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Huang Yueli was stunned.

She looked up and met with his starry eyes which were filled with desire.

She was no longer an innocent young lady and immediately understood what he was thinking.

Hence she couldnt help but roll her eyes at him.

“You… what nonsense are you thinking of I merely wanted to check if youre hurt!” Saying that, she frowned.

“Earlier I saw Rui Ze struck your chest, did he Are you injured Let me take a look”

Huang Yueli raised her hand and placed it on his chest, coincidentally touching the wound that Rui Ze caused.

Li Moying almost sucked in a breath of cold air, but he forcibly endured it.

He grabbed Huang Yuelis hand and placed it by his lips.

Then he laughed in a low voice, “Im fine, dont let your thoughts run wild.

Sky Devil Rui Ze might seem incredible, but your husband isnt someone to be trifled with as well!”

Huang Yueli took a suspicious look at him, somewhat not believing in what he said.

However, Jun Sihan was just standing next to them.

Surely she couldnt just strip her husbands clothes off in front of him, right

Li Moying knew that she didnt believe in him, so he stretched out his arm to hold her slender waist and pulled her into his embrace.

“How about you Were you hit by the aftereffects of the fight Youre not injured, right”

Huang Yueli smelled the scent on him and instantly went soft.

She pouted her lips, “Why would I be injured I hid at a very far place!”

While they were fighting, she had deactivated a few surrounding mechanisms hoping to make use of those traps to help them.

But the speed of the exchange of positions between the trios fight was simply too fast.

Huang Yueli was afraid that she might injure him or Jun Sihan accidentally, so she had been holding back, not daring to make her move.

She waited to strike only when it was absolutely necessary.

Earlier when Rui Ze swallowed the blood devil pill, she almost made her move!

Luckily Li Moying and Jun Sihans abilities were extraordinary, and they succeeded in killing Rui Ze in the end.

Jun Sihan stood by the side and looked at their lovey-dovey antics.

His lips twitched and he opened his mouth to ask, “Sister-in-law, have you seen my Little Xi”

Huang Yueli heard Jun Sihans voice and hurriedly lifted her head.

“This… I havent left the caves boundary yet.

But the fighting noises outside seem much lesser now, Yunxi should have controlled the situation!”

Jun Sihan instantly said, “Ill go take a look!”

He barely finished his words and had already dashed out of the cave in a blink of an eye.

Li Moying, whose arm was placed tightly on Huang Yuelis waist, said, “The stench here is too horrible.

Lets leave this place first!”

He held her hand and wanted to leave the cave.

However, Huang Yueli tugged his sleeve.

“Moying, wait!”

“Whats the matter” Li Moyings head slanted as he looked at his little fox with raised brows and asked curiously.

Huang Yueli pushed him and after he left her to go, she skipped over to Sky Devil Rui Zes corpse.

“Devil stone! Sky Devil Rui Zes devil stone! You guys havent even taken such an important thing and youre leaving just like that You guys are such spendthrifts!”

A Sky Devil mid-phase top exponents devil stone could be exchanged for a minimum of 100 thousand military merits.

Even if Li Moying and Jun Sihan divided it equally, they could earn about 50 thousand each.

Just how many Earth Devils would they need to kill before they can get the same amount of military merits!

As she grumbled, Huang Yueli had already squatted down, took out her dagger, and swiftly retrieved the devil stone.

Li Moying walked beside her and lowered his head as he looked at her attentively.

At the same time, he was silently keeping guard.

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