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Meng Shurong muttered irresolutely for a moment and said, “Since thats the case, wed better be more careful!”

He turned around and summoned his personal guards loudly, “Men, pass down my instruction.

Send my order to all the campsites Divine Lieutenants on the frontline.

If they are certain that the demon tribe has already retreated, ask them to report to Blessed City.

At the same time, ask them to shrink the defensive perimeter!”

“Also, from today onwards, Blessed City shall continue to maintain tight security and the sentry guards on patrol will be increased to twice the number! If anyone discovers any abnormalities, they must immediately report back to me!”

Seeing his personal guards leaving to send out the order, Jing Shaoyuan finally felt a little at ease.

The other Divine Lieutenants were sighing endlessly.

“Luckily Divine Lieutenant Jing is prudent.

At this point, its better to be more careful!”

“Thats right, two Heart Profound Realm juniors killing a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner.

This… just thinking about it just feels impossible!”

“Yes, we should make preparations for defense.

If were tricked by the demon tribe, we will become the entire allied armies sinners!”

Meng Shurong turned and looked at the Divine Lieutenants.

“Everyone is already aware of the current situation, so all of us have to get prepared for battle!”

“Yes, This Subordinate understands!”

The two young couples who were on their way back to Blessed City were totally unaware of what was happening there.

They just felt that it was weird for Li Moying and Jun Sihan to suddenly catch a cold at the same time.

They kept sneezing along the way back!

“Could it be that he caught a cold while exercising in the tent last night Isnt he a little too useless Next time, I cant let him do as he wishes!” Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi thought silently in their minds.

They werent intentionally rushing back but as their mounts were very good breeds, the speed was pretty fast.

Seven days later, they had already arrived at the city walls of Blessed City.

“Strange, why is Blessed City still under tight security The city gates are shut so tightly, and there are so many guards patrolling the area! Havent the demon tribe already retreated”

Huang Yueli looked up at the majestic city walls and frowned slightly.

Along their way back, they passed by several allied armies campsites.

Whenever each campsites Divine Lieutenant saw Li Moying and the rest, they bore an extremely grateful expression.

They also walked out to welcome them personally, hoping that Li Moying and his group would stay a few more days in their campsites, to give them a warm welcome.

It was only at this point that Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi realized that these two men had practically gone to every single allied armies stronghold just to look for them.

They also helped to get rid of the devils along the way.

The number of military merits they earned was way more than what Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi had!

After hearing about the death of Sky Devil Rui Ze, the campsites soldiers were elated and excited, as though there was a festival celebration going on.

They were all saying that they wanted to send the good news in the war communique to Blessed City.

Of course, the first person who wrote the war communique was Li Yukun.

The allied armies had their specialized flying magical beasts which were way faster than riding on the horses.

So, Blessed Citys allied armies should already have received the news of Rui Zes death.

Why did they seem as though they were facing the enemy

Li Moying said pensively, “Could it be that Divine Lieutenant Lis war communique was lost along the way”

Jun Sihan shook his head upon hearing that.

“This shouldnt be possible! Even if Divine Lieutenant Lis war communique went missing, the other campsites war communique couldnt all be lost too, right The allied armies intelligence network isnt this unreliable!”

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