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Chapter 3494: Suspicious Person (5)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

In fact, Li Tianer still doesnt know how he was rescued before.

He was the only one who lost consciousness due to the evil qi entering his body.

He didnt even know what was happening around him.

When Li Tianyi saw his foolish appearance, he quickly dragged him aside to educate him.

Li Moying looked at his little fox and showed a smile, “Alright, if there is no problem, lets set off now! Is the map with you”

Huang Yueli took out the map from her pocket, opened it and pointed at one spot.


“Did you see The location where we were almost in danger just now is…here! The dangerous location has been marked on the map, but there are still some people who dont obey commands and rush over by themselves…”

Li Tianer laughed wryly and was too ashamed to speak.

Huang Yueli didnt look at him at all, but muttered thoughtfully while looking at the map, “If we follow the route marked on the map, well go straight through this route, avoiding the positions ahead, hmm, we should be able to enter the secret realm smoothly.

But now there is a problem…”

Her delicate brows furrowed slightly, “We had no choice but to destroy one of the array eyes, thus changing the flow direction of the heaven and earth profound energy in the forest.

Will it be affected, we will not know.

I am afraid that something unexpected will happen…”

Li Moying heard the words, pursed his lips, thought for a moment, and asked, “Then, can we change the route If we go around here, here, and here, I wonder if it can be done”

His fingers lightly slid across the map, outlining a new route.

Huang Yuelis eyes lit up immediately, “What you said makes sense! If this is the case… Well, there may be fewer variables encountered, but it will take a lot of detours…”

“It doesnt matter if its farther away.

It only takes a day or two longer to go around.

Its better than encountering unpredictable dangers on the road.

Besides, if we changed our route suddenly, the person who followed us might lose their target.”

Thinking of the mysterious follower who escaped his attack earlier, Li Moying still felt a little uncomfortable, “I always feel that this guy is not an ordinary robber, maybe he wont give up easily!”

Although Li Moying was not a chosen one like Xia Yunxi, he usually does not have the ability to predict.

However, he has a sense of crisis that only a top genius can have, and can keenly perceive many potential dangers.

Huang Yueli actually felt the same way.

So, she nodded resolutely, “Alright, then lets take this longer route! Lets go!”

Li Moying turned her head and glanced at the four guards behind her, “You all follow closely, no one is allowed to act without my order! Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!”

All four of them shuddered, “Yes, this subordinate understands!”

Li Moying took Huang Yuelis little hand and walked side by side with her.

And on the other side of the array, deep in the dense forest.

Huang Sanbai was hiding behind a huge rock, panting desperately.

It took a while before he felt calmer, and raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Damn it, what kind of hellish place did Li Moying and the others come to, I almost lost my life!”

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