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Chapter 3496: Going to Make A Fortune (1)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

In the end, because the array suddenly collapsed for the second time, Li Moying had no choice but to retreat, which allowed Huang Sanbai to find an opportunity to escape from Li Moyings grasp narrowly.

Huang Sanbai made adjustments, waited until the tremors on the ground had completely stopped, and looked back.

However, Huang Yueli and Li Moying had long disappeared by then.

“This is troublesome… Its almost dawn, it seems that I can only go back first!”

Huang Yueli and Li Moying led the four guards forward along the new route.


This route was very different from the optimal route they planned at the beginning, but it seemed much safer, and there were fewer corpses on the roadside than they had seen before.

However, there were still various crises lurking on the road.

Although everyone was careful along the way and strictly obeyed Huang Yuelis command, there would still be cases of ill-considered situations.

Fortunately, these small accidents did not cause too much damage.

After continuing to advance for a day and two nights and killing several high-level spirit beasts, Huang Yueli finally stopped.

“If Im not mistaken, the entrance to the secret realm should be around here.” She held her chin, her gaze was solemn.

The guards were a little surprised and turned their heads to look around.

“Are we really going to get there But…it doesnt look any different from other places in the dense forest, does it”

“Thats right, besides, there are no corpses in the vicinity for five or six miles, which means that the vicinity is still very safe.

Do you think that Saint Iniquitous Shadow has arranged so many traps and arraysso he is easing them as they are nearing the periphery of his abode”

Everyone was full of doubts.

Only Li Moying didnt ask any questions.

He just looked at the girl beside him with those charming peach eyes, and his eyes were filled with tenderness and trust.

From the beginning to the end, he believed in all of Huang Yuelis judgments.

No matter how strange and unreasonable it seemed to outsiders, he also believed that his Little Lier would not make a mistake.

Huang Yueli said confidently: “The location of the entrance marked on the map must be right here! There are no corpses around.

This abnormality just shows that there are unusual secrets hidden in this area! From the distribution of arrays around, according to the current situation, whats here should be the source of the evil qi in the outer arrays…”

As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows, and glanced at Li Tianer with a half-smile.

“That is to say, the level of evil qi here is much higher than that of the outer area! Its just that we cant feel it when we are in it.

However, if Brother Tianer takes a wrong step here, Im afraid it wont happen at all.” There is a process of petrification, and it will turn into a pile of dust in an instant…”

Hearing this, Li Tianer couldnt help shivering.

Just imagining such a scene makes ones heart tremble.

The guards all shivered.

They put up all their energy and put on a defensive posture.

They were still a little bit slack and tired just now, but now theyre gone!

Li Moying curled his lips amusedly.

He could see that although it was dangerous here, it was not as exaggerated as what Huang Yueli said.

She mainly wanted to scare Li Tianyi and the others.

After scaring the guards, Huang Yueli picked up the map and continued to study it.

“This is the source of evil qi, and the way to open the entrance is closely related to the surrounding arrays…”

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