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Chapter 321 :“She is My Fiancée (4)”

This little girl … seems a little dense

Senior Brother’s prestige and status in the sect was extremely high, no one had ever been so dismissive of him before.

If it was anyone else who heard it, most probably that person would have flipped already!

This little girl, it isn’t easy to hook up with his Senior Brother, such a rare and big golden turtle… yet she still puts up such an arrogant front after receiving his Senior Brother’s special attention.

If she doesn’t know how to cherish it properly, wait till Senior Brother loses his patience and gets angry for real, let’s see how she deals with it then!

However, what made his almost eyeball fall out… happened later.

Li Moying heard the cold l tone of Huang Yueli’s voice, not only was he not angry, but he actually revealed a hint of laughter! After Murong Ni’s provocation, his stern expression had instantly changed into a gentle one.

“Li’er, are you hinting to me that our marriage should be brought forward I didn’t know that you were so impatient…or how about it… after we return from the Dark Moon Forest, we’ll get married immediately”

“In your dreams!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t resist and kicked him.

Not only did Li Moying not dodge it, he even yelled out “ouch” in an exaggerated manner, trying to win her sympathy.

Luo Jiyun watched everything unfold before him in a daze, even suspecting that it might be because he didn’t sleep well last night that he was having hallucinations right now.

His illustrious Senior Brother… how could he let a woman climb all over his head

This is not really happening…

When Murong Ni watched this scene, it felt like there was a fire burning in her heart, the rage almost made her vomit out blood.

Why How did things turn out this way How could Senior Brother like such a weak woman!

However, she knew that Li Moying had been angered and if she still continued to challenge him, he would definitely ignore their fellow disciple relationship, tie her up immediately and have her sent back.

No! She can’t go! She still had to help her Sister monitor this little fox demoness and see how did she seduced her Senior Brother!

Clinging onto this justification, Murong Ni pursed her lips and forced herself to calm down.

Luo Jiyun obviously did not have so many thoughts and schemes in his mind.

He had always known that his Senior Brother was strong and overbearing.

Whatever matter he had decided on, no one else had a choice but to accept it.

Since Li Moying had already determined that this young lady was his fiancée, Luo Jiyun would definitely not dare to go provoke him any further.


“Do not call me Sister-in-law!”

“Then….” Luo Jiyun was stumped momentarily.

“My name is Yue Li.” Huang Yueli answered.

She did not give her family name because she had already decided that once they’ve finished their business in Dark Moon Forest, she would leave South Yue Kingdom.

By then, she would no longer be the daughter of the Bai family.

However, she could not reveal her real name.

The time that she had perished in the Northern Ice Fields till now was only fourteen years ago, compared to the long life of cultivators who could live from hundreds to thousands of years, it was only a drop in the ocean.

Her enemies were certain to be alive.

If one was to hear the name Huang Yueli, it was easy to stir up suspicions.

So she took a step back and said this name.

“Yue Li….

Yue is such a rare surname!” Luo Jiyun said.

Huang Yueli did not explain further, Li Moying also didn’t mention anything.

His little fox had always kept a lot of secrets and he was used to it.

Luo Jiyun only hesitated for a moment and laughed, “Miss Yue is a beautiful woman with an outstanding temperament.

Standing together with my Senior Brother, you look really matching! I didn’t expect that on this trip to South Yue Kingdom, Senior Brother actually found a fiancée, I have to congratulate Senior Brother!”


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