I guess wrongly Senior Brother is actually fine Why won't be come out and meet me then"

"Senior Brother is..."

"What happened to him Has he remained unconscious ever since his symptoms acted up It's best that you explain the situation to me clearly, otherwise… I don't know how I can help you"

Luo Jiyun took a deep breath and he knew he could not hide Li Moying's condition any further, so he could only briefly brush through it, "Second Senior Brother, your guess is correct.

Senior Brother had indeed gotten into an accident and sustained some injuries.

Subsequently his illness acted up and till now he has yet to come around.

I'm a bit worried so I used the safety order."

Li Lingchuan's expression was unfathomable as he stretched out his hand and patted Luo Jiyun on his shoulder.

"I see, what's there to hide In this case, Senior Brother is still inside the tent Let me go in and take a look!"

Saying that, Li Lingchuan took a few big strides past Luo Jiyun and proceeded into the tent.

Luo Jiyun frowned with an unsettling feeling in his heart as he turned back and looked at Mo Yi.

Mo Yi shook his head at him and said, "Young Master Luo, don't worry.

Although Master has yet to wake up, but no one can hurt him.

What's more, not everyone on the flying ship are Young Master Li's men.

Unless he kills all of us, otherwise….

he wouldn't dare to take action under so many pairs of eyes."

Luo Jiyun felt slightly relieved and followed closely into the tent.

Once Li Lingchuan say Li Moying, his faces showed traces of surprise.

He had originally thought that based on past cases, after Li Moying's symptoms acted up, the entire condition would be extremely terrible.

Including the fact that it had acted up in the Dark Moon Forest, they didn't have time to make much preparations, he should be at least half dead.

But who knew, Li Moying looked like he was doing well.


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